Aleister Crowley
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From: "Andrew D. Gable"

Although inaccurate on a couple points, DG aficionados should have some fun
with: , as it talks briefly
about Crowley's links with MI6 and his efforts to thwart Nazis, leading to
some neat Karotechia seeds if you want `em. Also ties it into David Berkowitz.

<interesting tidbit> In the 1910s and 1920s, Crowley wrote stateside propaganda for the Germans (found this out as I was doing research on the Crowley-Lam (and thus Grey) connection. Wonder what happened that soured him on the Germans? </interesting tidbit>

Kilakee post from earlier… The Hellfire Clubs are great places to use in
your campaign if you want summonings that misfired centuries ago, links to
the Freemasons, and possible hooks that tie into Jack the Ripper and all
sorts of meanness. As an aside, the Black Cat's description sounds like

Hook to JTR: one word (well, actually three). Roslyn d'Onston Stephenson.

Tivaloolo (I have no idea how it's spelled) a popular demon that was
summoned quite often in the 18th and 19th century. The ritual wasn't
complex…just torture and kill 200 cats. I'll provide more on that ritual
if you want it…

Hmm. This sounds rather like a Scottish ritual called Taghairm, which involved the burning alive of cats for four days, at the conclusion of which a demonic creature called Big Ears would appear and grant one wish to the caster (in exchange, of course, for his immortal soul). That ritual supposedly ceased as far back as the 1600s, however. If used in CoC/DG, here's a good way to get priests of Bast really P.O.'d. And everyone knows that being angry and having Mythos knowledge aren't a good combination.

The name you cite sounds vaguely like Flauros, the name of a demonic cat-lord described in demonology texts.

BTW, I saw a commercial last night which mentioned a Jewish synagogue in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., called Irem Temple. Should Wilkes-Barre-ites be concerned about the use of Kabbalic rituals to call up things Man Was Not Meant To See?

Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 21:14:11 -0500

From: Steven Kaye

FIRE AND ICE mentions something called the Weida Conference, involving Crowley's trip to Germany in 1925. The book makes it sound like Crowley was trying to set himself up as the head of a united front of occultist factions, which instead splintered as they argued about whether to follow him or not. Perhaps the debacle indirectly leads to a demand for volkisch magic, and ultimately to the foundation of the Karotechia?

Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 23:25:02 -0500
From: Daniel Harms

Although inaccurate on a couple points, DG aficionados should have some fun
with: , as it talks briefly
about Crowley's links with MI6 and his efforts to thwart Nazis, leading to
some neat Karotechia seeds if you want `em. Also ties it into David Berkowitz.

Just on GPs, for those who want to go completely hog-wild, here's the COMPLETE trial transcript of the Motta-Caliphate OTO fiasco:

Two possible answers that are not documented, but that have been floating around:

1) AC was actually working as an agent for British intelligence, as he claimed. In fact, former UFO investigator Jacques Vallee claimed to have seen Crowley's intelligence file, which included the directive "Use only with extreme caution."

2) At some point when Crowley was in Germany, he was beaten up by goons from the SA, precursor to the SS.

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 08:28:59 -0500
From: Steven Kaye

FIRE AND ICE mentions something called the Weida conference, which happened in 1925. Crowley went to Germany after the translation of THE BOOK OF THE LAW to try and convince various magical groups to accept Thelema and to unite under his leadership (this according to FIRE AND ICE, mind).

Depending whose version you believe (and many of the participants are untrustworthy to one degree or another):

- Crowley came in good faith, invited to become leader of the united occult groups, saw his work purposefully mistranslated, was treated shamefully by his host, and said enough. Three guesses whose version this is.

- There was a split in…think it's the Pansophia Lodge at this point…some members were horrified by Crowley and his doctrine, others welcomed it but didn't want Crowley as the boss

Could all this hoo-hah have led to a demand for volkisch magical practice, and thus indirectly to the creation of the Karotechia?

From: "Eric Brennan" <moc.slore|cniarea#moc.slore|cniarea>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 09:53:48 -0500

See Age of Horus.

From: "Eric Brennan" <moc.slore|cniarea#moc.slore|cniarea>

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 10:31:47 -0500

I knew I remembered it from somewhere! Andrew, you are now officially designated my back-up memory. I believe Big Ears, now that we mention it, is indeed Tivaloolo. The copy of the ritual I saw in a book of faery lore involved slitting cat throats, but now that I think about it, another ritual is indeed the Taghairm. I heard the ritual had been performed in the 1800s by a pair of British spiritualists, and that it was successful.

