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Deep Background

Psychic Warfare for Delta Green

Pandora's Box

Technical Readouts

Technical Readout: MJ-6 Project PLUTO
Technical Readout: PLUTO Sub-Project ARC DREAM
Technical Readout: PLUTO Sub-Project SOURCE
Technical Readout: PLUTO SUb-Project CONTOUR

Source Material

The Antarctic COVENANT
The Foundations of Fear: Hard Core Conspiracy Horror.
GRU-SV8 Timeline
The Crystal Matrix: sentient computers unleashed.
Kyrian Global Investments
Variant Cell Structures for Delta Green.


Textbook Case: NEST, Nuclear Emergency Search Team
Agency Template: Hawaii State Police
Overview: The Department of Homeland Security
Agency Template: Secret Service
Agency Template: US Customs Service
Agency Template: US Coast Guard
Agency Template: Federal Emergency Management Agency
Agency Template: Immigration and Naturalization Service

Strategic Campaigns

EMERALD HAMMER: A Modern Day Campaign of International Terror and Sorcery.
The GREY ACCORD: The Downfall of Majestic-12 in the 21st Century.
SPIRAL CHALICE: Scientific Conspiracy, Corporate Wrongdoing and Alien Horror.
The ZIRCON Constellation: Sinister European satellites warping space and time.

  • Operation GLASS FOREST: NEST tracks down plutonium theft at British Nuclear Fuels.
  • Operation STRANGE RAIN: Alien Infestation at the Guiana Space Centre.
  • Operation DARK CANDLE: Severn Aerospace becomes a SEALAUNCH partner.

Operational Scenarios

Operation SHOTGUN: Quick and Dirty Adventure Seeds.
Operation NIGHTFIRE: Sordid Serial Murder and Sickening Child Pornography.
Operation BLEAK TORCH: The Court of the Dragon commits horrific murder and depravities.
Operation STROBE CRYSTAL: Australian Biotechnology meets Japanese Ultranationalism.
Operation CLEAR CRYSTAL: Pine Gap, Australia is assaulted by an unknown terrorist force.
Operation SHAPELIGHT: The Killer Out of Space Conversion.
Operation OCTAVE EAR: Music of the Spheres Conversion.

Fictional Accounts

[Section Eight] Humor
Evasion of Discipline
The Autumn Wind
The Gun Eaters
A Kingdom of Walls

Personnel Files

Who is Agent ANDREA?
Agent BUTLER : Brigadier General Alexander Kane, US Army
National Security Advisor for Psychological Warfare Operations.
Agent BRANDON : Robert A. Gerand Esq. (Counsel for Intelligence Policy, Dept. of Justice) who works with various US Attorneys and FBI officials to assign "appropriate" agents to certain sensitive tasks
Agent BENJAMIN : Fred Laredo, Deputy Director of NSA's ZV Division, which concerns itself with the massive data processing requirements of the ECHELON system.
Agent DAVID : USMC COL. Nathan R. Jessup, National Security Council.
Agent VINCENT : The Great Cedric S. Krazer, Deputy United States Marshal
Agent ZIMMERMAN : FBI Special Agent In Charge Myron Fullerman

Imagery Intelligence

The Fish
The Eye of Night
The King in Yellow
Three Horsemen

March Technologies Logo
MAP: Outlook Facility B
Majestic-12 Org Chart
Amalgamated Bio-Carb logo

Tiger Transit Org Chart
Tcho-Tcho Queen
Genetic Agricultural Products logo
Tiger Transit Ad

New World Industries logo
PISCES Org Chart
MAP: Shan Templeship
Severn Aerospace Logo

Karotechia Org Chart
MAP: La Estancia
MAP: Phenomen-X Production Floor
MAP: Phenomen-X 2nd Floor

MAP: ABC GEMSTONE Production Hub
MAP: ABC GEMSTONE Admin Ground Floor
MAP: ABC GEMSTONE Admin Second Floor

MAP: ABC GEMSTONE Security Annex
MAP: The MacAllistar Building
MAP: The Night Floors

Simulation Rules

GURPS Delta Green
Character Creation
Specific and General Requests to A-Cell
Green Boxes
Exposure to the Mythos
New Skills
GURPS Majestic-12
Character Creation
The Steering Committee
GURPS Saucerwatch
GURPS Phenomen-X
GURPS Mythos Races
The Fungi From Yuggoth (Mi-Go) TL14
The Insects From Shaggai (Shan) TL10
Elder Things (Thulians) TL15
The Great Race of Yith TL13/16 in Time Travel
Flying Polyps
Deep Ones
Serpent People (Ophidians) TL9/11 in Biotech
Shoggoths and Shoggoth Lords
Formless Spawn of Tsathoggua

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