Abnormal Anatomy

-Each room in only six words

Randomize: Number of exits to other rooms.

Doors: Never to the same room twice.

Missing agents: Jansen. Johnsson. Jeremiah. Jackson.

Briefing: Extradimensional space. Missing agents. Investigate!
1: New weird door in hospital basement.

2: Gore covers an abandoned maternity ward.

3: Gigantic severed head made of flesh.

4: Mutilated ghoul in pool of blood.

5: Psychologist office. Files about missing agents.

6: Sanity 0 man vomiting screaming fetuses.

7: Shifting windows to vistas beyond sanity.

8: Missing agent. Armed, insane and aggressive.

9: Hospital kitchen. Fully stocked. Strangled orderly.

10: Surgical suite. Corpse with removed face.

11: Faceless surgeon. Coat of human faces.

12: Pools of leeches. Exsanguinated missing agent

13: Aggressive faceless nurses armed with blades.

14: Cell with too many tally marks.

15: Surgical robot removing insane woman's eyes.

16: Infinite parking structure. Faceless murderous drivers.

17: Tortured lab animals with human eyes.

18: Faceless surgeon castrates male missing agent.

19: Rusty and gory old surgical equipment.

20: Waiting room. Apathetic faceless patients. Muzak.

21: Walls of flesh and screaming faces.

22: Ward. Mutilated insane children self harming.

23: ICU. Faceless nurses torturing insane patients.

25: Dr. Bachman's office. Creepily normal. Invulnerable.

26: Library. Anthropodermic book. Unreadable. Faceless illustrations.

27: Children's ward. Paradise murals, faceless Adam.

28: Faceless burn victims and razor wire.

29: Faceless orderlies armed with dirty needles.

30: Supply closet. Faceless doctors ”making out”.

31: Amputated limbs hang from razor wire.

32: Razor wire cage. Beyond it, darkness.

33: Security room. Monitors show tortured patients.

34: Friendly ghouls investigating anomalies. Dreamland portal.

35: Screaming decapitated faceless heads in boxes.

36: Lobotomy ward. Many victims. Faceless doctors.

37: Bathroom. Blood and fat not water.

38: Liposuction torture. Fat eating faceless doctors.

39: Ancient statuette of the trapped god.

40: Journal: Trapped god creates impossible space.

41: Diary: Doctor Bachman trapped/exploits god.

42: Bodiless telepathic brain screams for death.

43: Ancient statuette of the trapped god.

44: Preserved flayed skin of missing agent.

45: Imprisoned cultist of the trapped god.

46: Abandoned dispensary. Drugs are really poisonous.

47: God backstory book: Flesh King/Xamuch.

48: Anna: Seriously confused urban explorer/Youtuber.

49: Ancient statuette of the trapped god.

50: Naked filthy men acting like dogs.

51: Morgue. Body cavities filled with eyes.

52: Mirror portal to the normal hospital.

53: Barricaded room. Weapons. Equipment. Food. Abandoned.

54: Laura, marine, looking for missing wife.

55: Walls painted with shit and blood.

56: Sanity rending science equipment and corpses.

57: Recreated yithian energy weapon. 6 shots.

58: Captured shoggoth. Shoggoth statuette frees it

59: Immortal organs made of cancer cells.

60: Dissected Elder Thing. Gene therapy notes.

61: Mythos gene therapy makes patients immortal.

62: Dissected Deep one. Gene therapy notes.

63: Vaporwave and drugs torture sex dungeon.

64: Dead (executed) human/elder thing hybrids.

65: Endless elevator shaft filled with voices.

66: Mythos gene therapy makes patients faceless.

67: Teaching skeleton (made from missing agent).

68: Dogs with human tongues and teeth.

69: Former nurse Jones, now a shoggoth.

70: Armory. Shotguns, pistols, tasers and knives.

71: Ancient statuette of the trapped god.

72: Zoë, insane intern. Screams about experiments.

73: Medical library. Hidden tome with spells.

74: Nursery with faceless babies and parents.

75: Sharon, orderly, indestructible organs. STRONG! Murderous.

76: Labrathory. Preserved mutated babies. Large heads.

77: Rippling green portal to room 1.

78: Dissected faceless patients. Notes by Bachman.

79: Notes: Energy weapons kill the invincible.

80: Insane faceless security guard with pistol.

81: Exit into a hospital in Stockholm.

82: Faceless missing agent. Armed and dangerous.

83: Escaped victim. Disguised as faceless doctor.

84: Faceless orderlies are pulling dogs apart.

85: Mutated dogs, as smart as humans.

86: Flesh statue of the god Xamuch.

87: Closet filled with scrubs and equipment.

88: A deep well outside the hospital.

89: Faceless fetuses with tentacles slithering around.

90: Strapped down patient with growing head.

91: Entire space filled with human gore.

92: Hospital chapel. All icons are faceless.

93: Mutilated nurse/Xamuch cultist being tortured.

94: Mist or steam fills this room.

95: Ancient statuette of the trapped god.

96: Maintenance room filled with power tools.

97: Cancer ward. Tumors growing from victims.

98: Laughing naked limbless faceless bloody man.

99: Ancient statuette of the trapped god.

100: Trapped god. Statuettes set it free.


This was an entry to the 2021 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Sebastian Lindeberg

The scenario can be seen in its original google docs form here

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