A Kingdom of Walls (archive)
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A Kingdom of Walls

From: The Man in Black

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a great boat, called the ARC DREAM. Many sailors sailed the ARC DREAM. They were secret sailors, and they brought all the animals of the world to sail with them. Even that strange and troublesome beast known as Man.

One day the ARC DREAM drifted onto the shores of a strange kingdom. The King who ruled there said that all the animals of the world should live in his kingdom, where all the animals would be seperated by tall walls between them. "That is how it should be," said the king.

The sailors were very angry, and sailed away.

Soon, they came to a funny little island in the ocean. There, all the people looked alike, no one could tell them apart. "How do you tell each other apart?" asked the captain of the ARC DREAM. But no one could tell him how.

The sailors sailed away, perplexed.

After a little while, the sailors noticed that some of them looked the same. Just like the people on the funny little island. "How will we tell each other apart?" they asked.

No one knew.

The ARC DREAM sailed on and on. One night there was a big storm. Big Waves tossed and turned the ARC DREAM. The thunder was loud and scary. The lightning was sudden and flashing. Everyone was very afraid. In the morning, some of the sailors were different. "We are super-sailors now," they said. Then they got sick and died.

Everyone was very sad.

One day, some angels came to visit the ARC DREAM. Some sailors said "We want to be like you." So the angels from the sky showed them how. The captain said don't be like the angels, you'll get sick and die. But some of the sailors wanted to be like the angels so much that they did it anyway. They all got sick, and all of them died.

The ARC DREAM sailed on without them.

Then, after sailing a long time, the ARC DREAM came back to the Kingdom of Walls. All the tall walls were broken and big scary monsters roamed about the land. "It's all your fault!" shouted the King. "All the animals turned into monsters because of you!"

"Even me?" asked Man, who was looking more and more like a monster with every passing second. Then Man ate all the sailors and sank the ARC DREAM and turned into a big monster.

"Especially you," said the King as he stared at the ruined walls of his shattered kingdom. Then the King took off his pallid yellow mask and fell to the ground. There, amidst the tatters of his Majestic robes were nothing but worms. Worms and Bugs.


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