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 14:14:49 -0500 (EST)

From: "Andrew D. Gable"

FIRE AND ICE mentions something called the Weida Conference, involving
Crowley's trip to Germany in 1925. The book makes it sound like Crowley was
trying to set himself up as the head of a united front of occultist
factions, which instead splintered as they argued about whether to follow
him or not. Perhaps the debacle indirectly leads to a demand for volkisch
magic, and ultimately to the foundation of the Karotechia?

The Nazis probably weren't too endeared to Crowleyan thought, what with the use of German occultist Guido von List's ideas, along with a uniquely "non-Aryan" flavor. Especially since the Germans didn't like the English too much in the WWII era. Plus, Hitler could have easily seen Crowley's leadership of this occult alliance as a major obstacle to his own power.

Although the timing's a bit hard to work out, as Hitler (IIRC) didn't become Chancellor until 1933.

Note to self: Check out references on Crowley's Abramelin experiment. IIRC, he did that in Vienna or something. He supposedly contacted some spirits he called "Abramelin sprites," using rites (you guessed it) out of The Book of Abra-Melin the Mage.


Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 14:35:11 -0500 (EST)

From: "Andrew D. Gable"

Aleister Crowley joined the Golden Dawn, which is actually a front for
"other forces." These other forces can depend on the game. When the GD
self-destructed, Aleister wanders around a bit. Eventually, several things
happen: He is recruited by British Intelligence to bleed German occultists
of information, he forms the OTO, he spreads his, uh, gospel.

AFAIK, Crowley didn't form the OTO. It was already formed - in Germany (back to the Crowley-MI6 connection). Crowley was inducted by…dang, can't remember his name. It's in the Keeper's Compendium, where there's a brief little biography of Crowley along with the Golden Dawn stuff. I believe, however, he may have changed the organization somewhat.

"innocently" corrupt those around her. Twenty years after the initial
summoning, a madman and his "family" travel to the same area of the desert,
springing forth only to murder. Sharon Tate's innocent, unborn babe
completes the misunderstood moonchild ritual, spelling the true beginning to
the Age of Horus.

Hmm. I never contemplated a Manson connection to this (well, I have, but…). If you choose to play up this link, I'd work on something about Manson's alleged "psychic" powers. I believe I saw somewhere something which claimed he was part of MKULTRA, or somesuch.

Memories of false satanic abuse begin to pop up, actually dream images of
the Babalon beneath the sands. And in covens and cults all across the
country, the Lililm rejoice, for the great birthing is at hand.

Just an aside. In a mythology book, I saw a Babylonian seal depicting a Child of Lilith. Very much like the emblamatic animal of the cult in "The Hound." Although according to legend, they're all malformed in varying ways…harken back to the pseudo-Biblical Nephilim legend.

enlightened state, and have been known to cure/cause insanity. Many of the
religions tenets are borrowed from Crowley, who borrowed from the Golden
Dawn, who borrowed from a mystic named Alzis in the 1860s.

Ah! Very nice! Alzis-as-UberCrowleyan? Crowley's "mentor"? Nice idea. Somewhat explains that pesky longevity thing…

As a final wrap-up, I don't know if you've seen my site with the Crowley-Parsons-et. al. links, if you haven't check it out, you might find something of interest (I'm planning on adding to it rather heavily in the future - maybe even make it sort of an UberResource for Crowley-Cthulhu links). It's

From: "Eric Brennan"

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 15:33:36 -0500

A lot of guys who have been nailed for serial killing have MKUltra problems, partly due to drug use in the '60s and partly due to the fact that it tends to link disparate acts together. Another common way to bind MKUltra to Manson is to say that the Process Church, a dualistic Christian off-shoot blamed for many odd conspiratorial doings, was a front for CIA MKUltra experiments, a claim I've heard. Manson claimed he had some ties (since 'disproved') to the Church. The Satanic tinge to certain other killers allows you to add them all together through the Process Church. The Zodiac Killer in San Francisco, Berkowitz, even (if you want to stretch) Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker. Berkowitz claimed he was under mind control when he committed his crimes, but never brought it up in court… The Zodiac Killer was never caught, but used occult symbols in his murders, and there are some wierd threads out there claiming he was an occult hitman. Of course, the Process Church could be a front for the Lililm, which the CIA unwittingly tapped into…

Well, I saw a hole that Alzis would fit into…

From: "Andrew Gable"

I don't know. From the title it sounds like it's based on the Black
Dahlia slaying in LA about 50 years ago, and I saw photos of that which
almost made me hurl. The Black Dahlia, should've definitely been worked
into my LA ideas, damn. I'll have to add it.

