Alzis for President 2012

The home page of the exploratory committee for Stephen Alzis' run for the presidency in 2012.

Steven Alzis: A man of deep faith, and a man of vision. Those who have attended his prayer meetings and breakfasts swear that they emerged utterly transformed by the experience. Alzis also reaches out to the youth of today through his sponsorship of evangelical rock groups like Charnel Dreams, working to make young people aware of the importance of faith in the dark times ahead.

Steven Alzis: a tested executive of a successful, multinational, multi-billion dollar enterprise, who puts his values to work in the marketplace. Many employees of Whole Earth Enterprises will testify that it was Alzis that gave them the chance to overcome their previous failings and make good.

Steven Alzis: a man committed to his country. On 9/11 Alzis personally donned a hard hat and worked tirelessly to rescue victims from the rubble. In fact, he worked so hard on the relief effort that some people joke he seemed to be in three places at once!

Steven Alzis: a patron of history, culture and the arts. It is thanks to Alzis' tireless efforts that many examples of early settlers' architecture in Manhatten have been preserved from the bulldozer, enabling Americans to reconnect to the values of their forefathers.

ALZIS IN 2012!

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