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The Antarctic COVENANT

Author's NOTE: The following timeline attempts to bring the events contained within Chaosium's Beyond the Mountains of Madness into the modern world of Delta Green.


1930's - Acacia Lexington and the survivors of the Great Antarctic Quake form a secret pact to keep the Godtrap in good repair by sacrificing human victims to the Construct. She forms the Lexington Antarctic Foundation to facilitate this. The foundation learns to communicate with the Elder Things and form a loose alliance with the ancient alien beings. Thus the Antarctic Covenant is born.

During this time, a lengthy investigation by the Antarctic Covenant uncovers the "secret masters" of the Barnsmeier-Falken Expedition: the German Thulegesellschaft, or Thule Society. After a period of initial distrust, the German occultists join with Lexington's Foundation and use their Nazi connections to have U-Boats transport condemned criminals to the Antarctic under the pretense of indentured labor. These doomed souls are stripped of their flesh and have their nervous systems installed as bloody components of the Godtrap.

1940's - The Karotechia is formed and discovers the history of the Barnsmeier-Falken expedition as a result of their ties with the Thule Society. A terrifying journey to the GodTrap convinces the Nazi Government of the need to maintain the GodTrap. As the war progresses, more and more victims of the concentration camps are fed to the rapidly degenerating construct. This greatly disturbs the members of the Lexington Foundation, who find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being Nazi sympathizers, collaborators and traitors to their own government.

Leaks about the Karotechia and their non-Antarctic activities are made to British Intelligence by certain members of the Lexington Foundation. Some of the Thule Society members of the Karotechia develop contacts with the Abwehr's 5th Column to betray Karotechia secrets to PISCES.

The Karotechia invade Antarctica and excavate a sub-glacial Elder Thing city (Aktion Eisschloss or ICE CASTLE), eventually awakening a Shoggoth under Point 103 with disasterous results. The Elder Things desperately maintaining the Godtrap are greatly disturbed by this blind human meddling. They fear that the Shoggoths will rise up and destroy them, the Godtrap, and thus the world and much of the universe as we know it.

This fear comes perilously close to realization as the Shoggoth Lords, alerted to the presence of humans by the activation of the Thule Generator, infiltrate the Lexington Foundation, the Karotechia, and even the Elder Things. The Shoggoth Lords hope to increase their power and influence using the terrible power of the GodTrap. Internal squabbling amongst the Lords results in a "wait and see" policy.

1950's - Delta Green Operation SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY almost uncovers the Antarctic Conspiracy by tracking members of the Karotechia. The Elder Things intercept and decode the 1954 Grey Transmissions from the Moon. The Elder Things quickly deduce that the Mi-Go are engaged in another long term manipulation of human society. The Caretakers of the Construct decide that they must open negotiations with their ancient enemies if the crystal matrix of the Construct is to be repaired. However, the Elder Things decide to use their human pawns to make first contact. This is done by members of the Antarctic Covenant during a tense meeting with the Greys in the Peruvian Andes.

1960's - Having made successful contact with the Mi-Go, the Caretakers offered to reveal portions of their technology and biotechnology to the Mi-Go, including protomatter. In return, the Fungi from Yuggoth would supply freshly snatched brains from around the world to the Caretakers. This horrific addition to the Covenant was made and the trade of Elder Thing secrets for human brains takes place on an ever increasing scale throughout the decade. The Mi-Go's neatly packed brain cylinders can be installed into the construct with ease. Meanwhile, the Thulegeselschaft of the Covenant exploit various violent conflicts in Africa, obtaining fresh brains via mercenary activity to reduce the dependance on the Mi-Go supply.

1970's - Desperation brought on by a rapidly degenerating Construct forces the Elder Things to trust the Mi-Go with their ultimate secret, the Caretakers forsake the location of the Emerald Tablets of Destiny and Ubbo-Sothla to the Mi-Go in return for full repairs to the Godtrap's crystal matrix. The Mi-Go repair the crystal matrix and begin experimenting with protomatter. The Mi-Go also transport covertly obtained animiculi to a research facility on Mars which has since become known as Cydonia.

In order to avoid Shoggoth Lord raids, the Elder Things prepare to move the Construct, the Godtrap, and the entire range of the Mountains of Madness into a Dreamlands pocket dimension - an awesome undertaking which will form the future Shard Realm of Nath. Not possible when the Construct was damaged, and not possible until all animiculi have been returned to the godtrap's singularity, the Elder Things begin the complex process of translating the Mountains of Madness, their ruined city, the Godtrap, and the Construct into a pocket dimension.

