Agent Graysons Retirement Party

The team is tasked with terminating a compromised fellow agent. He has been obtaining the location of Green boxes and accessing them without authorisation. Large quantities of cash have recently been deposited into his bank account and then moved offshore.

Delta Green suspects he has been turned and is preparing to leak information to unknown sources, possibly GRU-SV8. He must be eliminated and all links to the conspiracy removed.

Unbeknownst to Delta Green the Grayson is being blackmailed, but not for any reason related to them.


Neutralise Agent Grayson. His profile is too high for an obvious assassination, it must appear to be either an accident or suicide. Anything other than an accident must be backed up by supporting evidence, to prevent further investigation.

Remove all traces of his connection to Delta Green. Other agents are working on the backend, removing any traces potentially linking Grayson to Delta Green in federal databases. The Agents must deal with any physical or offline evidence. If required, they can be assigned an asset to provide computing and decryption expertise (see NPC’s).

Identify his contact. The conspiracy is more interested in cutting off a potential leak than determining who has turned Grayson. However, if an opportunity to do so presents itself, take it.

The Target

FBI Assistant Special Spec. Agent in Charge Vernon Dunbar - “Agent Grayson”. See NPC’s.

Age 43, white, 6’2, excellent physical shape for his age, blonde hair kept short and neat, glasses, slight Boston accent. Degree in Engineering from Northeastern University.

Prior to joining the FBI, he served as a US Army Lieutenant with an engineer company in Germany before joining the Massachusetts State Police.

Distinguished himself early in his FBI career and was marked for big things. He rose through the ranks quickly, however his career has stalled due to "issues" in recent years (absenteeism, altercations with colleagues etc) related to his Delta Green activities. He is currently seconded to the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC). He has a Xanax addiction but keeps it hidden, even from his wife.

Lives in Woodbridge, Virginia, a town about 25 miles from both McLean, Virginia (NCTC HQ) and Washington DC (FBI HQ), with his family.
Surveillance can reveal that his routine is generally as follows:

On weekdays he leaves home at 7am and drives around one hour to either NCTC or FBI HQ’s. He returns home at around 6 or 7pm. He rarely leaves the office during the day. Saturdays are filled with errands, working in his study or watching his kids participate in sports. On Sundays, the family spend the morning at church, then return home to watch sports together.

Agents who watch him for more than 3 days will see him go to check out a local Green Box after leaving FBI HQ. The box is the locked bed of a blue 2011 Ford F-150 pickup, parked in the underground parking area of an apartment building in Stevensville, Maryland.

The first visit is just reconnaissance. On the second visit a few days later, he opens the box and loads the $15,600 he finds into his SUV. He then drives to the RV storage and hides the money (see Evidence). Handlers may determine the additional contents of the box as they see appropriate.

His Family

Wife – Amanda. Age 38, white, 5’7, petite, short brown hair. Housewife. Heavily involved in the local community.

Daughter - Keira. Age 16, white, 5'7, athletic, long blonde hair. Track athlete, popular.

Son - Trey. Age 14, white, 5'6, short blonde hair, glasses. Soccer player. Excels academically.

Both kids are students at St John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Woodbridge.

The Videos

Dunbar has uploaded masturbation videos of himself to an amateur gay porn sharing site. In doing so, he has become the target of a blackmailer. His face is not shown in the videos, but his clearly visible regimental tattoo and voice would likely convince anyone familiar with Dunbar that of their authenticity.

The blackmailer contacted Dunbar via anonymous email and made it clear he was aware who he was and the damage exposure would cause him. A payment of $250,000 was demanded in exchange for his silence. Dunbar had no way of making such a payment without his family becoming suspicious. He did however know of a Green Box with cash in it. Whilst he has recovered enough to cover the payment, he is terrified that there may be further demands. He began using his contacts within Delta Green to locate more Green Boxes in search of additional cash.

If questioned about the videos, Dunbar is adamant that he's not gay; he just liked the attention. He is terrified that the scandal of them being revealed would end both his career and marriage. How truthful he is being is up to the Handler.

The Blackmailer

See NPC’s for stats.

