An Excitable Girl

Catskill Mountains, 1900hrs, 2012


Retired CIA operative and former Delta Green Agent Fenton is being hunted. In the last twelve days two of her old F-Cell partners have been gunned down and beheaded. Agent Frankie at a traffic light in Pittsburgh on June 7 th, Agent Forbes in a Cleveland park June 9 th. Fenton was the most recent target, narrowly escaping a shoot up in a movie theatre parking garage in Syracuse, NY, June 15 th. Distribute Crime Scene Files (below).

The Program was notified when C-Cell linked both victims to a retired iteration of F-Cell. Distribute F-Cell Case File History (below). Fenton has requested personal protection in preparation to leave the country via cargo plane from Saratoga Springs Airforce base to Durban, South Africa. She is waiting at her home in the Catskill Mountains.

Due to both her lengthy record of service and possible use of hypergeometry, A-Cell has dispatched agents.


  • Make contact with Agent Fenton.
  • Find out who is responsible for the murders of Agents Frankie and Forbes.
  • Ascertain whether Fenton is a security risk.
    1. If not, ensure safe extraction.
    2. If so, investigate to what extent, then terminate Fenton.
  • Document and remove any violations of Program security.

The Truth

In the 1970s there were four members of F-Cell: agents Fenton (Millie Van Owen), Frederic (Roland Brevik), Frankie (Allison Hall), and Forbes (Scott Ortega). Under the guise of a CIA task force, they conducted Delta Green operations in South Africa, Namibia, and Angola. What The Program knows of F-Cell is limited to what was relayed in the messy “Cowboy Years” and their debrief in 1994 when Delta Green resurfaced.

In reality, from 1976 to 1985 F-Cell operated as judge, jury, and executioner of any threat, unnatural or not, that got in the way of it acquiring local power. Infighting and greed grew.

In 1978 F-Cell was assigned to covertly train rebels in Angola. While there, they conducted Operation New Claret, a cult raid on “The Headless Men”. During the raid agents Fenton, Forbes, and Frankie murdered Frederic by “blowing his head off”. They had ruled him a security risk after he admitted to dreaming of “a headless man behind a brick wall” and had threatened to inform the CIA about F-Cell’s “extra-curricular” activities. Frederic was reported KIA. The remaining agents settled in to a pattern of debauchery, extortion and violence.

Among Frederic’s possessions was a wooden honeycomb amulet that Fenton took. The amulet convinced her the only way to survive was to replace her head with that of a sacrifice, which she did in 1980.

In 1985, Agent Frederic’s body was reanimated by the cult. The same year F-Cell was recalled stateside. Roland followed, Thompson gun in hand, crossing the Atlantic Ocean on foot over the next 27 years.

Fenton’s Home

After a 5 mile drive off the main road through the mountains, the agents come to a long gravel driveway in the woods. The two-story home overlooks a valley on one side, and the dense forest and gravel road on the other. Done in the modern style, accents from Fenton’s past adorn every room. The house is replete with large floor to ceiling windows which allow a near 360 ° view of the surrounding yard, carport, and driveway, as well as the sheer drop off the 1 st floor balcony to the valley below. Amongst the shredded papers in the main hall there is a picture of F-Cell from 1977. All four agents. Fenton’s original head. “’77, Rehoboth”(Search).

The 2nd floor office contains live surveillance on every room (except for the basement) and the outdoor grounds. The circuit breaker is here. Fenton has access to these feeds through her phone and watch. Every room is wired to a universal sound system. She has set up 2 tripwire grenades and a claymore mine covering any advances through the forest.

Two refuges from outdoor eyes and bullets are the kitchen with its thick walls, and small walk-in freezer, and the bedroom on the 2 nd floor, that can deploy armoured plates in front of the walk-in closet windows, and contains a hidden gun locker (loaded Sig Sauer P228 and H&K UMP Submachine gun, tactical body armour).

There is a secret stairwell in the kitchen pantry behind a keypad-locked door. Leads to basement. A large room with sprung wooden floor, soundproofing, ceiling harness, African stylized rolltop desk(hidden knife), large wall safe (loaded glock-19. Brick of Peruvian cocaine. $250,000 in cash. Fenton’s Delta Green Files), and a deep freeze unit containing Agent Fenton’s original head, removed in 1980. Well preserved. Her current head is that of Elizabeth Cotten, a similar-looking foreign aid worker she kidnapped and beheaded in 1980. SAN loss 1/1d6

Agent Fenton - Millie Van Owen

67-year-old CIA-consultant and former DG Program agent. Looks younger than her case file states (“A healthy skincare routine”). In the process of shredding files in the main hall when the agents arrive. Presents as a capable veteran with an outré and flirtatious personality. She knows it is Roland who is hunting her. Her ultimate goal is to return to Africa, and finish off the Cult of the Headless Men.