The long process of preparing the Godtrap to be removed from reality began by hunting down all the Animiculi and casting them back into the singularity. Equipped with locator stones and Mi-Go cold rays, and harried by the Shoggoth Lords, the Elder Thing caretakers and their human allies began to seek out the Animiculi in the vast tunnel complexes beneath the Antarctic and eventually throughout the Mi-Go Gate Network. After a harrowing climactic battle with the Shoggoth Lords at the Construct Tower, the Godtrap is sealed and shifted into the dreamlands. The Antarctic Covenant disbands itself, believing their work of decades to be finally over.

1980's - Maximillian Saizorin, former member of the Antarctic Covenant, billionaire biotechnology magnate with ties to Majestic-12, and sorcerous Lord of Tru7h for the criminal occult syndicate known as the Fate, begins to oversee the drilling and shipment of raw protomatter from the Antarctic. Majestic was convinced of the need to violate the 1959 Antarctic Treaty by their supposed allies the Greys. Through their artificial intermediaries, the Mi-Go explained to Majestic that the substance called protomatter was an out of control nanotechnology "planetbuster" somehow smuggled onto Earth by an unknown alien race unfriendly to Galactic Society. It was a galaxy-wide attack on potential client species being groomed for membership (such as homo sapiens). Majestic christened the removal of protomatter from the Antarctic and shipment to the Greys as Project SOURCE.

This incredibly risky, illegal, dangerous and fantastically expensive undertaking is merely another deception by the Fungi from Yuggoth. The tru7h is that the entire Antarctic operation is merely a contingency for the Mi-Go. It was established as a backup to their hypergeometrical gate systems that distribute protomatter from the caverns of Ubbo-Sothla throughout the solar system and beyond.

The Majestic pumping station is hidden in a radar deflecting stealth designed dome beneath the Angurvidal Glacier in Eastern Antarctica. Constructed with the assistance of the Greys, this secret pipeline pumps protomatter to chemical tanker ships operated by Saizorin Energy Systems. The containment and pumping systems are built from hypergeometrical designs provided by the Greys and hold the protomatter in a state of temporal suspension. Analysis of this temporal cryogenic technology by PLUTO scientists and engineers has proven fruitless.

1990's - Saizorin recruits a powerful dreamer named eeyore e. edwards for the Fate, this proves disasterous as Hypnos had already begun sending the young dreamer visions during his slumber. edwards, the nascent Lord of Madness, eventually repudiated the worship of Nyarlathotep and the Fate in favor of the Heralds of Hypnos. His violent break with the Fate also ended Saizorin's sorcerous duties with the Fate after Saizorin's wife Kristina (the Lady of Lies) decided to sacrifice her husband and their three weird daughters to Shub-Niggurath. edwards and other Heralds of Hypnos save Saizorin and his daughters and convince the Lord of Tru7h to abandon the Fate.

In 1992, Majestic subcontracts Project SOURCE to New World Industries after a convoluted stock swap between NWI and March Technologies. Vast chemical tankers filled with the living liquid sail the seas in ever increasing numbers. This monstrous fleet sails to strange rendevous in the dark of the night and the middle of the ocean with the myriad iridescent saucers the Greys use as a tanker fleet. The Mi-Go only construct two such giant saucer/tankers.

In 1997, NWI and Majestic begin to skim protomatter from the shipments and begin a joint program of biotechnology research with MJ-6 PLUTO's sub-project ARC DREAM. NWI formulates plans to acquire Genetic Agricultural Products, Dawn Biozyme and other biotechnology startups in order to gain access to their research into the Milk of Shub-Niggurath. NWI executives hope that they can combine GAP's research with their joint protomatter research. This convoluted scheme is dubbed Majestic sub-project CONTOUR. NWI conducts most of the Project CONTOUR research in Australia and New Zealand, due to those nations' proximity to Antarctica.

December 1999 - Delta Green investigates the strange appearance and immediate disapperance of a young woman displaying very odd biological characteristics in Honolulu, Hawaii. After a brief initial inquiry, it becomes clear that they have stumbled onto a vast conspiracy. Operation SPIRAL CHALICE is launched.

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