A Night in the Museum

The Call

Agents receive an email from there Handler, Officer Beckman at the Seattle Police Department is giving tickets to a Night at the Opera, be there by 10:00AM.

What’s going on

A previously abandoned portion of the Seattle Underground has been inhabited for years by dozens of homeless people. A Dimensional Shambler is picking them off one at a time, until a mad man creates a device that has trapped the creature in the basement of the Seattle Art Museum. This madman is one of the Agents.

The Agent is one who recently reached their Breaking Point and suffered a Dissociative Identity Disorder. The alternate personality is Hans Heisenberg, a physics engineer obsessed with building a Tillinghast Resonator. He is fixated with turning the ‘creatures around us’ visible to the human eye. The Altered Agent begins researching Project Rainbow, the USS Eldridge, Mirage III and other related material. In his research, the Agent hears rumors of homeless people disappearing in abandoned sections of the Underground. The Agent has become a host to a Yith of the Great Race. This character is referred to as the Altered Agent.

The Yith has been watching the Agent from beyond time, knowing the importance this particular human being will play. What great destiny the Agent serves is entirely up to the Handler. Maybe it is simply building the defective Tillinghast Resonator to trap beast in the basement, or perhaps its goals are far beyond mortal comprehension. The Yith wants the Shambler stopped and intends to help the Agent. They divine in him, the knowledge to create a device that creates a magnetic ethereal pulse, forcing the Shambler from its 4th dimension and rendering its vanish power ineffective. The Yith controls the Altered Agent when necessary, in the form of his genius alter ego, and allow the Altered Agent to be in control the remaining of the time.

During all the Altered Agent’s downtime, his alter-ego researches the devices while neglecting his Bonds. Each of the Altered Agent’s Bonds suffers 1D4 as he spends time on research, running up credit cards and working in secret. The Altered Agent learns of the homeless disappearances and makes the connection of something from beyond could be responsible. The Altered Agent builds the Device from items that shouldn’t work and realizes he will need a power source. The Altered Agent pulls up city plan of the electrical grid and learns of main power line running through the basement of the Seattle Art Museum-right next to the Underground. He visits SAM over the course of the next several evenings, befriending the nightshift guards and eventually bribing them to allow him access to the basement.

The Agent cuts open the main power lines and runs a feeder line to the room where the Device lies. Once the lines are secured, he activates the Device.

The Device emanates a pulse so powerful, everything surrounding it becomes translucent while simultaneously, is pulled towards it. The Shambler is forced from its dimensional hiding place and appears in the basement of the museum, but it resists the magnetic pull. Patrolling security guard, Michelle Watson, is not so lucky and us pulled towards the device, partially through the wall. The pulse ends and everything rematerializes, with Watson, along with a metal table and chairs, midway through the wall. Pablo Gonzales, the night janitor, discovers Watson, but is unable to act, overcome with disbelief. When Robert Higgins, the other security guard on duty, is unable to reach Watson on the radio, he investigates. When Higgins sees Watson in the wall, he flees before finally regaining his sense a few hours later and contacts the police. Gonzales comes to his senses and attempts to hide in the basement but encounters the Shambler. When Sgt. Beckman, a Delta Green friendly, gets wind of the weirdness in the basement, he calls someone with the Program.

The Seattle Police Station

The station is very busy and Agents without any kind of law background must either have a bureaucracy 40% or law 40% to convince other officers to see Sgt. Beckman. Beckman is a fifty and months away from retirement. Hardened by the years of the street, this has shaken him to the core.

Beckman explains a security officer by the name Robert Higgins of the SAM, found officer Michelle Watson stuck in a wall, literally, trapped from the waist down. No one else has been down in the basement but him and the initial responding officer. Higgins is in a holding cell if Agents want to talk tohim.

Higgin’s is a portly man who is utterly disheveled and traumatized from the event, pacing back and forth nervously in his cell. Upon seeing the Altered Agent, his face turns white as he recognizes the Altered Agent has Hans. Hans promised them ‘heaps of cash if they keep their mouths shut and pretend like they don’t know him’. Hans made it clear before to them that blowing his covered would be detrimental to their health.

Initially, Higgin’s refuses to talk to the Agents while the Altered Agent is present. A psychotherapy of 40% can see he has become more agitated by the Altered Agent. A persuade at a -20% can get him to talk if the Altered Agent is present. Higgins explains, a guy the names of Hans Heisenberg said he needed access to the basement to perform an experiment and that no one would get hurt. He gave us a boatload of cash and had been going down there for few weeks. Last night, Michelle was on patrol, and reported she heard a buzzing sound from the basement. When She didn’t respond on the radio, Higgins went down to investigate and found Pablo, the janitor just staring at her. Higgins also mentions he hasn’t seen Pablo since then.

The more Higgins talks, the more aggravated the Altered Agent gets, even if he is not in the room.

If asked what Hans looks like or if he knows where he can find Hans, he begins to tremble and points at the Altered Agent if present. The Altered Agent triggers and will attack Higgins, attempting to choke him. Agents must separate the two without drawing additional attention. If the Altered Agent is outside, he rushes in, attempting to choke Higgins. Afterwards, the Altered Agent, he has no idea why he attacked Higgins. Once this event occurs, Higgins refused to talk to the Agents under any circumstances.