Yes, the BD murder is interesting (and rather gory). Look into the history of Elizabeth Short, the victim…apparently, there was a medical problem which prohibited her from having sexual intercourse. That could probably be significant to the Parsons/OTO link.

Also, I'd recommend you look at the date the BD murder occurred (or at least that the body was found): January 15, 1947. Now look at the date Parsons' Babalon Working ended: January 15, 1946. Eerie, eh?

I heard the ritual had been performed in the 1800s by a pair of British
spiritualists, and that it was successful.

Close. The last known (and I stress known for DG use) occurrence of Taghairm was recounted in an English newspaper in 1824, was performed by two occultists (Lachlan MacLean and…someone else, another MacLean I believe). It was, indeed, reported to be successful. Big Ears told the MacLeans they would never look upon the face of God. Anyway, the ritual occurred in the 1600s. It just wasn't reported for 200 years (!! why?).

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 14:40:00 -0800

From: "Mark McFadden

Pretty pedestrian by Southern California standards, actually. He just did them longer, better and with a different goal. Read up on the "Alchemical Marriage of Rose and Cross". You'll find that most of European alchemical writings were poetic metaphors and codes for Tantric practices, hiding meaning and precise instructions to

a) Protect the author

b) Dissuade the casual or thrillseeking reader

c) Write about illegal acts (like the all-encompassing "sodomy")

Read Chapter 69 in "The Book of Lies", 'nuff said.

This all ties in with Templars, Hassan i Sabah, Rosicrucians and Masons. Alchemy wasn't about making gold, "gold" was another metaphor, but one easily (mis)understood by outsiders and Inquisitors.

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 15:39:00 -0800
From: "Mark McFadden

FIRE AND ICE mentions something called the Weida Conference,

On a possibly related note: I can't remember where I picked up the factoid, but didn't Adolf visit London in 1923? I remember this purely because of that synchronistic 23.

Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 00:00:57 -0500
From: Daniel Harms

Chris - if this is getting too far off-topic, shoot me down. A response to a few OTO-related posts.

Theodor Reuss, in 1910. It happened something like this (cue flashback):

REUSS: Mister Crowley, I'm Theodor Reuss of the OTO. You've been revealing our rituals in your works, and you must stop.

CROWLEY: Revealing rituals? I've never heard of you.

REUSS: (takes down a copy of Crowley's BOOK OF LIES from the shelf, and points to a passage) Then what's this?

CROWLEY: Wow! I never contemplated the esoteric significance of that passage. Thanks!

REUSS: (under his breath) Damn. (louder) Er, how would you like to be head of our new British division?

Quite a bit, actually. From what little I've seen, Reuss intended the OTO to be partly a socialist project. Crowley re-wrote the rituals and decided that its tenets should be based on his _Book of the Law_, which leads us to…

Basically, after Reuss died, Crowley was appointed as the head (maybe).

However, at this conference some OTO members balked at Crowley's ways and his insistence on the importance of the Book of the Law. The group split into three factions: the OTO under Metzger, which rejected it outright (still active in Switzerland, if what I hear is accurate); the Fraternitas Saturni under Eugen Grosche, which accepted Crowley but broke due to personality conflicts (still active in Germany), and Crowley's OTO (still active, though split into many factions).

Perhaps the debacle indirectly leads to a demand for

Keepers should note that many of those involved with the orders mentioned above were persecuted by the Nazi regime, and some members (such as Karl Germer and Eugen Grosche) were imprisoned in concentration camps due to their membership.

It was done at Boleskine, his house on Loch Ness, which was later owned by Jimmy Page and now has been turned into a bread and breakfast. See _The Confessions of Aleister Crowley_ for more info.

Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 07:28:47 -0800 (PST)

From: Doug Iannelli

I recently read an excellent source that draws all of these subjects together in a factual, historical work.

The book is entitled, "UNHOLY ALLIANCE: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult" by Peter Levenda. It's a trade paperback published in 95 by Avon Books and is still available in most good mainstream bookstores in the occult section.

