DGML member game stats (archive)
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Archivist's note The source of these brief self-portraits is presumably DGML email from 1999 or 2000. In the 2007 migration, several bios went missing: Adam Marler, Edward A. P. McEneely II, and Gregory N. Parsons.

Important individuals

Martin Andersson

age 23

Student (Gothenburg University, Sweden)

STR 9 CON 10 SIZ 14 INT 14 POW 15
DEX 10 APP 10 EDU 16 SAN 50 HP 12

Phobias: Fear of spiders

Mental Disorders: Extremely protective of his books

Skills: Art (Appreciate Bagpipe Music) 90%, Art (Play Duke Nukem 3D) 69%, Art (Sing) 0%, Art (Tell Politically Incorrect Jokes) 85%, Astronomy 5%, Biology 16%, Chemistry 12%, Computer Use 18%, Credit Rating 25%, Cthulhu Mythos 40%, Dodge 67%, Drive Auto 45%, History 50%, Library Use 69%, Listen 55% (5% when reading), Literature 45%, Mathematics 10%, Occult 20%, Other Language (English) 68%, Other Language (German) 19%, Own Language (Swedish) 90%, Persuade 55%, Physics 10%, Sneak 30%, Sports Trivia 0%, Spot Hidden 40% (5% without glasses or when absentminded), Swim 35%, Useless Trivia (B-Movies, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Lovecraft) 95%.

Weapons: None, except an extremely foul morning temper and a twisted sense of humor.

Equipment: Backpack, papers, pencils, pens, boring books on translation theory and Swedish grammar, Swedish driver's licence, usually at least one good book to read on the bus and during breaks.

Equipment at home: Collection of videofilms (mostly lightweight entertainment), CD collection (bagpipe music and even less mentionable stuff),

RPGs (Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, GURPS Discworld, Blue Planet), book collection (954 volumes, mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy).

Appearance: 1.83 m., 77 kilos, very short light-brownish hair, blue eyes, usually unshaven, wears glasses, jeans, long-sleeved shirt, sneakers.

Notes: A nice fellow, if somewhat shy and quiet. Can be very boring and easily gives an impression of egocentricity. Because he is at heart a scholar and theoretician, he is incompetent at using technology — he hates cell phones and answering machines, and is barely computer literate. Violently allergic to horses, slightly less allergic to cats, dogs, and work. Nearly eidetic memory for things he finds interesting; thus he can quote Lovecraft's poem "Nemesis" verbatim, but he can't remember the score of yesterday's soccer match, or even which teams played. Will under no circumstances lend a book to a friend in need, unless he can be 110% certain it will be returned in the same condition. Sometimes signs his name "A. E. Martin Andersson", to make it look a bit more interesting.

Uses as NPC: Almost nonexistent. Completely useless in a fight, because he is so clumsy that he would only hurt himself. However, his passion for all things Lovecraftian could be of some use (he can always amaze his friends with all kinds of useless trivia about HPL and the Cthulhu Mythos), and he can read Late Medieval Swedish after a fashion (though his actual ability to translate it is not very good). Because of his less-than-sparkling personality and unobtrusive manner he is very difficult to notice, and would therefore make an excellent spy or eavesdropper. He is very protective of his own skin and would never do anything dangerous or illegal, but threatening to take away his books could possibly work miracles. In any case, he could be used as cannon fodder.

Jay Armstrong

Nationality: US

Ethnicity: Various Caucazoid, irrelevant as most of my "identifiably ethnic" relatives were long dead before I was around <predictable white American answer, no?>

Simulation Stats:

STR, DEX somewhat above average 13yr. old. Damned shame considering I'm 26.

CON:Average. I get sick a lot because of some acid-reflux nonsense, but on the other hand, I've taken shots to the face and groin that would shock-trauma a lesser fella. I'm hard like a Rock-Em-Sock-Em Robot, but I puke a lot. Kind of a lifestyle tradeoff.

APP: Depends on ya preference, baby. Either somewhat above (handsome N.Euro lookin' fella) or below (skinny and stupid-looking)

INT: Above the 'States average, which isn't saying much. About 10, maybe.

EDU: Umm, I go to a State School. This is my second swing through college. Not very promising, I'm afraid. To my credit, though, I'm really a lot more able at critical thought and introspection than many others. And I _think_ I know a lot… 13-14?

SAN: Oh, I am so sane and grounded. You wouldn't believe. 85 at least:)

Idea: Who cares.

Luck: My Dad's side's Scots-Irish (AKA: "cattle-thieves"), my Mom's pan-Euro Judaic ("running targets"). Oh, and we ended up in_ America_. 13%, maybe.

Money/Assets: Middle-class white fella w/college diploma, and all of the intangibles that such brings…in terms of strict cash, though, I'm doing just fine as well. Numbers? None of your business.

History: Nothing in-game useful, compared to some of the Renaissance men and women we have here, so forget it.

Useful Skills: I can correct written grammar and spelling mistakes really well. But so can a cheap word-processor. I can thrash around like a spastic, and kick people wiv me oxblood bovvas real elegant-like (Steelcap Kick 40%).Other than that, I can talk a lot about useless but fun tripe, and Speculate Aimlessly (50%) about anything else pretty convincingly.

Equipment: Way to much dumb gamer stuff and comic books. Somewhat lighter collection of Real Literature. Lots of tapes of some of the most mean-spirited bands ever…go ahead, ask me me about my musical preferences, I dare ya. Aforementioned steelcaps. Jean jacket.

Other Game Notes: All of the above is pointless, of course, serving only to briefly aggrandize myself in my own eyes. In-game, I wouldn't be an NPC or a Masked Nemesis or whatever. The most prominent position I could realistically hope to achieve would be as "(yet another) dumb jerk who stayed around long enough to see What Was Boiling Over the Horizon, was frozen in a rictus of ecstasy and fear, and subsequently died of heart failure prior to being the First to be Trod Underfoot".

However, assuming things went my way a little better, I might also be useful as "One Individual In An Incensed Mob sent by the devious DG Agents to disturb the everyday goings-on at the Local Organization, which turns out to be front for the Karotechia-Yuggoth Boogie Down Azathoth Posse, and in the Turn of Events that follows, is Blasted Into Nothingness, but serves to Draw Out said cult as Being a Bad Thing, leading to the legitimate Arrest of said cult members". Other than that, I'm of no use to a criminal conspiracy. Hell, I can't even *shoplift* very well.

Heiko Aulbach

Age 19 (24)

Student (Back at school, Completed a quite useless apprenticeship as database designer)

STR 14 CON 11 SIZ 14 INT ?16? POW 15
(16) (12) (13) (16) (15)
DEX 12 APP 9 EDU 14 SAN 20-30 HP 12
(12) (10) (17) (~50) (13)

Astronomy 20%,
Chemistry 10% (15%),
Computer Use 65% (75%),
Cthulhu Mythos 15%,
Drive Auto 30% (45%),
Electronics 5% (10%),
First Aid 35% (30%),
Library Use 45%,
Other Language (English) 70% (85%),
Other Language (French) (10%),
Other Language (Russian) 15% (10%),
Other Language (Latin) 5%,
Own Language (German) 65% (75%),
Persuade 45%,
Spot Hidden 50%,
Swim 35%,
Make bad, unpleasant and insulting jokes about his residential area 99% (50%), Creating senseless "Blubb"-sentences 60% (0%)

Weapons: None

(Always available in 1999): P90, BMW 320i, bottle of Volvic and sometimes a bottle of "Strohrum", camping gear, some survival gear, loads of books, thousands of MBs of useless data, lots of CDs, 2 photos of "the blonde",
(Always available in 2005): PIV 2,4GHz - PC, PIII - Laptop, Opel Astra, Loads of Pepsi light and german beer, camping gear, somewhat more survival gear, even more books and useless data

(Available, when his father turns his back on him for seconds in 1999): P200 Laptop, Ford Transit Van, Every tool needed for electrical or other manual work, Handbooks on Electronics,
(Available under the same conditions in 2005): Roughly the same set of tools and handbooks (although mostly newer stuff), and a Mercedes Sprinter Van (Quite a lot of room in there, and it is pretty fast, too!)

Apperance: 183cm, 93kg, brown hair, grey-green eyes, (Still about the same)

He could be contacted by agents for his contacts. Within two days, he can get them anything in the field of computers, electronics and within four days, smaller russian, military hardware (bigger things take more time, which is no wonder, since the stuff is aquired through the sons/daughters/nephews/… of the usual dealers). Usually he can be found either at home, in the Friedrich Dessauer Gymnasium (a nice school if you want to study something useless) or at his "potential" girlfriend´s. If not present in one of this locations, he could be in the local RPG club or at a private party somewhere around. He likes getting drunk, in order to avoid noticing to much about other people (see insanities and my "madnessmail" some time ago) but for almost two years by now stays away from other girls. During conversations, he mostly sits back, listens and corrects mistake in an insulting way.
Simply put, I have no idea, why I could be contacted. Since I've been out of my old schools, I'm also out of contact with our friendly-former-russian fellow citizens, so at the moment, I think, I wouldn't even be able to get my hands on Bundeswehr toilet paper.

Phobias: (sometimes) Spiders (That one is hardly a problem anymore)


Hatred - most people after about four months (I can manage most people for more than a year by now.)
Hatred - humanity in general (not very hard, to be true) (Well, I still prefer to be left alone:)
Slightly paranoid (Still there)
Changes schools like others change their underwear (Well, eigth school by now, but since I will hopefully be through with it next year, I don't have any more chances to change)

Tim Betz

Age: 23

Sex: M

Occupation: Network Repair Officer (since I was the fourth person hired to do this does that make me NRO: Delta?)

Affiliation: Majestic-1… er, Friendly.

Race: Caucasian

STR 14 CON 13 SIZ 15 INT 14 POW 12 Idea 70

DEX 13 APP 12 EDU 15 SAN 77[1] HP 14 Luck 60 Know 75

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Education: I could graduate and get my BSc, but I'm working on a second Major.

Birthplace: Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Mental Disorders: Claustraphobia.[2]

Skills: Art (Drawing) 30%, Astronomy 12%, Biology 25%, Chemistry 45%[3], Computer Use 50%, Cthulhu Mythos 22%[4], Dodge 35%, Drive Auto 30%, Electrical Repair 25%, Fast Talk 40%[5], Library Use 55%, Listen 40%, Martial Arts 4%, Mechanical Repair 40%, Occult 45%, Other Languages (various programming languages) 10% - 50%, Physics 25%, Pilot: Flight Sim 25%, Spot Hidden 45%, Cook 40%,


Fist: 65% damage 1d6 + 1d4 + 2 (steel caps)

Kick: 45%

Grapple: 75%

Alloy Baseball Bat: 30% 1d8 + 1d4 + 1

Pistol: 55% [6]

[1] - Whilst I've never considered myself particularly lucky, I am certainly more mentally resilient than a lot of those around me.

