Dawn of the Lambs (archive)
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-What Players Know-

A-cell submit a name and a photo of Charles Winston,formely a retired FBI
agent that lives in Chicago.

Charles Winston is an “ex-cultist” of a dead group of mythos-lovers
destroyed 4 years ago by Delta Green. He’s been let live to use him to
detect other survived cultist trying to recreate the group.

Winston value is near to nothing. He has been contacted and recruited by
the mythos lovers just few months before the DG attack ,so he’s under
control by DG agents.

Today Winston make a step that A-Cell cant permit: he want to publish a
story over his permanence in the group and DG.None know how he discovered
informations about the conspiracy ,but A-Cell wont risk a major information

A-Cell send the players to resolve the problem:

1-ridiculize the story. Someone like his wife or the editor knows Winston
stories and probably they would defend his theories.Create a scandal that
would destroy Winston credibility.Retrive any written information about
DG/Mythos in his house.

2-eliminate target.Make him look like a suicide directly connected to the

A-cell advise players that Winston know-how about DG are deep and that he
can use these infomations against them.

This is a major operation and the whole DG conspiracy is in danger.

-What Keeper Know-

Charles Winston is an ex-dg operative whose code name was Oscar. He has
been under DG for over 10 years.He killed,tortured,…he was the perfect
agent..but when A-Cell ask to eliminiate a boy of 14y chief of a baby gang
dedicated to rape girls in the name of Charles Manson (A-Cell knew that the
boy was Nyarlathotep) he didn’t.

It was too much.

After this accident, he left contact with his cell,throw away the phone and
dedicated his life (or what remained of it) to his family.After a year,DG
become more ossessive on the Winston case:to many informations of old
operas in only one man.IF interrogated,the whole conspiracy risk a major
information outbreak.Too many lives depends on Winston silence.

Today,Winston feel worried about his family.

Too many cars already seen and too many “old folks” around.There’s
something strange in the air for him.The only way to keep his family safe
is to risk everything: publish his entire DG-life in a book to gain
visibility and protection for him and his family.He doesn’t expect anyway
that DG would kill him.

DG cannot permit this publication. The elimination of an agent has never
been planned after ‘80,but with extreme risk,extreme countermeasures are

Winston must be silenced.

Obviously,there are a lot of better agents ready to do this dirty work
instead of players ,but too many knows Oscar and would esitate. A cover up
story as been created by Alphonse and sent via secure mail to players.

-Development of the story-

Obviously,this story would me an emotional mess for the players.

Use every inch of heart you have to defend Winston.Let him be the lamb.Use
the sons and the wife to paint him as an innocent and make the players feel
unconfortable about A-cell choice.There’s no major mythos threat
around.Just men and feelings.And when you know that players would risk to
defend him even against A-cell , make him really suicide due a stress

This gonna be a bomb in players hearts if you play it with the right pathos.

Watch out: This scenario can be highly destructive for players and their
belifs in DG.

Fits perfectly for 1/2 evenings of gameplay,but you can strench it whenever
you want

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