Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?

The Opening

All agents get through the regular channels a simple message from their regular Handler:
"Run.  You are on your own."

What Is Really Happening

Since Quantum Mechanics is how the world really works even in the macroscale, where objects, even ideas exist in a superposition of states until the act of observation, where a light beam travels everywhere in reality before choosing the path of least effort, you will be deciding what Is Really Happening.  They all can be happening at once.  The real horror is there are no laws.

Choose all or some or make up your own:

1.  It is a test by the PC's handlers.  To test how really loyal they are to saving humanity (or they have a sadistic streak…think The Prisoner original tv series).

2.  It turns out that the Greatest Truth is that DG actually created this whole mess.  One person was in the wrong place @ the wrong time and reality retroactively was rewritten from our normal mediocre reality to DG canon reality.  Someone(s) is trying to rectify this by eliminating DG.  People will suffer.

3.  DG is gone.  All that is left are the PCs.  What do they do?

4.  A monster has somehow got hold of the standard protocols and is fucking with the PCs…or is just really lonely.

5.  Find a random book where you are right now.  Find the 33rd page.  11th sentence is the reason.

6.  Beforehand cut out a variety of words from varying dead tree publications (mags, newspapers, adverts, yer middle skool diploma, etc).  Shuffle them and pick a bunch of them out…use them to make up a reason.

Have fun citizens.


This is an entry to the 2016 shotgun scenario contest. Written by QuickreleasePersonalitY.

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