[2] - My girlfriend keeps calling me a violent little psychopath, she could well be right.

[3] - This should be more considering I majored in it but I've forgotten a whole heap. Give me some text books to work from and it probably goes up by 20% or so.

[4] - I know far more about the Mythos than any of my characters ever have, and I've had a character with 15% before. I figure 22% is probably fair…

[5] - I'm brilliant at confusing the computer in Paranoia. How well it would work in real life I've no idea. Although I've been told I instill a sense of trust in people a couple of times before.

[6] - I've never fired a real gun before but I'm addicted to stuff like virtura cop etc. I think the amount of time I've spent playing it with both guns simultaneously and just going for head shots, I've at least got the aiming at stuff part down…

Physical Description: Standing 6'2" and weighing in at around 100 kg. Black hair (dye job) that is almost down to his shoulders and getting longer, with a Goatee. Almost always dressed in Black dress pants with a black T-shirt or dark coloured shirt, and wearing a pair of dress shoes with steel caps.

Equipment / Possessions: '79 Honda Accord (okay condition), Alloy Baseball bat (in car boot), One working PC (plus lots of bits, working and not), A Cage (2m x 1m x 1m, bars about STR 10 - 12), Not enough RPG books (has a copy of Countdown, but no copy of Delta-Green), Plastic Baretta (spray painted black)

Background: Born in Geelong, he has since moved to Melbourne to study Chemistry and computing at Monash University. He works as a computer technician for the University at a nearby hospital (Monash Medical Center).

Personality: Reasonably friendly and easy going. Occasionally irritable when roleplaying at 2 in the morning. :) If he gets really angry it will probably end in a fatality.

Use as an NPC:

Owing to a combination of poor security procedures and lack of knowledge on behalf of the hospital staff, he has access to a large amount of potentialy sensitive information and is able to monitor all e-mail traffic through the hospital network. Whilst not generally useful this information might be needed in a specific instance.

Jimmie Bise Jr.

age 31

Police Dispatcher and Amateur Musician

STR 12 CON 14 SIZ 12 INT 14 POW 10

DEX 10 APP 10 EDU 13 SAN 50 HP 13

Skills: Accounting 10%, Astronomy 55%, Bargain 40%, Baptist Theology 90%, Biology 10%, Computer Use 65%, Deal with Hardheaded Bureaucrats 50%, Debate for Hours and Hours 80%, Drive - Automobile 40%, Fast Talk 65%, First Aid 30%, Handgun 40%, History 35%, Law 45%, Library Use 50%, Music Theory 70%, Navigate 30%, Own Language - English 90%, Physics 15%, Play Saxophone 60%, Play Clarinet 55%, Punning 60%*, Ride Herd on Police Officers over the Radio 90%, Shotgun 20%, Sing 55%, Spot Hidden During the Day 40%, Spot Hidden At Night -10%, Swim -50%, Throw 47%, Useless Trivia 50%.

Weapons: Being a Gunfondler and member of the police, assume that in short order, he can get his hands on a handgun or shotgun. As a Dojo member, be assured that he can injure himself badly trying Martial Arts (note appreciable lack of Martial Arts Skill). He's not a bad brawler, though. *Note that his puns can actually do 1d6 of physical damage to his audience.

Equipment: Chevy Cavalier, A couple hundred books of all shapes and sizes, a hundred tapes and CDs with everything from rock to jazz, a baritone saxophone in a beat-up case, an old student model clarinet that he refuses to upgrade, an old Pentium that he likewise refuses to upgrade, a clipboard with notebook paper and musical manuscript paper, lots of RPG books (like we didn't know this??).

Appearance: 5'8"; 260 pounds, chestnut brown hair work short, brown moustache and goatee, glasses. Generally dresses in jeans and a t-shirt.


Born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Spent a bit of time in college, mostly earning himself 31 credits in General Studies. Worked as a police dispatcher for Maryland State agencies for ten years now. Is engaged to a wonderful Canadian gal, which accounts for his recent change to a sunny demeanor.

Jimmie is a relatively easy-going person, unless he's involved in a debate, which he loves to do. Players will find him a fount of knowledge about all sorts of trivial things, and about police work and music, which are his fortes (no pun intended). Players will likely find him hanging with his friends, singing in a choir near Washington DC, or playing in a jazz band. Otherwise, he's hanging out at Borders Books and Music, waiting for the newest books to come out.

In general, players should find Jimmie genial, but a bit frazzled, unless his fiancée's around to keep him in line.

Austin Chamberlain

Age: 23

Sex: M

Occupation: Systems Software Operator

Affiliation: Friendly

Race: Caucasian

STR 13 CON 11 SIZ 13 INT 13 POW 12 Idea 65

DEX 13 APP 10 EDU 16 SAN 60 [1] HP 12 Luck 60 Know 80

Damage Bonus: +1d4

Education: BSc (Computer science, maths, electronics)

Birthplace: Durban, Natal, South Africa

Mental disorders: Paranoia (mild)

Skills: Biology 5%, Climb 50%, Computer use 65%, Cryptography 5%, Cthulhu Mythos 20%, Demolitions 5%, Drive auto 40%, Elec repair 50%, Electronics 20% [2], First aid 40%, History 50%, Martial arts 30% [3], Mathematics 50%, Military Science 50% [4], Occult 20%, Physics 15%

Languages: English 80%, Afrikaans 40%, Welsh 5%, German 5%


Fist: 60%

Kick: 40%

Grapple: 50%

Nightstick: 60% 2d4

Crowbar: 40% 1d6 + 1d4 + 1

Pistol: 40% [5]

[1] Mostly harmless - actually fairly stable, generally, despite a few unpleasant experiences.

[2] Goes up to about 40% with a textbook, and even higher with a rough plan.

[3] Have tried Karate, Ju-jitsu, and Kung Fu. This just makes me confused.

[4] Gunfondler 001.

[5] Have only fired an actual firearm a few times, but have lots of theoretical knowledge (see [4])

Appearance: 5'11" and a bit, around 73 kg. Brown hair, either cut really short or growing back from that. Clean-shaven, pale, green eyes behind small black-framed glasses. Clothing is always black (except for his DG Tshirt) - usually 14-hole Docs, jeans, T-shirt or Bundeswehr shirt dyed black. In winter, wears a trenchcoat. All the time.

Equipment carried: (see Mental disorders)

On person: Leatherman, pen-knife, mini-maglite, Spyderco knife (thanks to the DGML :> ), wallet (some cash, cards, band-aids, metal survival tool), keys, belt pouch (pen, notepad, survival booklet, more band-aids, work access card, South African ID document, compass, lighter). Bag (small khaki army rucksack): wool knit cap (Cape Town weather is very unpredictable), even more band-aids, surgical gloves and CPR mask, cellphone, diskbox (boot/repair/utility disks for Linux, FreeBSD, DOS, WinNT, Win98), batteries, duct tape, two more notepads, pencil-case (calculator, more tape, dice, scissors, pens'n'pencils), Kershaw knife.

Other possessions: Crowbar, Nightstick, numerous computer parts (~ 2 complete computers), plenty of RPGs, SCA fighting stuff (bits of armour, weapons), lots of books.

Background: Born in Durban, South Africa, went to university in Cape Town, South Africa. Now works at said university, doing general sysadmin stuff.

Use: Well, theoretically has access to a large portion of the net traffic of Southern Africa, especially the West/South of South Africa. Has a fair knowledge of Cape Town/Durban specifically, and South Africa generally, which is probably rare in DG. :)

Sylvain Clement

Occupation : Formerly Geography / Literature teacher, now Gaming Clubs coordinator for Games Workshop France

Age 33

STR 8 CON 13 SIZ 11 INT 13 POW 14 DEX 11 APP 10 EDU 15 SAN 70 HP 12

Damage bonus : none

Assorted knives : 60 % (1d3 to 1d6 dam.)
Rifle : 40 % (22LR to 30-30 win.)
English : read/write 50% ; speak 25%
French : 75 %
Cthulhu Mythos : (as much as everyone on the DGML, I imagine)
Art (paint & draw) : 40%
Cartography : 40 %
Conceal : 35 %
Computer use : 20 %
Drive : 40%
Detect Lie : 40% (80% when dealing with kids and teenagers)
Hate Teenagers : 30 %
Hide : 40%
History : 50%
Library Use : 50%
Listen : 40%
Military Science : 30 %
Persuade : 45 %
Sharpen Bladed Tool : 70 %
Sneak : 50 %
Spot Hidden : 30%
Tell Offensive Jokes / Invent Heinous Songs : 80 %
Throw : 50%
Torture : 40 %

Main activities : miniatures wargaming, religion bashing, hard sci-fi and Mythos reading.

Scott Cleverdon

Occupation: Actor

Age: 29

Height: 6'1, Weight: 175lbs

Nationality: British

City of Birth: Edinburgh, Scotland

Education: Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

STR 10 CON 13 SIZ 14 INT 14 POW 15

DEX 15 APP 14 EDU 12 HP 13 SAN 63[1]

Skills: Art:Acting 89%[2], Make No Two NPCs Sound or Act alike 72%, Introduce New People to RPGs 17%, Astound With Apparent Knowledge(tm) on Wide Variety of Subjects 34%, Pass for an American 43%[3], Voice Over Performance (animation and book on tape) 74%, Languages: English 88%, Spanish 12%(understaning only)[4], Catalan 10% (understanding only)[4], Glaswegian Patter 68%(understanging only, regards to Mr. Devlin), Macintosh Troubleshooting 35%, Fencing 35%

[1]the business does that to you
[2] need the skill increase to improve sanity caused by exercise of said talent.
[3] note, includes Ordering Sandwich Skill 69%
[4] Due to marriage to Spanish Actress Assumpta Serna

Appearance: Shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. Looks good when dressed properly (note this decreases the Pass for an American skill by -20% (sorry guys, couldn't resist))

Equipment: Psion palmtop, mobile phone, Leatherman(tm) pliers (matte black, of course).

Weapons: Hasty Retreat.

Notes: Born in Edinburgh, Scotland 10 days after they landed on the moon. Usual abusive childhood and death of parent led to a reclusion into the world of role playing games juxtaposed ironically enough with the need to express himself in acting, which he first did at age 15 in Goldsmith's "She Stoops to Conquer".

After leaving home at 17 he spent several years on the "dole" doing odd jobs (bartending, grape-picking in France) until he managed to get into the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. He studied there for three years and had a thoroughly good time, even though he does say so himself.

During that time he took part in various RPG campaigns the most notable being a game of AD&D that had been going on for 8 years with the same people. He finally saw roleplaying done properly.

After drama school, he moved to London and returned soon to work, as all Scottish actors must do, on Taggart. Ironically enough, James McDonald who plays Taggart's sidekick was also a roleplayer.