Cody met Paul Litowich whilst studying Computer Science at the University of North Georgia. After graduating they went into business together. He manages the infrastructure aspects of their pornographic video sharing website,, whilst Paul handles the front end (branding, advertising etc). The site is specifically aimed towards enthusiasts of traditional macho uniformed male stereotypes, such as soldiers or law enforcement. The website office and servers are located in Atlanta.

Cody’s Plan

Cody was promised an equal partnership in the business. The site has grown in popularity over the last five years and now looks to be a takeover target. Paul, who put up the starting capital for the site, is now trying to push his partner out ahead of the deal. Unbeknownst to Paul, Cody has hacked his company email account and uncovered his intentions.

Now he sifts the IP addresses of uploaders to the site, looking for targets within areas of high socioeconomic status. He then identifies the uploader via publicly available data and then attempts to blackmail them with exposure. The scheme is an attempt to both get what he feels is a fair reward for his work and, if necessary, to tank any potential sale of the site.

Cody is prepared to extort people who he believes can afford it, but isn’t interested in ruining lives. If someone refuses to be threatened, he won’t expose them. He will however anonymously expose the blackmail scandal to the press, if he thinks Paul is about to screw him over by selling the site. This will almost certainly result in the victims being identified and any high-profile individuals, such as Dunbar, being revealed by the media.

Cody is a computing expert, so tracking him down via the emails will be challenging but not impossible. He is not however as competent in financial matters, so tracking him via the paper trail created by Dunbar’s payment will be much simpler.


Items potentially linking Dunbar to Delta Green include:

FILE CABINET – in home study.

  • Burner phone. Hidden in a locked box inside the bottom drawer. This contains the contact numbers for several other agents and friendlies.

WALL SAFE – in home study.

  • Case files. This folder contains clippings related to Dunbar’s previous operations. Whilst there is nothing explicitly unnatural or illegal here, his interest in these seemingly random events could provoke someone to start digging into old operations.
  • The keys to the RV are also stored here.

LAPTOP – Generally kept with Dunbar during working hours. When not in use it is either locked in his study or his office at the NCTC.

  • Case files, on a highly encrypted thumb drive. These files contain specific references to Dunbar’s operations. These include evidence of illegal activity and unnatural events. These pose a potentially massive risk to the conspiracy, if revealed to the wrong people. If an agent makes their own copies, they can use them to Study the Unnatural as a home activity. Specifics to be determined by the Handler.

If either an agent or Alina investigate Dunbar’s laptop, they will find the email exchange between him and his blackmailer. The initial contact from the blackmailer contains links to the videos. The originals of these files can also be found on Dunbar’s phone.

RV – parked at Gateway Storage Center, a long-term vehicle storage facility in Lorton, Virginia.

  • Go bag. Contains an unregistered 9mm pistol, ammo, water, burner phone and false identification documents. The gun can be ballistically linked to the unsolved murder of a police detective in Philadelphia. The only number stored in the memory calls the Agent’s own Case Officer.
  • Cash. $476,000 taken from Green Boxes is hidden in a recently constructed compartment under the floor.

Delta Green’s Response

How Delta Green responds to evidence of Dunbar’s innocence is up to the Handler. They may be sympathetic and ask the agents to help Dunbar out of his predicament or they may not care and leave him to resolve it on his own. They may demand the agents continue with the original mission.



The Target
FBI Assistant Special Spec. Agent in Charge Vernon Dunbar - “Agent Grayson”

Use stats for a generic Federal Agent (expert level) from page 354 of the Handlers Guide as a base, with an additional +15% to Alertness & Firearms, 40% to Occult, Military Science (Land) and 60% to Science (Engineering).

The Expert
Alina Sayid. NSA analyst. 28. Pakistani heritage. 5'9 Black hair. Petite build.

Use stats for a generic computer expert (expert level) from page 354 of the Handlers Guide.

The Blackmailer
Cody Butler. Age 29, Canadian. 5’10. Thin build. Long black hair and beard.

Use stats for a generic computer expert (expert level) from page 354 of the Handlers Guide.


This was an entry to the 2020 shotgun scenario contest. Written by SpiritIsland.

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