Antonio Sablan

Delta Green hitman in the Dreamlands

Antonio Sablan was born in Asan village, Guam, 1937. At 7 years old, he remembers being placed in the Manenggon concentration camp by the Japanese, then being rescued by US soldiers from the 77th infantry division. It was at this time he decided he wanted to fight “bad guys” for the US.

Sablan has psychometry powers. These manifested during a high school field trip to a small village museum at Umatac Bay in the old Spanish fort. Trading ships coming back from the Orient used to resupply at Umatac. While looking at the gold display, a ship’s name, “Sumatra Queen”, filled him with feelings of corruption, loathing and evil. Later that night, the museum mysteriously caught fire and burnt down.

Fascinated with the mind and human behavior, Sablan earned a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of San Francisco in 1959 on an ROTC scholarship. He was then commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. He went into Intelligence where his psychometry helped him become very successful. Stationed at The Presidio in San Francisco, he worked on the Chinese communist threat. While pursuing his Master’s in psychology at Stanford, he became involved with MKUltra and wrote his thesis on mind control techniques. Then in 1966, he deployed to Vietnam.

While in Vietnam, Sablan was attached to a Special Forces A team with the Degar in the Central Highlands and he befriended the tribe’s shaman, Hien Kosal. While conducting intel ops with the CIA in Laos, he learned of a new evil, the Tcho Tcho. Sablan felt the same dread he felt while on his high school field trip to Umatac Bay. On sharing this with Kosal, he learned the Tcho Tcho were tribal enemies of all the hill tribes and an ancient evil. Sablan fed Kosal CIA intel on the Tcho Tcho and Kosal sent out clandestine hit teams of Montagnards to take them out. It was because of this gift, Kosal shared a gift in return, the Dreamlands.

Sablan learned how to travel to the Dreamlands besides sleeping, with meditation or the use of certain drugs. Many a nights he travelled and explored there and decided he wanted to retire in Celephais. So he built a grass hut on a farm in the city, preparing for his retirement.

In January 1968, Sablan was in Phu Bai for an intel debrief when the Tet offensive hit. He rushed up to Hue with 2nd Battalion 5th Marines to secure the MACV compound and the overall recapture of the city. While scouting, Sablan came across an injured ghoul pinned under rubble in the cemetery near Highway 1 and the An Hoa bridge. Due to Dreamland travels, Sablan was familiar with them and understood its pleas for help. They came to an agreement, if Sablan aided him, the ghoul would provide intel on VC positions and movement. Sablan called in artillery on these enemy locations, which unknowingly also kept the shelling away from ghoul tunnels.

It was Sablan’s after-action reports that brought him to Delta Green’s attention and he was brought into the fold.

In 1971, Sablan was assigned counterintelligence at the Presidio in San Francisco. In 1980 while walking in the city, he felt that familiar feeling of dread and followed the men emanating this aura. He stumbled upon associates of the Black Dragon Society. He reported this and immediately began eradication and in turn was assassinated several weeks later. Sablan’s consciousness then travelled to the Dreamlands where he lives in Celephais.

Sablan has since travelled to the waking world and conducted hits. He came across and evil young man in the market place and bound him into a lamp then took over his body in the waking world. He then assassinated several members of the Black Dragon before going back. The man whose body he took over was Richard Ramirez.

Antonio Quitugua Sablan

STR 10
CON 13
DEX 12
INT 12
POW 17
CHA 10

HP: 12, WP: 17
SAN: 67, Breaking Point: 51
Violence Adapted

BOND: Wife and son 10.
MOTIVATIONS: The ends justify the means.

Rifle 65%, Pistol 65%, Knife 45%, Spear 65%, Fist 55%, Crossbow 70%, sword 65%.
Mind Control – opposed power to take control of a dreamer who arrives in the Dreamlands from drugs. Duration POW in days.

Alertness 60%, Athletics 60%, Bureaucracy 50%, Criminology 40%, Dodge 50%, Dreaming 43%, Dream Lore 4%, Firearms 65%, History – Asian 50%, HUMINT 75%, Melee 45%, Military Science Land , Navigate 55%, Occult 45%, Persuade 65%, Psychotherapy 35%, Psychometry 65%, Psychology 78%, Search 60%, Stealth 60%, Survival – Jungle 50%, Swim 55%, Unarmed Combat 55%, Unnatural 8%,

LANGUAGES: English 80%, Chamorro 80%, Chinese 55%, Vietnamese 40%, Laotian 20%, Ghoul Meeping 15%.

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