A Toppled King (archive)
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A Toppled King

From: The Man in Black

I sent the biopsy samples taken from Jane Doe to "the Lab." I'm not supposed to know where or what that is. Jane's metabolic production of exotic biochemicals worried everyone. Surveillance imaging from the lab showed that they were devoting the efforts of several primary investigators to the biopsy analysis. Someone is taking my dire and apocalyptic warnings seriously.

Seriously enough to want to exploit, control and conceal.

That was exactly what I had moved events toward. Manipulation via Eschatology is my specialty.

Jane Doe is currently with the mass consciousness known to me as the Gestalt. I warned the hive not to envelop her chemically deviant mind into their global link, they say it just happens naturally. It's bullshit. If the Gestalt wants you, you cease to be an individual. Pretty simple really.

The Lab reports that Jane's RNA and DNA is way too long to be human. It contains encoding not seen since the Groversville incident. It's pre-cambrian, just like Antarctica all over again. My theory of programmed genetic instructions spliced and manipulated since RNA crawled out of the soup is accumulating evidence. It's not just retro - it's primordial.

I received a message from CHECKMATE:

34. NxBc4 Black resigns.

It's from a 19th century game by Grand Master Leonid Stravinsky. French Defense, Stravinsky 1896 variant. CHECKMATE thinks if I go to France then the game is forced. But I topple King for no man or godlike AI.

Biotech Chulan holds the answers. She will hand them to me, blinded by the urgent necessity of longing. I have what they desire. I have the Extract named Jane Doe, and all the mysteries of the flesh she embodies.

I use my control to conceal her, awaiting the proper positioning to exploit the situation.

1. d4

I shall open with a Queen's Gambit, they will take the pawn or she will destroy their center.

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