A Heart of Gold


John Sanders is a former Delta Green operative in a legendary cell (E). Lone survivor after a Night at the Opera gone crazy. Johns daughter Willie (Wilma) is a drug user doing tricks. John has stolen gold from an old Green Box to finance a rehab for Willie. The gold is from J. E. Hoovers raid of Innsmouth in 1928 (unknown to John). For maximum action and deadliness I recommend that the team finds the body and The hand gets loose at the same time as John attacks the team and Willie gets home soon after the fight.

The briefing – a phone call from Aidan

A crate is missing from a Green Box in a Philadelphia. The mission is to retrieve the crate, secure the the rest of the material in the Green Box and supress any breaches. 

Former Delta Green operative Lt. John Sanders (Eric Green), the only survivor of the legendary cell E, is the most recent visitor to the Green Box (the year 2004). 

Don't tell the team that Agent Tina was checking on the Green box when she noticed that someone had stolen the gold in the crate. 

LOCKSMITH: The key is a pin tumbler lock key (old yale personal lock).

TRADECRAFT/MILITARY SCIENCE  + DELTA GREEN CLEARENCE: Cell E is a legendary team. With succesful missions like (Insert optional info]. Their last night at the opera was a royal screw-up. 5-10 years ago (2008).

The drop

The team gets a delivery from UPS. Included are an adress to the Green Box (in Philadelphia) and an adress to Lt. John Sanders (in Detroit) and the only known key to the Green Box.

The Philly Green Box

An old hardwarestore in red brick with a sign ”Dylan ́s Hardware store”

In the green box: An old crate marked with ”B.O.I”. It ́s empty.

TRADECRAFT/MILITARY SCIENCE. B.O.I” = Bureau of Investigation

SPOT HIDDEN: Fotsteps in the dust. Two different shoes. No fingerprints (both used gloves). Track: size 46-47 and a size less than 40 (actually 38 – belonging to Agent Tina).

Johns place

A small house with a small garden. Old but clean. A small kitchen with an old telephone hooked up with a landline He has a gun in the kitchen in a coffee jar in a shelf. There are a lot of knifes in the kitchen. In a wardrobe is an old footlocker, roughly the same size as the crate in the green box. The key is in the lock.. A living room with some books (no, NOT ONE is occult or mythos-related). A master bedroom with a kingsize bed (with a dead guy) John has a shotgun beneath his bed. And one room which looks like it belongs to a teenage daughter, but a bit outdated. 

When the team arrives John is a bit busy. He just killed ”Jimmy” an old boyfriend of Willie. Jimmy was looking for Willie. John got a bit upset because Jimmy was hitting Willie last night, and John didnt like Jimmy to much before, because he introduced Willie to drugs a couple of years back. John is very stressed because he stole the gold from the green box AND because he just killed ”Jimmy”. If pressed by the team or if the team enters the master bedroom or opens the footlocker in the kitchen -John goes violent. After the team killed or subdued John they finds his old cell phone. The phone is old and has a pre-paid card. Only one incoming SMS from another pre-paid card. No name registred in the phone. The text of the SMS is ”What? Of course I´m coming. DICK-HEAD!!!” [from Willie].

When the team is almost in control of the situation, Willie comes home.  

FORENSICS/ MEDICINE: Killed, strangled. SPOT HIDDEN: A wallet with a drivers licens in the name ”James Doyle Dylan” and some small dollar bills.

Loose ends

Willie (Johns daughter) might know one or two things about her father and she will try to seek revenge. A fathers daughter hardened by her upbringing and the street-life of Chicago.

The fence is an old contact to John from the old days. He has melted the gold and sold it.


Lt. John Sanders: 44 years old. Former marine, Crew cut, 195 cm and 100 kg. Missing his left arm (amputated at the elbow). Bowie-knife strapped at right leg (first choice in less than 7 m) (1D6 +1D6). He is an expert knife-fighter and can do one dodge and two stabs every turn (10 seconds).

”Willie” Wilma Sanders: 24 years old. Some tattoos, scars and piercings. Charming with intense eyes. Very dangerous with a knife. Trained Krav Maga at her fathers orders. She can also shoot almost any gun. In good physical shape but a bit unstable after drug rehab, drugs and prostitution and an unordinary upbringing.

Fence: Thomas Farber (Goldsmith). A shady guy protected by two bodyguards with guns. 

The Hand: An arm (cut by the elbow) and a hand. Very strong and very magical Its evil and wants to strangle or kill EVERYONE with any methods. It can use a pistol or a knife. Hard to hit (-25 %). It is Johns left arm. It got evil and he hasn´t destroyed it. The hand is in a footlocker in a wardrobe. The footlocker is the same size as the old crate from the Green box.

Things to make:

Map of the Green Box.
Map of the garden and the house.
Inventory list


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Joe Green.

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