Several parts in plays, films and television led Scott to the Ukraine to play Lt. Price in Sharpe's Company. It was there, on a battlefield, on horseback, surrounded by the smoke and melee (at least that's how he likes to remember it) he met the Spanish actress Assumpta Serna, who ultimately became his wife 8 months later in the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. By this time they now lived in Los Angeles (a place where she had lived on and off for about 8 years). To cut a longer story short, up to present he; has been made persona non grata in Cuba (run in with the police on Honeymoon), is the voice of "Carnage" in the Spiderman cartoons as well as numerous voices on Gargoyles and Batman. Worked on various trashy American tv shows (90210, Baywatch Nights), worked with some great heroes of his (Tim Curry, Ed Asner, Keith David), starred in an ABC pilot directed by Marshall Herskovitz called the Castle, set in 13th century England and shot in Ireland with Patrick McGoohan (very interesting man Mr McFadden), James Cosmo, Billy Campbell and James Marsden- which didn't get picked up, recorded a book on tape ("as it is in heaven" by Niall Williams), appeared in an internet pilot called "Royal Standard" in which he plays "Loki" the contemporary embodiment of the Norse God of Mischief or as we know him Nyarlathotep (can see it in June at http://www.den.net ), . His great regret is that he did not have the opportunity to play CoC with Robert Bloch, who was a close friend of Curtis Harrington (Killer Bees 1974) who is a great Lovecraft fan. Curtis was to arrange so that he Robert and Scott could get together and Scott could Keeper for them a scenario.

Robert died before this could come to fruition.

His most recent claim to fame is that he is the voice of Obi Wan in all the new Star Wars:Phantom Menace games for PC, PSX and N64. Because the games follow the movie's plot he knows what happens in the end but promises not to tell you all, knowing the damage it may do to your collective sanities.

He has taken a great deal of pleasure in this pastime know as role-playing over the years and sees it as an an art, neither pure acting or storytelling, writing or directing, but somewhere to the middle of all of those things.

He apologises if his notes are a little extensive, but the life of an actor exists only in his past works and experiences, often undocumented.

Uses As NPC:

Scott is extremely good to have at a dinner party or a social event and has absolutely no problem mixing in any company. His contacts within Hollywood are not on the surface near the top of the foodchain but they certainly are closer to the big fish. It is said that there is 6 degrees of separation, Scott believes there to be only about 3, at least in the entertainment industry anyway.

Assumpta his wife, is probably a better contact. She speaks 6 languages and has been virtually everywhere there is to go. She used to have a secretary that once worked out that in 1992 she got on a plane once every 6 days…

B.E. Cole

aka Hatcher Aspen, aka William Remington Lanchester

aka 'The Butcher of Malagay' (don't ask)

age 25

Financial Information Systems / Networking Technician
Self-Inflicted Mechanic (Closet Mercenary)

STR 11 CON 12 SIZ 11 INT 12 POW 15

DEX 13 APP 10 EDU 15 SAN 50 HP 12

Phobias: Fear of Submitting Character to Ice Cave

Mental Disorders: Obsessive/Compulsive, Paranoid

Skills: Annoy people 43%, Appear attractive to opposite sex until time to do the nasty 49%, Astronomy 0% - when trying to meet women increase to 10%, Biology (Special subset, know where to shoot) 26%, Chemistry 12%, Computer Use 38%, Credit Rating 25%, Cthulhu Mythos 4%, Dodge 31%, Drive Auto 50%, Drive Auto while drunk 38%, History 10% - increase to 99% when re-creating it to suit his own purposes, Ignore Cthulhu Mythos 10%, Ignore People 56%, Inflict biological weapon of mass destruction on unwitting fictional country 61%, Library Use 43%, Listen 32% (99% when playing games at work), Read Big,Dusty Small Print Literature 51%, Mathematics 10%, Occult 10%, Own Language (English) 60%, Other Language (Russian) 15%, Persuade 15%, Persuade while holding weapon 56%, Physics 15%, Pistol 24%, Rifle 20%, Sneak 35%, Spot Hidden 64% (99% while holding weapon), Submachine Gun 23% - on Full Auto 15%, Swim 35%, Whip out extensive and frightening tool kit while trying to satisfy date 32%

Weapons: MAC-11 9mm (Cobray), Johnson-Ivar M-1.30 Carbine, and MAK-90; all kept in separate gun cases with key locks, various knives and sharp, pointy things, usually can create home-made incendiaries within three hours of a request (make it four if the Daily Show is on Comedy Central)

Cleaning kits and various nasty ass ammunition for weaponry. Two avatars of Bast that constantly accompany him through his house while working on the computer, cooking, doing laundry, or trying to get romantic. See separate section for stats.

Equipment: Backpack, indestructible watch (honestly, he's tried), various identification papers that now look nothing like the owner (not false, just different), Keys to Thirty Things,

RPGs (Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, Gamma World, Top Secret S/I, Cyberpunk 2020, AD&D (any edition), BattleTech, Blue Planet), ragtag book collection (pick any military strategy War College requirement book, various heavy shit, various fiction shit, still more hard-to-read old shit)

Appearance: 1.65 m. (that's 5'6" to you yanks), 74 kilos, very short brownish-red-grey hair, dark blue/grey eyes, wears glasses / contacts depending on paranoia level,slacks (Bugle Boy, of course), long-sleeved shirt, good dress shoes capable of running in. Roll percentile, on 00-49 will be wearing boxer shorts, on 50-99 will go "commando".

Notes: Usually starts all serious relationships by being called '"asshole". An unintentional byproduct of a carefully developed human screening process. Typically looking over shoulder for The Next Big American Lie. Will watch CNN for five minutes and everything else for approximately thirty seconds (except The Daily Show, cause its the most important Television Show, ever). Appears distracted and avoids eye-contact (not because he doesn't want you to think he's human, but because he's too short to see eye-to-eye with most people). A NORMAL right handed person, practices using left hand for important tasks (shooting, flipping the bird, hey, ambidexterity is trained, right?)

Uses as NPC: Definitely not for the faint of heart or the easily frightened or extremely sensitive. Has been known to start arguments when sex is not available. Also has penchant for looking at cops the wrong way (to his credit he has only ever pursued one with the intention of bodily harm, but the subject was a good little piggy and had a family in his house). Reportedly assumes a "Victory at any cost" attitude, up to the point of laughing maniacally while wailing and being wailed on in a fight. Not a good NPC to take with you on a stakeout, but definitely your man for picking the best restaurant to eat at or movie to rent or spraying bullets in no particular pattern.

Avatars of Bast:

Members of the FLO (Feline Liberation Organization)
Fight to free their homeland (Purristine) from the oppressive Canine invaders.

Yassir Arafur and Purry Hearst (formerly of the Siamese Liberation Army)

Siamese Black English Tortoiseshell

STATS unavailable

Attacks: 2 claws / 1 bite / ear screeching MEOW when hungry.


Skills: Look hungry 75%, Look Hungry to Visitors in vain attempt to get food 73%, Get visitors to complain to owner that he needs to feed their furry asses 89%, Hear food can opening 99%, Wolf down food and still look hungry 79%, Look cute to any woman who comes over 68%, Know when owner doesn't want them nearby 71%, Come near owner anyway 64%, Eat all day and night and not gain a fucking pound 99%, Climb Furniture 78%, Look miffed after missing a jump 53%

Notes: Both avatars are dark furred and fully enhanced for Infrared imaging and lightning fast furniture ascension.

NPC uses: None really, but if their owner is threatened, they will, of course, demand food from whoever survives the ensuing battle. Could also pose problem for owner by laying on steps in middle of night causing owner to fall when he's too lazy to turn on the lights.

Christian Conkle


Homepage: http://www.mecha.com/~conkle/cthulhu/index.html

age 28


STR 11 CON 8 SIZ 13 INT 16 POW 9

DEX 9 APP 9 EDU 16 SAN 67 HP 10

Skills: Biology 5%, Computer Use 80%, Cryptozoology 15%, Cthulhu Mythos 60%, Drawing 80%, Drive Auto 42%, History 40%, Know Useless Stuff 88%, Mythology 85%, Occult 87%, Other Language (German) 10%, Other Language (Japanese) 10%, Own Language (English) 94%, Painting 60%, Web design/programming 85%.

Weapons: Wookie bowcaster nerf dart-gun.

Equipment: Car, Macintosh, several hundred RPG books, Drawing table, several books on mysterious phenomena.

Appearance: 60", 235 lbs. Lt. Brown hair, blue-grey eyes.

Notes: Christian Conkle was born in Griffin Georgia. He moved to Vancouver Washington in 1983 and went to Columbia River High School. He moved to Portland, Oregon to attend college at PSU where he earned (ahem) a BS in Art. He now works downtown at Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory where he designs Web pages and coordinates other Web developers for a Dept. of Ed. subcontractor.

Christian is a pretty sedate individual. He never really get's angry or upset. He doesn't really party hard. Most of his time is spent drawing or walking around downtown or with his girlfriend, Christa.

Matt Cowger

Age: 38 Ht:6'2" Wt:@250 +/- Hair:Brown Eyes: Brown..glasses or contacts.

Str:16 Con:9 Siz:16 Int:16 Pow:15*
Dex:11 App:9** Edu: 17 San: 60 HP:11 MP:15

Degrees:Washburn University, Topeka, Ks. BA Philosophy

Skills: Brewing: 35%, Brawling: 35%, Carousing: 87%, Computer Use: 88%, Cooking 55%, Driving: 30%, Debate: 40% (65% after six beers, 15% after 12), Electronics 30%, Electrical Repair: 35%, Fast Talk: 55%, History: 35%, Listen: 70%, Mythology: 75%, Punning: 65%, Religion: 65%, Philosophy: 85%, English: 95%, Latin: 15%, Russian: 20% Hobby Skills: Darts: 15%, Horseshoes: 25%. Know a (very) little about just about any damn thing: 65% (sort of like Cliff from Cheers except generally accurate..just not in depth at all, think triva)

Equipment: Cigars, zippo, cigar cutter, asthma inhaler, watch, wallet,cell phone.

Usually found in bars, our subject can be found talking to whomever about whatever…when not throwing darts. Matt could be approached about anything concerning the telecommunications industry, computer things, or just basic BS. He has something of a rap and given the right topic or situation, can launch into a fairly convincing/amusing diatribe about just about anything.

* Pow has a 1D6 variance on time of year +1 Fall/Winter -1 Spring/Summer

** App is modified by rap, Pow vs. Int for charm factor.

Matt Cowger also is published in Cthulhu Noir by Fantasy Flight and Tales of Terror 2, by Pagan Publishing. Matt Cowger won the short story contest Pagan Publishing had for a copy of 'Countdown' for his scifi short story 'Monsters'.

He is known for random and odd posts to various gaming forums under the moniker of KaosDevice; an on again, off again domain on the internet (it is currently on, but nothing is going on there).

He also has a blog at RevolutionSF dot com and writes for them occasionally.