The back-page teaser reads as follows:

"From Death's Head to skinhead - seven decades of pure evil. The Reich was to stand for a thousand years on the firm foundation of Adolf Hitler's policies of terror, brutal repression and genocide. In their attempt to create an invincible empire, the Nazi High Command actively pursued forbidden ancient knowledge …and freely embraced the powers of Darkness.

Author Peter Levenda has personally translated numerous Nazi documents relating to the exploitation of the occult for political and military purposes. He has breached the inner sanctum of Colonia Dignidad, the Nazi's hidden refuge in South America, which remains in operation to this day. And he has compiled a chilling and comprehensive history of a would-be Master Race's slavish devotion to Satanism, human sacrifice, Black Magic and the secret delights of Hell.

It began with the Necronomicon and ended in the Andes Mountains four years later: a search for the roots of the evil that has corrupted our century. From Satanism to Swastika, and back to Hell itself, Peter Levenda has come full circle with UNHOLY ALLIANCE."

This book pretty much ties it all together and is well-documented, although how much is fringe science and how much is fact is anyone's guess. He mentions HPL in fact, and that author's effect on the mythology of the Master Race.

All told, this book is an excellent resource material of factual dates and names, programs, and Nazi occult-oriented operations as well as the atmosphere of the occult globally just prior to and during WWII.

Nearly every factually-based Karotechia member mentioned in the DG sourcebook is expounded upon here, as well as Crowley and the surviving Nazi's of South America (although Pagan did a little country-switching).

Well, just thought I'd share this with you all.

From: Ford Benjamin
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 15:13:19 +1000

If anyone else was intrigued as I was by the mention of a Nazi colony in Chile, as described in Levender's "Unholy Alliance", they could refer to this report in the Seattle Times:

Apparently the leader of the community is on the run and may be hiding in the tunnels beneath the compound. There is also mention of a hidden cemetery for the remains of torture victims.

ObDG (so obvious, I fear to say it): Karotechia stronghold with connections to a local ghoul population? Or an expatriate German Mordiggian cult? Of course the tunnels beneath the compound could have one of those gates to the Dreamlands through which the missing leader has fled.

ObDG: has anyone considered the possibility of an unholy alliance between the Karotechia and the Nordics (aka the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign)? Given the Nazi mythology of the superiority of the pure Aryan race, and the unnatural powers demonstrated by the Nordics in encounters such as those described in field Report 3047 (Addendum) (located at for those with access), what Neo-Nazi thug would fail to be impressed?

I'm leaning towards a takeover by the BoYS of certain localised elements of the Karotechia for use as expendable muscle in their campaign against the sky devils. What happens next is up to the malicious imagination of the Keeper: DG agents investigating odd crimes committed by NeoNazi skinheads find leads going two ways, towards alien space brothers in one direction and a Nazi occult conspiracy in the other. Divide and conquer, oh my! Depending on the needs of the game, the Nazi pawns may or may not have recollection of their moonlighting: this can lead the Karotechia leadership to investigate why one of their cells has gone silent or why it seems to be engaging in unsanctioned operations. All this is dependent on how the K works in your world. A DG team investigating the odd behaviour of a gang of skins could run into the K's version of a cleaner team.

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 14:23:41 -0500 (EST)
From: "Andrew D. Gable"

Given the recent discussions on Crowley, the OTO, and JHVH alone knows what else, I thought this little bit discovered a short time back might be of interest. This was tucked away in the gazetteer of UFO sightings in the back of Jacques Vallee's _Passport to Magonia_.

It describes a close encounter which took place in 1896 in the Alps near the town of Zermatt, Switzerland, in the southern section near the Italian border and quite near the Matterhorn. Said encounter was an "average" CE3 (man sees aliens, man moves, aliens run off). But the witness? Aleister Crowley. Interesting. As an aside which would make it fit very well, does anyone know if good ol' L. Ron ever claimed an encounter?

I discovered some interesting documents last night on the Internet, hotbed of conspiracy that it is, alleging links between the JFK assassination and the UFO/Paperclip mythos. It purported to show links between Clay Shaw and Guy Bannister (watch _JFK_ to find out who they were) to UFO sightings. According to the documents, Guy Bannister had reported a sighting in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1947, and Clay Shaw was supposedly a military agent attached to Paperclip. He supposedly had many aerospace contacts (Parsons??), and in fact one was said to have been involved with the Maury Island, Washington incident (although that may be a hoax). Neat.

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