Agent Ross' File
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Name: Charles Ross



Rank/Security Level: Field Agent (Level 3 Access Only)

Date of Employment: 02/14/14

Organization of Employment: Aqua Foundation

Current Task: Gathering information on possible paranormal activity within the state of Arizona

Work History: Charles Ross was recrutided to the Aqua Foundation after he became involved in a paranormal investigation into the actions of a small Arizona based restraunt chain after he attacked Agent Lang when he was found to be witholding vital information on the company. A deal was later made stating that if Ross got a job with the Foundation, he would give out all information regarding the restraunts. After this, Agent Ross was assighned to the Southern Arizona Investagation Branch in order to help with their ongoing investigation into classified events in the town of Measa Arizona.

Projects Worked On: Operation-0098 and Operation-07655-ongoing.

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