Colin Creitz

Computer Scientist, Compulsive Reader, and Judoka Too!
Male, Age 22, American Euromutt
BS (Computer Science)/BA(Philosophy), University of Pittsburgh

STR 15 (Well above average)
CON 15 (Demonstrably above average, slightly hampered by a knee injury)
SIZ 13 (6'1", 175 lbs = 185cm, 79Kg)
DEX 13 (Marginally above average)
APP 12
INT 18 (About 3 SDs out on the IQ scale)
POW ??
EDU 17

SAN 50 (Sapped by advanced mathematics and navigating huge data files)

Idea 90
Luck ??
Know 85

Absurdity 90%, Archaeology (Ancient Chinese) 30%, Biology 50%, Computer Use 100%, Cryptography 10%, Dodge 40% (Judo), Electronics 25% (Hobbyist), First Aid 75% (First Responder, Wilderness Medicine certs from Red Cross), Martial Arts 70% (Judo, an art that emphasizes throws, joint locks, hold-down pins, and chokes over strikes), Medicine 15%, Natural History 50% (NE and E Central and SW US, during my Boy Scout years), Navigation/Land 50%, Navigation/Sea 40% (LORAN, Chart and Compass or GPS, but not really astro), Occult 15% (from playing RPGs of course!), Operate Hvy Machine 50% (tractors, skid-steer loaders, farm equipment), Mathematics 75%, Machine Learning 80%, Programming 80%, Sailing 20%, Trout 15%

Languages: English 90%, Japanese 30%, German 30%, French 30%, Chinese 2%, Djirbal 2%, ASL 2%, (you get the picture… Linguistics 50%).


Grapple 70%, Kick/Punch 35%, Rifle 99% (.22 match rifle - my varsity sport in high school).

Adam Crossingham

RACE: Caucasian


STR 11 CON 10 SIZ 14 INT 15 POW 11

DEX 14 APP 13 EDU 17 SAN 30 HP 12


DESCRIPTION: 6'0" tall, thick mousy hair trying to escape from a short back and sides cut, Lennon glasses, very short trimmed beard. Dresses in conservative suits and loud ties[1] by day, polo shirt and Bedford cord jeans[2] by night and weekend. Carrying a stone or so more in weight than he should[3].

EDUCATION: BSc (Hons) Archaeology, University of London

OCCUPATION: Business Systems Technician for a Lloyd's of London insurance syndicate

SKILLS: Anthropology 24%, Archaeology 37%, Buy Anything Cthulhu 98%, Buy Glassware 75%, Connoisseur (Film & TV VFX/SFX) 70%, Computer Use 45%, Craft (Ref. RPG) 50%, Cthulhu Mythos 25%, Drive Auto 40%, Drive Too Fast 90%, Fly Off Handle Irrationally 90%, Geology 23%, Hate IT Support, esp. NT 4.0 90%, History 55%, Insurance Business 35%, Library Use 55%, Make Things Work When User Claims It Won't 75%, Spot Hidden 45%, Swear Like a Navvy 75%, Swim 5%, Total Tact Failure 50%, Useless British Trivia Useful in Games 40%

LANGUAGES: English (own) 85%, French 9%, Order beer in European language 50%

ATTACKS: Small Swiss Army knife 50%, 1d2 +1d4

Car Fire Extinguisher 40%, blackjack or choking damage

PHOBIAS: Fear of Hangovers


Work: Glasses, house keys and small Swiss Army knife, wallet, bank cards, asthma inhaler, diary. Note: never has a pen whilst wearing a suit.

Play: Glasses, house keys and small Swiss Army knife, car keys, wallet, bank cards, asthma inhaler, small backpack, pens, notebook, dice, 1986 Fiat Uno 60S.

Home: Priceless Call of Cthulhu collection, extensive RPG library, mediocre archaeology and history library, lots of silk ties, classic widescreen movie collection on video, too many obscure CDs, Gateway P90 PC, printer, Zip drive, too many glass tumblers, understanding girlfriend.


Quiet and polite to strangers; loud and foul-mouthed with friends and people of no importance. Rarely bluffs, tries to play all decisions in the 'open' and believes in fair play. However morons don't get a fourth chance. Exudes a palpable aura of menace when offended, and possibly has the worst temper you've seen in a long while.


[1] But never, ever 'novelty' or cartoon character ties - those really are for IT geeks, sad losers desperately trying to make their statements in a huge world that doesn't give a fuck, or poor unfortunates who were given them for Christmas and have to keep the wife/in-laws/children happy
[2] But never, ever denim jeans - yeuuch!
[3] I could blame this on IT - but really I'm just turning into a proto-Fat Bloke. Oi!

(c) 1999 Adam Crossingham. Permission for whoever was collecting these things, to stick this one with the others in whatever archive it was, is given.

Tom Cusworth

RACE: Peely-Wally Scots (Caucasian).

AGE: 34


STR 11 CON 12 SIZ 12 INT 13 POW 8
DEX 13 APP 10 EDU 15 SAN 55 HP 12


DESCRIPTION: Broad shouldered & 5'8" tall, short brown hair cropped at sides, occasionally sports bushy sideburns (if he is in need of a haircut). Clean shaven. Wears brown rectangular wire-rimmed glasses. Generally wears blue jeans and tee shirt when off duty, blue scrubs & theatre clogs at work. He weighs in the region of 15 1/2 - 16 stone.


OCCUPATION: As little as humanly possible.

SKILLS: Anthropology 10%, Archaeology 0%, Art 25%, Bargain 30%, Biology (Human) 50%, Computer Use 25%, Cthulhu Mythos 15%, Drive Auto 42%, Endure Noxious bodily odours 40%, Fuck about when he should be doing real work 55%, History 30%, Ignore Moron 65%, Library Use 28%, Medicine, 20%, Nursing 60%, Offend without realising or caring 36%, Profanity 79%, Recognise Opportunity to have a fag break* 80%, Spot Hidden 43%, Swim 25%, 50%, Tolerate Idiots 20%

LANGUAGES: English (own) 85%, French 2%, , German 5%, Latin 0.1%, Swear in several languages 5%.

ATTACKS: Hideous Punning 55%, ( 1D3 San), Spontaneous Awful Joke 40%, (1d3 SAN),
Punch/Kick 33%.

PHOBIAS: Fear of Heights


RPG Books, Always reading when not ACTUALLY working, Car & Car Keys, Dice, Medium sized Rucksack, Wallet, ALWAYS will be in possession of a packet of fags*.


Always sarcastic, ready to jump in on the slightest double entendre. He does not tolerate fools gladly, becoming dismissive & scornful when faced with one. Play him for fun as his outlook is to have the best laugh out of life he can.

* Now steady on, you chaps from the Colonies, do not get excited by the use of the word "Fags". It is a simple British slang term to refer to Cigarettes (a fine American invention), cancer sticks, snout, or the devil's inhaler. No reference to any minority groups of any sexual orientation is intended, so no inference should be taken. If anyone takes offence, then I could really care less, so go get a life, saddo! (See Skills list for explanation).

Peter Devlin

Freelance Cynic, Age 31

Occupation: Computer Systems Consultant

STR 11 CON 12 SIZ 13 INT 16 POW 14

DEX 13 APP 10 EDU 17 SAN 70[1] HP 13

[1] SAN recently restored by girlfriend

Skills: Art (writing) 25%, Art (cooking, spicy foods only) 70%, Computer Use 80%, Cthulhu Mythos 23%, Debate 50%, Dodge 30%, Drink Alcohol 70%, Drive Auto 50%, Electrical Repair 30%, Electronics 30%, Escoteric Info 75%, First Aid 40%, History 30%, Library Use 60%, Listen 40%, Martial Arts (Muay Thai/Karate/Boo Tin) 50%, Mathematics 50%, Occult 23%, Pharmacology 30%, Psychology (armchair) 50%, Psychoanalysis (armchair)10%, Security Systems 40%, Sleep Late 90%, Snowboard 25%, Spot Hidden 40% / 10%[2], Swim 30%

[2] myopic without glasses or contact lenses

Languages: English 85%, Glaswegian Patter 60%[3], German 13%, C/C++ 50%, Assembler 35%, HTML 50%

[3] this language skill may be used to confuse, insult and harass others, aiding or hindering Communications skills as the Keeper chooses

Attacks: Fist 70%, Kick 50%, Headbutt 50%, Knife 50%

Equipment: Apple G3 computer, Intergraph GL2 computer, Apple 540 Powerbook laptop, electronics toolkit, vinyl/CD/tape music collection, Rizla papers, Clipper lighter, hand rolling tobacco, bottle opener

Weapons: Razor sharp Sabatier kitchen knives, high decibel stereo system

Appearance: 2m tall, 82 kg mass, long red-brown hair to small of back, sharp sideburns, goatee beard, bloodshot eyes, often wears granny glasses. Deceptively lean physique, pale skin with freckles, scars on knuckles. Commonly wears chisel-toe cowboy boots, jeans and t-shirt. Not often seen during daylight. Resembles vampiric mix of John Lennon, Charles Manson and Billy Connolly.

Notes: Born Prestwick, Scotland, currently living in Glasgow. Educated at Glasgow University (Electronic Engineering). Works as a computer systems consultant to video, prepress and Web industry. Mr Devlin is an anachronistic Luddite who prefers books to text files and has a violent love-hate relationship with computer technology, other road-users and life in general. Presently kept on the rails by his psychologist girlfriend Carla and his continued practice of martial arts. He is posessed of an eidetic memory and hence is a mine of information on many escoteric topics, especially computers, electronics, alcohol, curries, Oriental cinema and SF/horror stories.

DG agents will likely encounter him when visiting Scotland in (1) a bar, drinking imported Belgian or German beer whilst discoursing on the nature of sex and death, (2) waving his fist at the 'Yank tourists' from a speeding car or bike, (3) in relation to odd occurences in Scotland. He has numerous contacts in the Scottish computer industry, the media, the biker community and amongst fans in the SF/fantasy community. His girlfriend Carla works with mentally disadvantaged clients who, given the DG raison d'etre, may provide a more pleasant introduction to this unsusual character.

Jay Dugger

aka Til Eulenspiegel

Restless Overpaid Sailor, USN

Age 28

STR 11 CON 14 SIZ 10 INT 15 POW 11

DEX 11 APP 12 EDU 15 SAN 50 HP 11


Various military schools

A.S. in Electronics, University of Phoenix


Art (Piano) 20%, Avoid Wrong Place at the Wrong Time (i.e., Stay Out of Trouble) 40%, Chemistry 20%, Computer Use 45%, Convincingly Discuss Almost Any Topic 33%, Credit Rating 45%, Cthulhu Mythos 15%[1], Electrical Repair 25%, Electronics 45%, Explain Why Hawaii Seems Overrated 40%, Fast Talk 25%, History 30%, Library Use 40%, Mathematics 60%, Military Science 30%, Miss Pet Cats 99%, Navigation Sea/Air 01%[2], Occult 20%, Other Language (German) 10%, Other Language (E-Prime) 60%[3], Own Language (English) 85%, Persuade 25%, Pharmacy 20%[4], Physics 10%, Religon (Mormon Church) 50%, Speed Read 65%, Tell Long and Obviously False Story about "What I Did After I Got Out of the Navy" 80%, Track Days Remaining in Enlistment 99%[5], Well-Read 34%

[1] I'm not allowed to talk about supersonic, invisible, low-altitude [[UFOs]] over Hawaii even if they _do_ show up on radar.
[2] The ship's GPS receiver works, right?
[3] http://www.crl.com/~isgs/speak_e.html
[4] Skill doesn't apply to therapeutic compounds.
[5] Skill lost after 31 July 1999.