When questioned about her past she will lie, bargain, seduce, and attack to survive. Regarding Roland, she will cite his communist sympathies, endangering F-Cell by threatening to inform on them, and his use of “geometric magic”. If threatened, she will act accordingly. Skilled in years of guerilla and psychological warfare, she will use the house to her advantage, blasting music, using security cameras, cutting power. Doesn’t believe in the concept of a fair fight. Can lead the agents into an ambush in the forest. Can take the fight to them using hidden firearms. Can promise information on Delta Green’s past or $250,000 in bribe money. As a last-ditch tactic, she will show the agents her basement, playing the part of a cult victim unable to stand up to the deity that commands her.

If Fenton kills a female agent, she beheads them and assumes their identity.

Agent Frederic - Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

Arrives when the handler desires. The stench of 27 years in the ocean precedes him. He will announce his arrival with a full magazine blast from his Thompson gun(40 round drum magazine), destroying windows, flowerbeds, and the agents’ car. Roland is a champion of Y’Golonac, here to revenge himself on Fenton. Roland will not stop until her head has been removed from her body. He moves with purpose but not alacrity and will never seek cover. If shooting is an option, he will always take it. Has an inexhaustible amount of ammunition, and two M34 smoke grenades. If the agents give him Fenton, he will leave them be.

Once Fenton’s head has been removed, Roland will place the amulet around his neck, access the basement, and destroy Fenton’s original head in the deep freeze. Finally at peace, Roland’s body will fall limply to the floor.


F-Cell Case File History:

Agent Fenton - Millie Van Owen D.O.B. 02/06/45, 5’6, 140lbs.
Agent Frankie - Allison Hall D.O.B. 13/03/50, 5’7, 152lbs.
Agent Forbes - Scott Ortega D.O.B. 9/09/45, 5’10, 210lbs.
Agent Frederic - Roland Brevik D.O.B. 27/11/48, 6’2, 200lbs. K.I.A 1978.

  • F-Cell operated in Africa from 1976 to 1985, under the guise of C.I.A. task force.
  • Agent Frederic K.I.A Operation New Claret, cult raid, Angola.
  • Recalled in 1985.
  • Retired in 1994 during Majestic threat.
  • Audio tape of Agent Frankie’s debrief from 1994, details of Agent Frederic’s death during raid, and his socialist sympathies. (Bureaucracy)

Crime Scene Files:

  • .45 ACP shell casings found at all three crime scenes (Military science=Thompson Submachine gun), as well as puddles of saltwater.
  • Intersection camera from Pittsburgh shooting. Hooded figure riddles Frankie’s car with bullets, opens driver door, fires burst in to Hall’s neck, decapitating her. Leaves with Frankie’s head. Puddle of saltwater at driver door (Sanity 0/1 for violence)
  • Parkade camera. Fenton scrambles in to her car amidst hail of bullets. Several clearly make contact with her head, but with no effect.


  • Agent Fenton’s Delta Green Files.

In English. Study time: days. Occult +4%, Unnatural +4%, SAN loss 1d6
Transcripts from interrogations, tortures ’77-‘85. “Headless Men”, the “Black Goat”. Drug trafficking with “Tiger Transit”. Murder of foreign aid workers ‘80.

Agent Fenton - Millie Van Owen

CIA Consultant, retired F-Cell agent, age 67
STR 14 CON 15 DEX 14 INT 15 POW 13 CHA 15
HP 13 WP 13 SAN 25 Breaking Point 21
Skills: Alertness 68%, Athletics 72%, Demolitions 48%,
Dodge 66%, Firearms 72%, HUMINT 70%, Melee Weapons 70%, Stealth 70%, Rock Climbing 50%, unarmed combat 70%
Attacks: pistol 72%, 1d10
Shotgun 72%, 1d10 (CBQ bonus)
H&K UMP 72%, 1d12, armour piercing 3(full-auto lethality 10%)
Rituals/Armour: Fenton’s amulet gives the wearer “ Exaltation of the Flesh” (p.177 Handler’s Guide), and invulnerability to lethality rolls.

Roland Brevik

Headless Thompson Gunner
STR 20 CON 20 DEX 10 INT 10 POW 15 CHA N/A
HP 22 WP 15
Skills: Alertness 60%, Athletics 75%, Dodge 40%, Firearms 60%, Navigate 60%, Stealth 40%, Tracking 80%
Attacks: Thompson (40 Round mags) 65%(10% lethality full auto) dmg 1d12, M34 Smoke Grenade x 2
Blood Scent – Roland can track even a tiny amount of blood. Undead. Resilient.
SAN Loss (1/1d6+1)



An Excitable Girl was written by Felix LeBlanc for the 2023 Shotgun Scenario contest.

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