Ad Tempus


It began as homework.

Emmett Yates, generator technician from Kearney, Nebraska, was helping his daughter Lauren with homework on magnets, in his family home. He was curious about reversing bodily magnetic fields. After he built a spindle covered with magnets in his yard, he stepped in and turned it on. As he watched his dead mother bring himself lemonade, he realized the depth of his success. Now, as an old man, Emmett’s sure the Government also miniaturized his device, and used it immorally. The way to stop this: kill himself before he creates it.

Getting Started

This scenario takes place in modern day. Investigators may/may not be in Delta Green, and from any local Law Enforcement or Military-connected profession (JAG, NCIS, CSI, NSA, Dept. of Corrections, IAB, etc.), although a Psychologist/Criminal Profiler is helpful. Also, as he was previously in the Military, Keepers should be aware that Emmett isn’t captured easily.

Prior to play, Emmett tried to ambush himself by playing Santa in the local Mall. He failed and was arrested, but not before slicing a jagged scar across his cheek. Once in jail, he activated his wristwatch, and vanished in front of an officer and prisoners. This brings Emmett to the attention of Delta Green. Unfortunately for Emmett, several Hounds of Tindalos have also noticed him. They will soon begin their hunt, and the Party is dragged in as well. Below is an outline of each location, and the corresponding action in each scene.


 Do Not Pass Go- At the police station, players can read reports, and if they mention it first, interview the disappearance witnesses. Officer Devon O’Malley describes the event as a loud pop, a purple flash and thick smoke. Psychology checks confirm his honesty. Prisoners Richard Winchester and Michael Carlin state “It was like them teleporters on Star Track”. Detectives are still pulling footage from the old man’s interview, and fingerprints aren’t yet matched.

 Do Not Collect $200- If the players mention evidence first, the witnesses are still being debriefed and are unavailable, but fingerprints from Booking reveal the old man to be the victim, Emmett Yates. Video of his interview is available, and shows a disturbed old man, who keeps muttering strange phrases like “It never happens if I stop it here”, and “History cannot happen”. A successful Spot Hidden check allows players to notice that during the video, the old man “blinks” in and out of time, twice. Sanity Check 1d4/1d6 for the unnatural sight.

 Interview with A Victim- Emmett will meet with the Investigators in his home outside town. He is visibly shaken and sporting fresh stitches. He doesn’t know why he was targeted, and doesn’t have any known enemies. He mentions his daughter is staying with his mother until this man is caught, and if pressed, recalls the attacker having a scar identical to his own.

 Guard Duty- If the players seem sympathetic toward the victim, or succeed on a Credit Rating roll, young Emmett will ask them to stay and make sure another attempt doesn’t happen. If they accept, it will. If not, old Emmett attacks the Party instead, using future police investigation records. Should young Emmett die, the resulting paradox rips the house, Party, and everything within into the Future. If not, old Emmett activates his device to escape, and the paradox is released this way instead.

 In the Future- Old Emmett is much better prepared for battle than the Party in his own time. The room they are in, his own living room, is stocked with guns and weapons of all kinds, which he immediately grabs, and attacks. He will fight to the death. After this, players will realize they are not in the Present anymore. Sanity check with 1d4 loss/ 1d6 on a failure for anyone passing a Knowledge roll to realize this. The wristwatch can be made to return on a successful Electronics, Electrical repair, or (Hard) Luck roll.

 Bad Dog- Once the Party has returned to the Present, they have a short time to recover and decide what to do with the bodies and how to handle the Police. Before they can act on these ideas, a pair of thin angular beasts lumbers out of the corners in the room, with the same purple flash, pop, and smoke as the Device. The two have finally traced the disturbance in time. They use hit-and-run tactics, and are focused on the Party.

 Conclusion- If the Party loses more than 2 members, a lenient Keeper could have a loud crash ring out, and the door burst inward to reveal a team of Delta Green operatives, armed and carrying devices to sense temporal disturbances. This team would make quick work of any Hounds remaining. In this instance, all non-Delta Green personnel would be tranquilized and transported from the area. On a successful Spot Hidden, players can notice a green triangle lapel pin on one of the team members. If the party destroys the Hounds, everything happens as above, but they also hear “Damn guys, nice job.” and “Almost like we did it, eh Decker?” before passing out.


If young Emmett survives, award each member 1d4 San. Award 2d4 San if the Party handled the Hounds by themselves or 1d3 if they needed Delta Green help. As the Keeper wishes, an appropriate location can be added to introduce new Agents to Delta Green, as Investigators may be offered clearance if they handled themselves well.

About Emmett Yates

Emmett Yates was a normal Blue Collar employee at a large generator service company, until his stroke of luck (or was it genius?) inspired him to build what amounts to a time machine.

As a young man, he appears non-descript and ordinary. As an old man, he has a crazed look in his eyes, the look of a man desperate to keep horrible things from happening, and his eyes reveal the depths of reality he has seen. As mentioned, a scar crosses his cheek, nearly touching his left eye. This appears after he inflicts the wound on his younger self. Keepers should portray him as a sympathetic figure, possibly even deserving of pity. His death, though tragic, is quite necessary. Statistics indicated include Call of Cthulhu 7th edition versions in parentheses.

Emmett Yates, Time Traveler
Str 16 (80) Con 18 (90) Siz 11 (55)
Dex (65) App 15 (75) Int 15 (75)
POW 12 (60) Edu 18 (90) San 60
Idea 75 Luck 60 Know 90

Magic Points: 12 Hit Points: 15 Damage Bonus: 1d4
Skills: Credit Rating: 60, Electrical Repair: 70, Firearms (Handgun) 45, Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun): 45, Listen: 40, Locksmith: 25, Mechanical Repair: 70, Occult: 40, Survival: 35
The weapons at his disposal in the final scenes are up to Keeper discretion.

Hounds of Tindalos
Hounds of Tindalos are described in the Call of Cthulhu Core Rulebook 6th Edition.


This was an entry in the 2014 shotgun scenario contest, written by John Williams

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