Handgun (usu. 9mm Beretta) 40%, 1d10
Rifle (usu. M-14) 5%, 2d6+4
Shotgun 30%, 4d6/2d6/1d6
All HTH attacks at default values


Zippo lighter; pen, pencil, & notebook; Lots of books; Old Macintosh running MkLinux; Year-old PC running Red Hat Linux; maps of local area; SECRET clearance; various electronic equipment "on loan" from work; bicycle.

170cm, 66kg; dark blond hair; blue eyes; Clean, Shaven. ;-)
NPC often reads while walking.


Agents might encounter Jay Dugger ("Til Eulenspiegel" on-line) in his professional capacity aboard USS FLETCHER (DD-992). Alternatively, use this NPC in your campaign for investigations involving Pearl Harbor or Air America. This character possesses a keen intuitive sense of self-preservation. This and his libertarian politics make him a reluctant friendly at best. PCs approaching him as private citizens will find him much more approachable.

Graham Edge

Nationality: English

Occupation: Pension clerk (and hating every minute)

Age: 22

Education: High school & College. Mucked up University.

STR: 8 CON: 13 SIZ: 9{1} INT: 15 POW: 17 {2}

DEX: 16 APP: 10 EDU: 16 SAN: 60 {3} HP: 11

Skills: Art (Create cunning plan to avoid security systems) 40, Art (Create cunning plan for assassinations) 60, Be ignored 45, Conceal 40, Computer Use 60, Cthulhu Mythos 5 {4}, Dodge 40 {5},Drive Auto 55, Electrical Repair 60 {6}, Electronics 60, Library Use 55, Occult 23, Physics 45, Pistol 35 {7}, Psychoanalysis 55 {8}, Pythonesque sense of humour 60 {9}, Radio Control Construction and Operation 65, Ride Push Bike 60, Rifle 65 {5}{7}, Roller Blade 5 {10}, Sneak 40, Spot Hidden 60, Tradecraft 55 {11}, Typo 40, Use spell checker 80, Weirdness Magnet 30, {12}

{1} Skinny but tall

{2} Stubborn as a stubborn thing, yet curiously unlucky

{3} Lets just say it's been an interesting life so far

{4} Some very bad dreams

{5} Far too much practise with lunatic motorists

{6} It's a knack

{7} Started using a CO2 air pistol recently- Managed to use SA80 rifle

at a show and .303 Lee Enfield at Territorial Army

{7} Self only

{8} Pining for the FJORDS?!?!

{9} Ow ow ow ow

{10} Far, far, far too much reading on the subject

{11} See {3}. Lets put it this way- a dice roll came up which was

170 million to one against (Character died)

Weapons: Sharp Pen, Crossman 1078 SBG air pistol (damage. you are kidding!?), Pocket Knife

Equipment: Scientific calculator, Dictaphone, Notepad, Cash and credit cards, donor card

Equipment at home: Knackered mountain bike, Roller blades, PC, Electronic parts and assembly gear.

Appearance: At work; suit, glasses, leather jacket

Not at work; Jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket, glasses

Dark blond variable length hair (between long ponytail to short cut), grey-blue-green-brown eyes (depends on the light),180 cm, 57 kg

Use as NPC: apart from cannon fodder could be used as victim (curse the Weirdness Magnet) or witness (thank the GOO for Be Ignored). At a pinch can build radio control vehicle to do pretty much anything (within available resources). Handy researcher. Anyone want a Pension?

Role playing notes: Quiet yet friendly, Sane yet mad, Kind but nasty, Pacifistic Psycho, Determined, to summarize: all round nice guy with homicidal tendencies, (hey you try living this brain, I find it weird enough)

David Farnell

aka "SuperDave"

Age 31

Race: Pale pink, brown in the summer, with occasional spots.

Nationality: Texan (but carries American passport with pride)

City of Birth: Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

Current Residence: Fukuoka, Nippon

STR 12 CON 8 SIZ 13 INT 16 POW 16[1]

DEX 11 APP 14 EDU 19 SAN 60 HP 11

Damage bonus: none

Education: BA English Literature (with honors), Southwest Texas State University; MA English and American Literature, University of Missouri-Columbia

Occupation: English teacher—presently teaching English for Foreign Learners, but usually teaches composition and lit at university. Aspiring writer.

Skills: Anthropology 25%, Art (Acting) 20%, Art (Painting and Drawing) 30%, Art (Karaoke) 10%, Art (Writing) 25%, Come Up with Almost-Useful Trivia 90%, Communicate in Gestures and Drawings 50%,[2] Cthulhu Mythos 39%, Dodge 25%, Drive Auto 40%, Hide 35%, History 35%, Library Use 40%, Literature 50%, Martial Arts (Aikido) 15%, Occult (General, Mythology, Theology, Mysticism, and Conspiracy Theories) 45%, Persuade 30%, Psychoanalysis 10%, Psychology 30%, RPGing (Specialty in GMing) 60%, Science 50%[3], Sneak 35%, Teaching 50%, Tracking 20%

Languages: English 95%, Japanese 15%[4], German 10%, Spanish 5%

Attacks: Handgun 25%, Rifle/Shotgun 30% (firearms not currently available), Fist 55% 1d3, Kick 40% 1d6, Grapple 45%, Bokken (wooden sword) 40% 1d8

[1]SuperDave feels that considering all the curveballs life has thrown him, he's been amazingly lucky so far.
[2]Perhaps this should be a language skill. Useful for travelling.
[3]Use as Linguistics: apply 10% of skill level to any science skill.
[4]Read/Write Japanese is only 5%.

Description: Height: 6' (180cm), Weight: about 165# (75kg), brown hair (rapidly going thin on top), kindly green-brown eyes, glasses, Vandyke beard and mustache (scattering of white hairs), largish nose, goofy smile, built rather thin but getting soft around the middle. Usually calm, enjoys life tremendously (in general—some specific points annoy him), reads a wide variety of topics, considers himself an open-minded sceptic. Tends to be rather harried these days (Japan has a lot of good points, but the stress-level is not one of them).

Equipment: Gaijin card, expired Texas driver's license, picture of wife, train pass, notebook full of ideas for gaming scenarios and stories, some sour-tasting candy or gum.

Role-playing notes: Stroke beard thoughtfully to cover for confusion. Mix up German and Japanese vocabulary, especially when trying to speak German. Automatically pitch vocabulary, speed, and clarity of English speech to match listener's English ability, and mix in occasional Japanese words even when speaking to native English speakers. If wife is present, maintain physical contact with her as much as possible (hand-holding, foot-touching, hair-stroking, etc). Communicate with daughter in laughably primitive Japanese, gestures, and tickling. If family not present, constantly bring them up in conversation. Watch sumo avidly. Dream of chicken-friend steak with lots of gravy. Check email and exchange rate daily, and then be almost late for work after spending too much time replying to DG-List emails. Try to resist acting like "Cliffie" from /Cheers/, but fail often. Be secretly proud of being the originator of the "eyelids/tongue/balloon-animals" thread.

Campaign notes: If the problem is presented as something interesting, SuperDave could be very useful as a researcher. Once he begins, he hates to give up. However, his utterly poor skills in the local language are an obstacle. Willing to edit people's writings, but only on request. Has a vast variety of contacts in the form of brilliant weirdos around the world. Usually encountered at work or home, but enjoys a nice walk in the park or visiting the local shrines and temples, usually accompanied by family (who, if threatened, could of course be used to control him—but this is likely to inspire ruthless revenge later).

Robert Farquhar

age 22

Out-of-Work Computer Support Guy and Self-Suppressed Creative Type

STR 8 CON 10 SIZ 9 INT 14 POW 14

DEX 10 APP 12 EDU 14 SAN 71 HP 10

Education: Certificate III in Information Technology, Hornsby TAFE

Skills: Accounting 10%; Art (authoringing) 49% [1]; Art (guitar) 02% [2]; Art (keyboard) 04% [2]; Bargain 12%; Computer Use 45%; Cthulhu Mythos 06%; Dodge 30%; Drink 27% [3]; Drive Auto 67%; Electronics 20%; Faux Pas/Foot in Mouth 56% [4]; Library Use 37%; Make Idiot of Oneself 62% [5]; Mathematics 25%; Modern History 30%; Occult 04%; Other Language (German) 10%; Own Language (English) 87%; Persuade 67 [6]%; RPG Lore 60%; Science Fiction Lore 64%; Swim 34%; Tend Bar 12% [7]

Insanities: Arachniphobia (limited), Depression (mild, thank God), Ergophobia

[1] Represents the odd attempt to write a work of SF or the regular writing of RPG rules and scenarios.
[2] Someday…
[3] Slowly being corrupted by his "friends".
[4] The one skill that actually decreases with experience, thank God.
[5] See 3 - although perhaps less so.
[6] Includes thespianic capabilities.
[7] Just one of them things.

Weapons: Delta Green: Countdown (it's big enough to be a bludgeoning weapon); large hardback computing texts.

Equipment: Cell Phone, Backpack, P3/500 PC (F#CKING HARD DRIVE!), oodles of sci-fi books (a smattering of Lovecraft & Ramsey Campbell, Spider Robinson, David Gerrold, Lisanne Norman, Anne McCaffrey, H.G. Wells etc.), various CDs (Steely Dan, Def Leppard, Harry Connick, Jr., Gerry Rafferty, The Corrs, Lou Bega, some Latin music compilations), work clothes, a business suit two sizes too big, dancing shoes, some RPG gear (Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green, Heavy Gear, Bubblegum Crisis, Feng Shui, GURPS supplements for Callahan's Crosstime Saloon and War Aginst the Chtorr [but not GURPS itself], Star Wars, Jovian Chronicles, Trinity & berrant, Traveller: the New Era [oops], Cyborg Commando [SAN Loss: -1D20/1D100]), various video tapes (Babylon 5, Macross Plus & II, Ghost in the Shell, Cyber City OEDO 808, Bubblegum Crisis).

