Every organisation is composed of individuals, united to achieve a common purpose. For the various incarnations of Delta Green, these individuals are Agents. Agents come from all walks of life. Many have experience in federal law enforcement or the military, but others are doctors, scientists, engineers, retail workers or even just someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some Agents serve voluntarily, others are kept in only by blackmail and intimidation. There are Agents of every stripe and colour and almost every corner of the globe.
What unifies all Agents is that, when faced with the unnatural, Agents choose to stand against it. So long as they remain alive and in possession of their own mind, Agents are the force that holds back the coming darkness for just one day more.

An Agent is the character that a player will be playing as during a game of Delta Green. Depending on the kind of game that the Handler wishes to run, the player's Agent can be just about anyone or anything.

Agent Elements

An Agent, in game terms, is composed of five distinct elements: statistics, attributes, profession, skills and bonds.


Statistics are the most fundamental part of the character, influencing everything else that they do. A characters statistics can range in value from 3, representing near complete non-existence, to 18, representing a near superhuman ability in that area. The average score for a human being is 10. One method of determining your Agent's statistics is to use the '4D6 Method'; four D6s are rolled, the one with the lowest value is dropped and the remainder added up to make the chosen statistics value.

  • Strength (STR) - Raw physical size and power, the Agent's musculature and ability to use that musculature to create strength. STR is used in all physical checks such as dragging a witness to safety, breaking down a locked door, sprinting away from a pursuer and jumping over a daunting gap. A STR score above 13 would give the Agent notable musculature that would be visible in tight and form-fitting clothing and with a score above 16 the Agent's bulk would be their most defining physical quality as a person, being akin to a body-builder. Conversely an Agent with a STR score below 8 would look notably wiry and emaciated.
  • Constitution (CON) - The Agent's health and physical resilience to injury, fatigue and disease. CON is used in some physical checks and with all endurance checks such as resisting an illness, shrugging off pain, holding ones breath for a very long time and long-distance running. Agents with a high CON score may give off an impression of a healthy glow to those around them, though this is up to the Handler.
  • Dexterity (DEX) - The Agent's agility, coordination and nimbleness. DEX is used in checks involving coordination as well as some physical checks, such as keeping their balance on an uneven surface or drawing their weapon quickly.
  • Intelligence (INT) - The Agent's ability to notice details, remember information and connect ideas together. INT is used in checks involving memory, research, brain-storming and other intellectual activities such as piecing disparate data together into a theory, conducting research over the internet and remembering key details of previous events.
  • Power (POW) - The Agent's force of personality, motivation and psychic resilience. POW checks are done in moments that test a persons character, such as whilst trying to keep their head during a crisis, standing up to pressure from peers or superiors and during moments of luck. Characters with POW scores above 13 give off an impression of being strong-willed during conversations with them, whilst those with a score below 8 give off an attitude of nervousness.
  • Charisma (CHA) - The Agent's charm, leadership and personal appeal. This can, but does not always, indicate their physical attractiveness. CHA checks are done in moments where a character needs to present themselves or persuade, such as asking for a difficult favour from an acquaintance or whilst meeting an important figure. The CHA score of a character correlates to their personal magnetism and is one of the most identifiable aspects of a character; a character with a score of above 13 gives off an aura of charm whilst one with a score below 8 is notably awkward and nervous. A character on the extreme ends on the positive end of the CHA scale has an ability to persuade others on the level of a cult leader, whilst those on the extreme negative are unbearable for other characters to be around.

Note: It is recommended that the player use a description rather than a raw number when describing their Agent to others. For example, rather than saying "I have a Strength of 7 and a Constitution of 14" the player should say "I'm on the scrawny side, but I've always been very healthy." The exact stat numbers should not be known to other players, as this can give out-of-character clues as to when an Agent is approaching their breaking point.


An Agent has three attributes; hit points, willpower points and sanity.

  • Hit Points (HP) - The Agent's ability to take physical punishment, their total physical toughness. Calculated by adding the Agent's STR and CON values, then dividing them by two. When injured the value of the damage inflicted is subtracted from the Agent's HP. When the Agent hits an HP value of 1 or 2, the choice being up to the Handler, then the Agent falls unconscious from their wounds. When the HP hits 0 the Agent dies.
  • Willpower Points (WP) - The Agent's ability to endure hardship and difficulty. The Agents WP is equal to their POW and is depleted by mental exhaustion, physical set-backs, resisting the compulsion of a mental disorder and everything else that might grind a person down emotionally. It is restored by rest.
  • Sanity (SAN) - The Agent's mental health and emotional stability. SAN is calculated by taking the Agents POW value and multiplying it by five. During moments of mental trauma the player must make sanity rolls, rolling the SAN value on 1D100. If the roll is failed then the appropriate amount of SAN is subtracted. If the Agent loses more than 5 SAN in a single roll then they suffer from temporary insanity. If the Agent loses a number of SAN equal to or greater than their POW value in a single session then they develop indefinite insanity. If the players SAN hits zero then they become irretrievably and permanently insane, put under the control of the Handler.
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