Africa is your origin.


In 1925, the Labyrinth of the Black Sphinx at Giza was penetrated by occult investigators seeking to prevent the resurrection of the Ghoul Queen Nitocris, the ancient Egyptian Ghoul who turned away from the worship of Mordiggian thousands of years ago in order to adulate He Who Must Be Gratified: the Black Pharoah Nyarlathotep.

Later that same year, over 10,000 cultists of the Bloody Tongue gathered at the Mountain of the Black Wind in Kenya. This was a religious pilgrimage for the cultists to witness the "chosen bride" giving birth to the spawn of Nyarlathotep. This was likely the largest gathering of cultists since the time of ancient Stygia when the Mythos was worshiped openly.

During Operation TORCH, Delta Green agents combated Karotechia archaeologists raiding ancient, possibly non-human, ruins throughout North Africa; some located deep within the Sahara Desert.

In 1943, Delta Green was involved in an ill-fated expedition to G'harne, somewhere in the Belgian Congo.

In 1945, Reinhard Galt of the SS Karotechia made contact with the Anzique tribe of cannibals.

In 1964, Delta Green Operation KURTZ intervenes in the Belgian Congo crisis. to prevent a dimensional rip involving the god Ahtu (the Golden Tree) and the Mule'le rebels that sought to use its power.

In 1992, the South African Police Service established an Occult-Related Crimes Unit specifically focused on criminal activity involving witchcraft. However, the ORC unit has been criticized with being more interested in spreading Fundamentalist Christian propaganda than pursuing occult conspiracies.

Since the late 1990's, the Anzique Tribal Crime Syndicate has been moving to consolidate organized crime along various Trans-African Highways. They have become involved in just about everything bad in Africa that makes money. Including such far-ranging activities as Arms Dealing, Prostitution, deliberately spreading AIDS, Nigerian Fraud, Somalian Piracy and genocide in Sudan. It is possible that this tribe has been turned to the worship of Nyarlathotep by the Cult of Transcendence.

It's known that members of the Black Brotherhood have been active in the weapons trade in Africa, using their arms dealing contacts and mythos knowledge to support terrorism in Somalia, genocide in Sudan, and a senseless border war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Black Brotherhood may also have helped to transfer a great deal of nuclear, biological and chemical equipment out of Iraq circa 1998-2003, and that some of this equipment may have ended up in Africa.


The listing above is based on DGML post #25295 by The Man in Black (“THREAT FOCUS: AFRICA”).


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