Contacts: Steffen, cool owner/operator of Sydney coffee bar; the ALpha, big honcho with UNSW's RPG group; Ray, party animal and evil woman; Mike Z, anime artist and Cthulhu worshipper; Jake, eeevil computer geeenius and abnormally tall guy; Tash, neophyte RPGer and huggable young thing; Nick, fellow amateur actor.

Appearance: 1.82m, 65 kg, skinny, brown hair and eyes.

Matt Farr

age 27

Bored Credit Controller and Dedicated Daydreamer

STR 12 CON 10 SIZ 13 INT 15 POW 12

DEX 12 APP 11 EDU 16 SAN 60 HP

Insanities : Mild Arachnophobia

Skills : Accounting 50%, Bargin 20%, Computer Use 35%, Cthulhu Mythos 25%, Drive 30%, Persuade 55%, Fast Talk 25%, History 50%, Look Busy at Work When Writing Scenarios 75%

Languages : French 5%, German 15%, English 80%,

Weapons : None

Equipment : Pen (carried in mouth), alarmingly large Lego collection, GURPS & CoC/DG stuff, eclectic collection of history books, ever-expanding comic/graphic novel collection.

Description : 6ft 2in, short, dark brown hair, glasses. rarely smiles in both sides of his face at once, giving a "lopsided" cast. t-shirt and jeans most days, shirt and tie when forced to at work. Trenchcoat for the winter.

Notes : buying a house, bought a car, got engaged, generally "sold out".

Limited Contacts in Japan, Germany, US.

Andrew D. Gable

age 22


STR 11 CON 12 SIZ 13 INT 16 POW 10

DEX 16 APP 11 EDU 15 SAN 67 HP 13

Skills: Biology 6%[1], Computer Use 43%, Cryptozoology 76%[1], Cthulhu Mythos 53%, Drive Auto 42%[2], Geology 17%[3], History 67%, Know Useless Stuff 88%, Mathematics -50%[4], Mythology 85%, Occult 87%, Other Language (German) 47%, Own Language (English) 94%.

Weapons: none. None at all.

Equipment: Pack of smokes, lighter, bottle of Southern Comfort, collection of 500+ CDs, videotapes of every X-Files episode that ever aired, several books on mysterious phenomena.

Appearance: 5'7", 167 lbs. Black hair, brown eyes.

Notes: Andrew Gable, or "Gus" as he is known to friends, is likely to be contacted by agents for his extensive knowledge on Forteana and cryptozoology. Most of the time, he sits in a far distant corner away from everyone else and leers at every female who passes by (he will become hopelessly infatuated with her if she at all resembles Gillian Anderson).

Andrew Gable also has a noticable affinity for alcohol, and will be drunk 50% of the time he is contacted by the agents. During periods of drunkenness, he has been known to do bizarre things like sing "Ice, Ice Baby," sit motionless for up to two hours, or claim that the Beastie Boys are black. If at his apartment, there is a 95% chance that KMFDM will be playing on his stereo.

[1] Biology 6 & Cryptozoology 76. Ironic, ain't it?
[2] But still can't parallel park.
[3] Learnt through osmosis. Hey, it was at 8 in the morning.
[4] The answer to every equation is 5. Remember that.

Ever since I read my first H.P. Lovecraft story, "The Outsider," nearly nine years ago (my, how time flies), I've wanted to be a horror writer. The desire to write was strengthened in the next several years, as I voraciously read everything by Lovecraft I could get my hands on. I stood in awe of the self-contained mythology he had created around Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, and all the rest, and knew that I wanted to create just such a mythology.

In subsequent years, I began reading authors like Arthur Machen, Robert E. Howard, and Ramsey Campbell—authors that either inspired, were contemporary with, or inspired by Lovecraft. I was more sure than ever that I wanted to be a writer and create my own mythology, but I was stuck at the point of not having one.

Then, after several more years of research on mythology and other areas, I made one of the most fortuitous mistakes ever. I was doing research for a paper I was writing on Nazis and the occult when I came across a reference to Jack Parsons, an occultist. A voice in the back of my head told me that this guy was a suspect in the Black Dahlia killing in Los Angeles, and when I read that Parsons died in a fire in 1952, I was convinced this guy was the suspect.

Of course, he wasn't: the suspect I was remembering was Jack Anderson Wilson, who had a similar name, and did die in a fire before he could be arrested, but wasn't the same person I was thinking. Nevertheless (and once again, fortuitously), I'd recently picked up the Delta Green sourcebook and the rest, as they say, is history. I started checking out anything and everything I could find on Parsons, Crowley, and all the others, and started developing a story.

Although I originally created the myth-cycle concerning Tuchulcha, Lam, and all the rest for my planned Yellow Twilight Darkening campaign, as you know the campaign fell apart and never took form. Which is all for the best—the adventures as written were too linear. I felt, however, that the Mythos was too good a story element to go to waste.

As a result, I'm attempting to write a series of fictional storiesand possibly even a series of novelsbased on the events that were to have taken place within the campaign's adventures. At the current time, I'm planning a cyberpunkish mythology dealing with the Tuchulcha stuff in the future.

I'm also toying with the idea of tying Gaeaa world I created that, similarly to Howard's Hyborian Age, is the Earth in the distant pastinto the Tuchulcha storylines. It should be easy enough—that has enough Lovecraftian flavor to fit in, and I use some of the same themes.

Emma Gill

Age: 18

Profession: Student

Education: Currently studying BSc Computer Science

STR: 9 DEX: 14 INT: 16 Idea: 80

CON: 10 APP: 13 POW: 15 Luck: 75

SIZ: 10 SAN: 75 EDU: 13 Know: 65

Essential Skills:

Chemistry 20%, Computer Use 45%, Cthulu Mythos 2%, Electronics 30%, Evil grin 60%, Evil laugh 50%, Fist/Punch 70%[1], Fast Talk 45%[2], Library Use 45%, Mathematics 40%, Other Language (French) 15%, Own Language (English) 65%, Persuade 45%[2], Physics 30%, Play flute 40%, Psychology 60%[3], Sarcasm 70%

[1] She has a mean right hook, as blokes who won't leave her alone eventually find out.

[2] +10% when using on lecturers/tutors at University

[3] Mainly due to being friends' agony aunt. They have a lot of agonies.

Physical Description:

About 5'5'' (varies depending size of heels worn today), and 10 stone, Emma is fairly attractive. Usually wears casual clothes and and little make-up. She wears glasses and is rarely found without her bag containing all that is vital to her life. That'll be her debit card then.

Weapons: A very heavy bag.


Mobile phone (ALWAYS charged), pencil case, pad, wallet containing 3 forms of ID and her debit card, and her RPG folder which holds details of the evilness she plans to release on those who were foolish enough to let her DM.


Generally described by her friends as 'lovely'. Always tries to find a good point about somebody. Slow to get angry, but when she does, everybody within a five-mile radius knows about it. People who do manage to get on her bad side usually find themselves constantly the subject of various sarcastic remarks - however, she is rarely in a mood with anyone for longer than half-an-hour. Past that and you've crossed the line, you're NEVER being forgiven.

One thing that really annoys her are males of the species who can't take 'no' for an answer.

Use as an NPC: Hmmmm… Can handle herself in a fight, but is generally not seen anywhere near one. Most likely to do some research over the internet (or other sources) after being asked nicely. Also has the abilty to look completely helpless and get utter strangers to lend a hand.

John Goodrich

Temp Wage Slave and Aspiring Mythos Author

Nationality: American

STR 9 DEX 10 INT 14 CON 11

APP 12 POW 13 SIZ 11 EDU 16

SAN 40 Luck 65 HP 11 Age 30

Damage Bonus: Ha!

Education: B.A. in English Teaching from the University of New Hampshire, M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from New Mexico State University

Skills: Art: Writing (40%) Computer Use 30%, Cthulhu Mythos 45%, Kill PC With A Single Die Roll 68%, Library Use 40%, Occult 20%, Persuade 38%, Psychology 50%, Sneak 40%

Languages: English 90%, Latin 10%, Old English 35%


Archery 50%
Handgun 35% (does not own one)
Shotgun 40% (does not own one)
Sharpened foil 35% (does not own one)

Notes: Has the GURPS disadvantage "unmistakable". Try getting lost in a crowd when you have long red hair. Aside from that, 5'10," pale skin, red hair below shoulders, pale blue eyes. More striking than attractive. John has some sort of pen and a Swiss army knife on him at all times.

Loss of either item is an indication of heavy san loss. John can be used as a surprise encounter in any office Delta Green is involved in.

As a temp, he can show up as the secretary or administrative assistant in virtually any office the Keeper wishes, government or not. Clever players can manipulate his assignments to, say, the offices of New World Industries. Who ever suspects the temp of being anything but incompetent?

May be the only person in existence to teach from The Unspeakable Oath (with Pagan's permission) in a high school classroom. This may also explain why he is exploring alternative employment options…

Daniel Harms

age 23

Minor Mythos Guru and Founder DG Run & Hide

STR 11 CON 7 SIZ 13 INT 18 POW 11 EDU 18

DEX 12 APP 11 HP 10 SAN 43

Skills: Anthropology 45%, Archeology 20%, Bitch about Publishing 55%, Cthulhu Mythos 75%*, Hide 50%, Necronomicon Lore 75%, Occult 45%, Other Language (Spanish) 25%, Own Language (English) 100%, Pontificate 45%, Run Away 50%

Weapons: Copy of Encyclopedia Cthulhiana, 40%, D 1D2 Sharpened foil (if he ever finds one) 30%

Equipment: Glasses, pens, 5 copies of the EC (use rules in front of your copy to see what it can do)

Role-playing notes: Sit quietly in the background. Be perpetually unsure of yourself. Say brilliant things.

GM Notes: As the author of the Encyclopedia Cthulhiana and the Necronomicon Files, Daniel will probably be one of the first sources that the agents will find if they're looking for info on the Mythos or the Necronomicon. Anyone who contacts him will have to make a Sanity roll for him not to see them as crazed metal fans, and a successful Oratory roll to convince him that there's anything behind it. In combat situations, Daniel Harms makes a Run away roll or lies on the ground yelling, "Not in the face! Not in the face!"

* It's against the rules, but I think I deserve it.

James Holloway

Age 21

Archive lackey

Education: BA (hons) History, Cambridge University

STR 9 CON 12 SIZ 14 INT 16 POW 10

DEX 13 APP 12 EDU 18 SAN 45 HP 13

Insanities: Thalassaphobia (minor)

Skills: Anthropology 30%, Archaeology 50%, Art: Acting 35%, Art: Sing 35%, Cackle Like Hyena 40%, Credit Rating 50%, Drive Auto 35%, Fast Talk 50%, History 65%, Library Use 65%, Long Winded Rambling 60%, Martial Arts 20%, Occult 40%, Other Language: French 35%, Persuade 40%, Psychology 40%, Sneak 50%, Spot Hidden 50% (-10% without glasses), Talk to Self 40%, Tradecraft 20%

Attacks: Fist/Punch 60% 1d3 + db, Hand Axe 50% damage 0 / d8 + db (trained _not_ to hurt people with it).


