Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson, who sometimes went under the name of The Glove Cleaner on the DGML, was a prominent fan in the early days. He died in 2014.

Domain Science Letters

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DSL was a fake scientific journal created in collaboration with the DGML around 2001. It was purported to have been published in the future, from 2005 onward. As a literary project, DSL was intended to re-integrate Lovecraft's writings with early-2000s physics, specifically by positioning the Mythos on top of known facts, without contradicting science or eliminating the suggestive and mysterious qualities of Lovecraft's writings. As Lovecraft himself suggested, this appeases the intellect and thereby adds force to the fantasy. Robertson described the methodology in detail in his Notes on Content and Keeper advice, somewhat out-of-the-way pages on the original site.


The following obituary was posted to the DGML by John Nyx, in June 2014.

A lot of you probably won't recognize the name, but the old-timers will. According to "The Night Land" website, Andy Robertson died on April 20th, no cause or details given.

Robertson was an extremely active dglist contributor 'til mid-2002. He created the Domain Science Letters (which are excellent creepy handouts for for science/MJ-12 focused gaming, or as lead-ups to an End Times campaign):

Domain Science Letters

He also created and maintained The Night Land website, for fans of William Hope Hodgson's book of the same name (or, as HPL referred to it, "One of the most potent pieces of macabre imagination ever written"):

The Night Land

There's lots of inspirational material at the above sites; check them out if you're not familiar with them.

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