The Museum

The Seattle Art Museum is an enormous, three story building that takes up nearly an entire city block. The museum is open if Agents arrive during business hours, but no one has been allowed to go into the basement.

The Basement is poorly lit and dry from the large iron boilers. In the generator room, an attractive woman in her mid-twenties is stuck in the west wall from the waist down, her face contorted in horror, arms drooping down-SAN 1/1D4 Unnatural. A metal table and two folding chairs likewise protrude from
the wall.

Nothing unusual can be noted about Michelle’s body. An Agent with Search 40% or Alertness 40% notice an electrical pipe has been cut open and wiring, running from it runs along the backside of the pipe through same wall as Michelle’s body. Agents can either get a copy of the electrical grid to see where the pipes go or get a jackhammer or sludge hammer through two feet of stone (taking about four hours) to see where the pipe comes out at.

The Device is about the side of a microwave and has coiled wires, brass plates, thermomagnetic capacitors, and other technology well beyond the Agent’s knowledge. Anyone examining the device can either make an electrical or mathematics to determine it shouldn’t work, but somehow does (SAN 0/1 unnatural). Beyond the room where the Device sits are tunnels that lead the Seattle Underground and many homeless people currently dwelling.

In a nearby locker room are the remains of Pablo Gonzales, SAN 0/1 violence, his body rendered asunder by the Shambler. The Shambler now hides in the pump room, with limited ability to Vanish. It must make a POW X5 to Vanish, and even if successful, can only do so for one turn. Its usual patience has been replaced by anger and frustration and will attack anyone it encounters.


The Handler should encourage the Altered Agent to play both his own character, and the eccentric German physicist. The changes between identities occurs whenever one is under mental strain and they must make a POW X5 check to change personalities.

The Altered Agent will have the following altered mental statics:

Hans Heisenberg/The Great Race INT 18 POW 15 CHR 10 WP 18 Skills: Physics 75% Unnatural 75%

Upon the shambler’s death, the Yith abandons its host. The Altered Agent suffers SAN 1D6/1D10 from helplessness as the memories of their alternate personality flood over them.

Floorplans for the Seattle Art Museum are available online.

Average Seattle Police Officer

STR 12 CON 14 DEX 11 INT 12 POW 12 CHA 10
ARMOR Reinforced Kevlar vest, 4 points.
SKILLS Alertness 40%, Athletics 40%, Dodge 40%,
Drive 50%, Firearms 40%, Forensics 40%, HUMINT 40%, Law 30%, Melee Weapons 40%, Persuade 40%,
Search 60%, Unarmed Combat 50%.
ATTACKS 9 mm pistol 40%, damage 1D10
AR-15 carbine 40%, damage 1D12
Collapsible baton 40%, damage 1D6
Pepper spray 55%, damage special
CED stun pistol 40%, damage special
Unarmed 50%, damage 1D4−1

Robert Higgins

Security guard on the edge
STR 11 CON 11 DEX 11 INT 10 POW 10 CHA 10
SKILLS Alertness 40%, Athletics 40%, Dodge 40%,
Drive 40%, Firearms 40%, HUMINT 20%, Law 30%, Melee Weapons 40%, Persuade 40%,
Search 40%, Unarmed Combat 40%.
Attacks: 9 mm pistol 40%, damage 1D10
Collapsible baton 40%, damage 1D6
Unarmed 40% 1D4-1

Dimensional Shambler

Trapped and angry
STR 22 CON 30 DEX 15 INT 10 POW 14
HP 26 WP 14
ARMOR: 4 point of leathery hide
SKILLS: Alertness 44%, Apport 60%, Athletics 99%.
ATTACKS: Flailing Smash 55%, damage 2D6.
Grapple 55% (see GRASP AND VANISH).
APPORT: As its action in a turn, and with a successful Apport skill roll, the shambler can teleport
anywhere within 50 meters. It seems to shudder, stumble, and fade as it exits “reality.” It snaps back
into reality suddenly and silently.
BLOOD FEAST: A prone target that is bleeding significantly causes the shambler to enter a blood feast.
Quick as lightning, it seizes the victim and drains one point of STR per round from blood loss until the
victim dies. A Dodge roll allows the target to escape. A seized victim can attempt an opposed STR roll
against the shambler, suffering 1D4 damage from tearing flesh if the victim struggles free. Any attack
on the shambler that inflicts damage stops the blood feast and causes it to drop the victim.
FLAILING SMASH: The shambler batters at its opponents with wild, windmill swings of its inhumanly
long arms, inflicting 2D6 damage. A human-size target hit by the smash must make a STR test or be
knocked prone. If a target is knocked prone, the shambler attempts to grasp and vanish on its next
turn (see GRASP AND VANISH).
VANISH: The shambler can only vanish if makes a POW X5 check and only for one round.
LOPING: The shambler can move and climb with the agility of a great ape, allowing it to scale, leap,
climb, and swing in a manner more accomplished than any human gymnast.
UNNATURAL BIOLOGY: The dimensional shambler’s physiology would baffle any biologist. Making a
called shot for “vitals” or another apparently vulnerable area inflicts normal damage, with no special
game effect.
SAN LOSS: 1/1D6.


This was an entry to the 2020 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Demodawg

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