Carried: black shoulder bag containing: small notebook full of ramblings, address book, CD player and CDs, calculator, keys, pens, books (history), RPG supplement, paperback novel.

Available: library of historical/political texts, computer, new car, vast archive of recorded political speeches from 1944-present, axe, antique Soviet policeman's truncheon.

Description: 6', 200 lbs. Blue eyes, brown hair (short), glasses. Generally wears jeans, t-shirts, black leather jacket (but not the biker kind). In winter, may wear big wool overcoat and leather gloves for that "secret policeman" look.

Notes: attended Corpus Christi, Cambridge's "counterintelligence" college. Minor contacts in British, American, and former Soviet intelligence circles. Repeated employment in archives indicates unlikely to go mad from boredom.

Recommendation: use as research grunt for operations involving intelligence groups in UK or ARCHINT. Just tell him this assignment forms 20% of his grade and watch him forget he's not in college anymore.

Disadvantages: intends to attend journalism school, indicating desire to hear himself talk.

Eckhard Huelshoff

Attorney at law - specialising in Criminal Defense and Immigration law.
Nationality: German -
Age: 35 ( born Feb 2nd 1972 ) -

Eamon Honan

Wannabee Journalist

STR 7 DEX 10 INT 18(???) SIZ 13 DB -
CON 8 EDU 13 POW 14 APP 13 HP 10

Height: 5'10
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Very dark brown
Ethnicity: Irish melting pot.
Age: 19

Leaving Cert.
First year of a Journalism Degree.
Creative Writing courses.
Civil Defence training.

Items habitually carried: Pen, notepad, Leatherman, money, keys, wallet w/ press card, dept. of defence I.D., student card, USIT card, national library readers card, provisional drivers license, donor card (no-one ever believes I'm a probationary adult). Camera (20% time) w/1 roll spare film.

Dress: Jump boots, combats, shirt, big wooly jumper, donkey jacket, "deer hunter" hat.

Attacks: None what so ever…couldn't beatup my own shadow. In combat will run for cover at the first opportunity and possibilty take pictures.

Languages: English 70% Irish 65% French 15% Shorthand 05% (I'm learning !)


Library Use 40% Spot Hidden 50% History 40% Occult 15% Biology 10% Computer Use 15% First Aid 35% Rescue techniques 20% Swim 35% Pyschology 45% Persuade 50% Listen 40% Navigate 25% Ride 25% Ski 20% Sneak 35% Art (act/bluff) 50% Contacts 25% Art (build set/props) 40% Art (write) 55% Photography 45% Hide 50% Conceal 45% Credit Rating 35% Sing 15%

Use as an npc: That depends, I could probably be fairly useful as a guide around Dublin (I used to work as tour guide). I have been hired to do general research work and stuff before. However any DG agent contacing me as "faceless minion of the US" is a dead man, I'd at the very least check with the US embassy to make sure he was kosher. The only way I would thik of working myself into an adventure woudl be…

a) I spot the agents doing something they shouldn't, but realise they're americans and therefore whtever they're doing has to be newsworthy[1]. Use me as a inept "plucky reporter" style character….who follows the characters around and attracts attention to them.

b) I do a lot of street photography during the summer, just for my own amusement. Maybe I took a picture I shouldn't have.

[1]During Clinton's last visit….the Secret Service sent teams of armed men down into the sewers to make sure there were no bombs down there….it made page 4. Whatever armed Americans do in Ireland makes news.

Jürgen Hubert

Age 23, Male.

Occupation: Physics Student (with Bio-Medical Engineering as a minor)

Nationality: German

Appearance: 1.85 m, 103 kg (highly fluctuating), black hair, beard with a random hair distribution, blue eyes.

Education: Friedrich-Alexander Universita"t Erlangen-Nu"rnberg, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh.

STR 11 CON 10 SIZ 14 INT 15 POW 11

DEX 10 APP 10 EDU 15 SAN 50 HP 12

Skills: Art(Drawing) 10%, Astronomy 30%, Bicycling 40%, Cooking (Chinese) 20%, Chemistry 10%, Computer Use 50%, Computer Programming 20%, Cthulhu Mythos 5%, Drive Auto 15%, History 30%, Ignore Offers Of Alcoholic Drinks 99%, Ignoring Distractions While Reading 75%, Library Use 50%, Legends And Mythology 30%, Mathematics 50%, Medicine 10%, Occult 10%, Physics 55%, Postpone Drafting 40%, Psychology 10%, Random Trivia 50%, Swim 30%, Stop RPG Campaigns In Mid-Adventure While Game Mastering 25%.

Languages: Own Language (German) 75%, Read & Write English 60%, Speak English 45%, Latin 10%, French 2%, Japanese 2%

Weapons: Some of the heavier books he owns could conceivably be used as such.

Equipment: Bicycle, sturdy bicycle bags, 133 Pentium, approximately 1000 books, covering such subjects as role-playing games, SF and Fantasy novels, history, Science, mythology, psychology, and many more, as well as a collection of various magazines like Newsweek, Scientific American, and New Scientist. He usually carries at least one book with him, and usually several.

Notes: He was born in Erlangen, in northern Bavaria, and, despite a short stay in Edinburgh, Scotland, still lives in the vincity and studies there. He initially wanted to study physics because of his interest in astronomy, but changed his Minor to Bio-Medical Engineering after discovering that Astronomy was the only field of physics that had few job opportunities. His main goals are enjoying life and working none too hard (except for money), and hopefully graduating one day. Apart from that, he consistently refuses to take drugs or drink alcohol, in the hopes of attaining the mystical state of "knurdness", which allows humans to percieve the universe as it really is - without any distractions.

Delta Green agents might have to deal with him if he succeeds in his quest to attain this state, in which case the results should be spectacular. Apart from that, getting access to his huge collection of books might be useful - or then again, it might be a complete waste of time. Another reason for involvement with him might result from his work at his university's Department of Bio-Medical Engineering, where he has been involved in simulating heart cells on computers. Who knows what strange harmonics and insights might spring from this involvement with non-linear systems?

Shane Ivey

Researcher, freelance writer and harried father, age 29

Occupation: Online Title Researcher, EBSCO Subscription Services

Education: B.S. (Criminal Justice), University of Alabama in Birmingham; some law school.

STR 12 CON 8 SIZ 15 INT 17 POW 13

DEX 13 APP 12 EDU 18 SAN 59 HP 12

Skills: Computer Use 20%, Conceive Children 99%[1], Credit Rating 0%, Cthulhu Mythos 45%, Dodge 35%, Drive Auto 35%, First Aid 40%, Hide 30%, History 40%, Irritate Pagan Publishing Staff 89%, Law 35%, Library Use 55%, Listen 50% (when online or writing: 5%), Martial Arts (karate and a little judo) 20%, Occult 30%, Proofread Delta Green Article 55%, Psychology 50%, Psychoanalysis 15%, Run Online Game 70%, Sneak 30%, Spot Hidden 40% (without glasses: 5%), Surf Web 65%, Swim 35%, Write Scary Story or Scenario 40%[2]

Languages: English (own) 90%, French 15%

Attacks: Fist 54%, Kick 40%, Grapple 35%, Handgun 40%, Maglight or other club 38%

Equipment: Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 pencil, pocket pencil sharpener, notepad (the paper kind), thick folders of Internet printouts and hand-scrawled notes, notebooks and an ID card leftover from his brief stint with Wackenhut.

Weapons: Cheap .380 semi-automatic (locked in a drawer at his house, for minimum utility in the event of an NRO-Delta raid), easily-accessible Maglight (tm) flashlight, asthma inhaler.

[1] The SAN bonus for mastering this skill was squandered with one too many "two o'clock feeding" incidents.
[2] He gets a bonus when dealing with fans of certain obscure conspiracy genres.

Appearance: Tall but a little heavyset in recent years. Caucasian, with high cheekbones, brown hair (with a few straggly grey hairs), brown eyes, and thick glasses. Asthma makes him useless in a marathon, but adrenaline can keep him going a fairly long time in a sparring match or a genuine fight.

Roleplaying Notes: Speak softly (except when dissuading the 4-year-old from sitting on the 2-year-old's head), with a mild southern accent that shows strange New York phrases and accents very occasionally; listen closely, but appear scatterbrained as you inevitably start jotting notes for plotlines and narratives; bore everyone with tales of Cardinal Richelieu, real-world black operations, popular occult lore, or your brief jobs with the Wackenhut Corporation and the NYPD legal bureau; read unnecessary angles into every human interaction but force yourself to discount them; surprise people with your sense of humor; drive your family mini-van like a sports car and watch for cops.

Other notes: Ivey will mainly be useful to Delta Green agents as a collector of odd facts, some of which may have bearing on an investigation, others of which may be useless or misleading, and as a coordinator and contributor of information on the Delta-Green.com disinformation effort and individuals closely involved with it. Enemies with incomplete research may come to him before approaching DG front company Pagan Publishing to attack Delta Green. Incidentally, his wife and three young children make great Dependent NPCs to provide moral crises or hard (hopefully) choices to the investigators.

Mikko Kauppinen

Occupation: Technical writer/translator

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Nationality: Finnish

Education: Almost-MA in English Translation Studies. Minor subjects are

Finnish, Hypermedia, Computer Science.

STR 10 DEX 9 INT 13 Idea 65% Damage bonus: none

CON 12 APP 11 POW 13 Luck 65% Magic points: 13

SIZ 12 SAN 60 EDU 17 Know 85% Hit points: 12

Skills: Computer Use 35%, History 30%[1], Library Use 50%, Military Science 10%[2], Occult 10%[3], Finnish 85%, English 70%, Swedish 15%, Spanish 10%, Spot Hidden 40% (with glasses), Pop Culture Trivia 30%[4], Game Designing 30%, General Sports 5%, Cthulhu Mythos 35%

[1] Mainly military history
[2] Related to the above; owns a pile of books on the subject
[3] Scattered bits of info on conspiracy theories, UFOs, occult etc.
[4] Music, comics, movies, TV, computer & video games

Equipment: P133 computer (always a few generations behind at any given time), Sony PlayStation, aging bicycle, loads of books and comics, hundreds of CDs, Nokia 3110 mobile phone, non-firing replica Walther PPK, insulin injector pens, entirely too much RPG material

Notes: 177 cm tall, weighs 77 kg, brown hair, grey eyes, average build & appearance. Has diabetes which requires daily insulin treatments. Always wears glasses (pretty much blind without, refuses to wear contact lenses). Plays floorball (and is crap at it), football (soccer to US readers) and basketball (is even more crap at these two). Usually a friendly and nice guy, with a tendency to view life less than 100% seriously. Addicted to Diet Coke and Pepsi, potato chips, and proper kebab. Works at Nokia Telecommunications documenting mobile phone network management software (someone has to). Author of the renowned free RPG Powergame.

