An Agent's Best Friend?

This Scene can be dropped into a scenario anytime a Cell needs to resupply or requires assets relating to the current mission.


Green Boxes are invaluable to the operations of Agents in the field. They are full of things that should not be, things that need to destroyed, and very helpfully things for Agent’s fight against the unnatural.

During a past mission a previous Cell put items into this Box to be destroyed at a later date, but with the bureaucracy of Delta Green and the real world this hasn’t occurred.

These items were used by an unnamed cult to protect and defend its sacred relics, a ‘guard dog’ of sorts. So, due to random chance of everything thrown into the box it actually set off the ritual in question and it was left behind for the next unsuspecting Cell to encounter.


A Green Box can be where ever the Handler deems appropriate, for Green Boxes can be located anywhere from an abandoned building, a self -storage unit, to a spooky cabin in the woods.


Again, whenever the Handler deems appropriate. They could access it during the middle of the day or the dead of night, both could present different problems for the PCs.


The eldritch item within the Green Box is a focus or ‘whistle’ for a summon ritual for a Dimensional Shambler (Guard Dog) (see below), it now ‘guards’ all that is within the Green Box. The focus’ mate, the ‘leash’ was also within the same container.


The Green Box is now the home to its new occupant ‘Clifford’. When it came into existence the ritual compelled it to ‘guard’ the contents, but was no one around to control it. So, like a bad dog it took its frustration out on its surroundings, but due to the nature of the summoning ritual it has to protect the items within. It is currently concealed under all the debris.

First, the Asset Package is intact and visible and second the PCs will also see the two glows coming from amongst the debris. The glowing figures are the ‘whistle’ and ‘leash’ of the ritual.


The ‘whistle’ was mixed in with other figures in a cardboard container. It is a small ceramic figure of a chocolate lab, like one that could be found at a thrift store. Its collar has a nametag on it, but it looks like the leash is broken.

If a PC picks up the Dog figure, there is writing on the side of the dog that will physically blur and change to a language the player can read. It will be understood by the reader to say ‘Clifford’. SAN vs Unnatural 0/1.
If the ‘whistle’ is destroyed the ritual will stop and the ‘dog’ will vanish, in a bone chilling howl. SAN vs Helplessness 0/1


The ‘leash’ is a man in a red shirt and pants, who looks like he is walking a dog, but the leash leading to the dog is broken off.

When a PC picks up the man figure, they will instinctive realize they can bring the ‘guard dog’ to heel by telling it to ‘sit’ with some force behind it. This equates to a POW x5 of the PC vs POW x 5 check of the Dimensional Shambler. +20 to the check if the PC uses the name Clifford from the Dog figure. If the PC fails, they may burn 1 POW permanently to assert control of the ‘guard dog.’

If the ‘Leash’ is destroyed then there is no way to command Clifford and the PCs will have to destroy the ‘whistle’ or kill Clifford.


The “Guard Dog” is compelled from the summoning ritual to attack anyone that picks up anything within the enclosure including the ‘whistle’ and ‘leash’ unless the win the battle of wills. The Dog will pursue the offending person until the item is returned or kills the person.

If the PC gains control the Dog it will obey the orders of his master until the summoning ritual magic runs out which will be in a few hours.


Due the noise from the incident, might attract the wrong type of attention from Local Enforcement or the curious. That is up for the Handler to determine.

If the PC gains control of ‘Clifford’? Do they bring him along for their mission to guard them or order him to stay? How do the PCs transport a 7-foot-tall monster? What do they do to keep Clifford out of trouble?

If the PCs kill Clifford how do they dispose of the corpse? Though that could be a problem for another day for your CELL has to finish the current mission.


It is a 7ft fall ape like humanoid, with loose folds of red skin hanging from its’ body, with its hands and feet ending it a spread of very sharp claws. It is wearing a collar with a dog tag on it is the name of ‘Clifford.’
DIMENSIONAL SHAMBLER, POW 14, SAN vs Unnatural 1/1d6, HANDLERS GUIDE Pg. 194-196


This was an entry to the 2019 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by James D Burns.

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