Agent Andrea is an enigma. Various theories have included (but are not limited to):

  • Andrea doesn't actually exist, but is a decoy/trap for those trying to penetrate the organization's secrecy at the top level.
  • Andrea is DG's in-house cleaner/wetworks operation. If any cell is compromised, Andrea goes in to eliminate suspected rogue members and destroy/reclaim materials implicating the existence of Delta Green. Andrea is extremely good, fast and thorough. It is not known if Andrea is several highly competent people, or a single terrifying individual.
  • Andrea only exists temporarily for a special project of particular interest or concern to Delta Green's "A" level and is disbanded and reformed with each new project. Former Andrea members are not allowed to discuss Andrea operations, even within Delta Green.
  • Andrea is DG's in-house communications intelligence/computer security specialist(s). Andrea attempts to maintain DG's communications/computer security while trying to break other organization's security schemes.

In the novels

There's one clear reference to Andrea in the official fiction. In The Rules of Engagement, Joe Camp phones Andrea to deal with a rogue blob of protomatter in his flat which is trying to kill him. Ergo, whoever he/she/it/they are, they are tough enough to deal with a micro-shoggoth in a confined space.

Planned but unused canon

On 2012-04-12, Shane Ivey wrote to the DGML:

Alphonse (Joe Camp), Adam (Matthew Carpenter), and Andrea established the
1994 cell-structure incarnation of Delta Green. In principle (their jobs
tended to overlap broadly as needed from week to week) Alphonse oversaw
operations; Adam handled logistics; Andrea handled communications and
operational security. Her identity and position were guarded even more
rigorously than the rest of the conspiracy.

I'm interested in describing her in detail in the RPG, but I haven't gotten
the final word from the DGP on that. I suspect the enigma and the wild
theories that it stirs up amuse them.

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