Game Uses: Likely none. :)

Michael Layne



Age: 55

Date of Birth: 6 September 1954

Sex: M

Occupation: Free-Lance Writer

Affiliation: Friendly

Race: Human

STR 09 CON 11 SIZ 10 INT 13 POW 13 Idea 65

DEX 11 APP 10 [1] EDU 16 SAN 65 [2] Luck 60 [3] Know 80

Damage Bonus: +0

Education: BSc (Business Administration, concentration in Computer Science) from University of Charleston; some additional work (but no M.Sc (yet))

Birthplace: Charleston, West Virginia, USA

Mental disorders: Chronic depression (mitigated by appropriate prescription medication)

Physical disorders: Myopia (20/600 vision, sufficient to prevent my joining the Navy — after I had passed the written exams for OCS); hypertension (mitigated by appropriate prescription medication); chronic conjuncitivitis; acid reflux (mitigated by appropriate prescription medication); minor allergies (mitigated by appropriate prescription medication) occasional limp

Skills: Airship History & Trivia 50%, Biology 5%, Climb 40%, Computer use 40% [4], Cthulhu Mythos 10% [5], Demolitions 35% [6], First aid 20%, Heraldry 65% [7], History 60% [7], Library Use 65% [8], Mathematics 30%, Military Science 50% [9], Naval Trivia 65% [10], Occult 10%, Onomastics 42%, Physics 25%, Politics (SCA) 5%, Science Fiction 55%, Shiphandling 25% [11], Tell "There I Was" SCA Stories 60%, Write Term Papers Disguised as Email Posts to Delta Green List 75%

Languages: English 90%, Heraldic Blazon 60% [12], Latin 12% [13], Polish 1% [14], Klingon 1% [15]


Fist: 20%

Kick: 20%

Grapple: 20%

Quarterstaff: 20% 2d6 [16]

Pistol: 25% [17]

Rifle: 25% [17]

Black Powder Musket (flintlock, or matchlock): 25% [17]

Recurved Bow: 24% [18]

[1] My (unfortunately now former) lady friend tended to (during our relationship) rate my appearance considerably higher, and even considered me "handsome", but her opinion on the matter at the time was admittedly quite subjective…:)

[2] Considered "mostly harmless"… Encounters with Life (and my relatives, who probably qualify as some Lesser Independent Species), together with severe local politics in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and one viewing too many replay of "Re-Animator" on the Late Show, have cost me a number of SAN points…:)

[3] I have been told I sometimes have the most terrible luck when traveling (cars I am a passenger in sometimes go off the road, run into deer on the Interstate, etc.), but the most incredible luck in surviving the resulting calamities… I am reputed by some to be a Weirdness Magnet…:)

[4] My original computer training was in an earlier era — punched cards, big mainframes, etc. Experience with desktop computers was picked up on my own, and I haven't done any serious programming in over 10 years!

[5] Primarily from reading HPL and some other Mythos authors.

[6] Entirely theoretical… Back in college, I got tired of writing endless business programs, and (using as references a US Army Explosives & Demolition Manual and a 1950's Army Engineers Logistics Manual) wrote a COBOL program that calculated the amounts and placements of charges for various demolitions tasks! (From all indications it worked well, although my Academic Advisor, on finding out about it, ordered me to Cease and Desist! A similar project in current days would probably result in my questioning by various agencies, or attempts at my recruitment by assorted groups of bad guys…) I have since collected other books on demolitions, and sometimes amuse my friends while crossing bridges by explaining where I would place the charges if I wanted to "drop" the bridge…:) Following 9-11 and the increased suspicion by some of people with my talents, I have not been as forward in speaking of them in public!:)

[7] I served as a Herald in the Society for Creative Anachronism for somewhat over 19 years (16 of those as a senior Herald in various staff offices), have trained several new Heralds, and, for several years, held a post as a Deputy Kingdom Herald for the SCA's Kingdom of AEthelmearc. Due to some complex political considerations, I do not currently hold an SCA heraldic office, although I still unofficially offer assistance when necessary, and have served as Cry Coordinator at Pennsic 32 - 37(Deputy Cry Coordinator at Pennsic 38, likely to serve in similar capacity at Pennsic 39).

[8] I learned to read at age 3 (much to the consternation of my First-Grade teachers!) and have been in and around libraries since I was 6 or so. I've worked for the WV State Library Commission, and patrons at various libraries sometimes ask me for advice, figuring I work there! (AFIK, I've never gotten one of them lost yet…):)

[9] Delta Green Gunfondler #688.

[10] Especially concerning Naval History & Submarines. More than once, while visiting a historic ship with friends, I have explained some things about the ship to my companions, only to soon find myself questioned by members of a tour group, who seem to assume I am a guide!:)

[11] Theoretical, mainly from reading books such as "Knight's Seamanship", and "Naval Shiphandling", and articles in "Proceedings of the US Naval Institute" with such titles as "Handling of Spruance Class Destroyers Underway"…

[12] Specialized dialect, derived primarily from Old French, used in heraldic descriptions of coats of arms. Sometimes usable (at a significant penalty) for (somewhat) reading French…

[13] Was once somewhat higher, but has deteriorated through low usage…

[14] Learned from my (former) lady friend Katrina (Lady Katheryne of Kring's Keep), who is currently writing a book on Polish names and heraldry for the benefit of SCA Heralds. Most of the little Polish I know consists of expressions that compliment her, etc….:)

[15] Mainly useful phrases such as "Surrender or die!" and "Where do you keep the chocolate?" (Take it from me, it's _embarrassing_ to confuse those two phrases!) Percentage would probably go up, with sufficient time to refer to Orkund's "Klingon Dictionary" — provided the Klingons do not disintegrate me while I'm flipping pages!:)

[16] Own a quarterstaff, but mainly use it to assist walking at outdoor SCA events, etc. A little theoretical knowledge of quarterstaff combat, but have never actually fought with one…:)

[17] Have only fired an actual firearm a few times (including black-powder muskets and more ancient varieties of "hand cannons" on a few occasions), but have some theoretical knowledge (see [9])

[18] Used a 35-pound Ben Pearson recurve (no pulleys, no fiberglass!), with wooden three-fletch arrows (from Wizard Archery) in SCA target shooting (until it got stolen from the storage place I had put it in!) The % score listed was my Royal Round Average back then, and would probably be slightly lower now due to much less practice!:)


Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 200 lbs (approx.)

Hair: Medium-brown

Eyes: Blue; wears metal-framed glasses (bifocals)

Complexion: Caucasian

Handedness: Right

Distinguishing Marks or Scars: Scars on right arm and both legs (acquired when I attempted to separate two fighting dogs — I sometimes tell people I was "wounded in a dogfight"!):)

Clothing is generally blue — dark blue trousers, light-blue shirt, black boots (East German Army surplus), black wooly-pully sweater in appropriate weather, tends to wear one of several blue USN ship's ball-caps (including — but not limited to — GALLERY, LITTLE ROCK, CONSTELLATION, JOHN PAUL JONES, ENTERPRISE, DOYLE, NAUTILUS, LOS ANGELES, PARCHE….) In fall weather, tends to wear dark-blue jackets or windbreakers or tan trench-coat; in winter, wears camel-color wool coat, grey wool Swiss military surplus overcoat, USN surplus officer's reefer (dark blue w gold buttons) or dark-blue coat (London Fog).

Equipment carried:

On person: wallet (some cash, cards (including some rather odd ones, but no credit cards)), sundry pens & mechanical pencils, various keys and P-38 can-opener (on heavy brass and steel USS CONSTELLATION souvenir keychain), plastic card-case with current month's bus pass, pocket flashlight, short transparent plastic ruler, small calculator, several small slips of paper with odd email addresses, URLs, notes to self, etc. Sometimes carries Palm PDA. Many times carries brown leather portfolio or attache case with various books, documents, etc. (varying day to day and with personal needs or mood)

(In SCA garb (stand-off scale 16th century — only at SCA events such as the Pennsic War) would leave some of the above behind, but would wear belt pouch with various stuff, eating knife (Gerber Mk II) in belt sheath, wide straw hat (on sunny days, at the insistence of my Pelican…), sundry awards medallions (Order of the Millrind, Order of the Keystone, Order of the Silver Crescent, Sigil of AEthelmearc, Order of the Green Comet) and (when on duty) appropriate Heraldic baldric of green wool with gold crossed trumpets…):)

Other possessions:

Lots and lots and lots of books (far more than I really have shelves for); numerous photos of USN ships and aircraft; photos taken at military, space, and naval museums; assortment of tech literature, catalogs, etc from various military and paramilitary suppliers; plastic non-firing replica guns; various swords with scabbards; numerous SCA awards scrolls (on wall) and many photographs from the Pennsic Wars; collections of magazines such as "Proceedings of the US Naval Institute"; collection of audio tapes (mainly classical music), video tapes and DVDs; 2x dome tents of slightly different types; metal-framed cabin tent (damaged by a severe thunderstorm at Pennsic XXIV and not yet fully repaired); camping gear (suitable for camping for approximately two weeks at Pennsic, etc.); various model ships, aircraft, and spacecraft; Gateway desktop computer with printer.


United States Naval Institute (http://wwww.usni.org) (Associate Member); Cruiser Olympia Association; USS Constellation Foundation (Life Member); Star Fleet International (http://www.sfi.org) (Active Member); Lighter than Air Society (http://www.blimpinfo.com) (membership currently inactive…); Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) (http://www.sca.org) (Sustaining Member, with Combat Waiver, though not authorized fighter); AARP; Borders Preferred Readers (http://www.bordersstores.com)

Entities Encountered:

  • Own siblings and relatives (see above)
  • Gamers
  • Tuchux (http://wwww.tuchux.com)
  • SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) Machiavellian Politicians
  • West Virginia Politicians
  • The Man in Black (by Email — slightly reduced SAN cost):)

Possible Use:

In the absence of personnel with actual experience as a Naval officer, could probably serve as a useful source of data on the USN and other Navies, on various other militaries, on various ships, weapons systems, support systems, etc.

Knowledge of pirate history and tactics. (First Place in Rising Star (http://www.rising-star.org/) "Evil Stevie's Pirate Game" (http://www.io.com/~sj/PirateGame.html) competitions, 2004-2006)

Primary Delta Green Contact at the Pennsic War (late July - early August, Cooper's Lake Campground, Butler County, PA). (http://wwww.pennsicwar.org) Have been on Pennsic Staff for the last several years, fairly familiar with the site, various contacts among those attending (including other staff members). Generally equipped with radio while on duty.

Theoretical knowledge of airship operations and history. (Actual airship flight experience consists of one flight as passenger aboard Goodyear Blimp "Mayflower" in 1971.) Can provide or access numerous books and documents concerning the subject, and diagrams of historical airships. (In 1997, assisted Mr. Brian Hatcher with a Mythos-oriented LARP, playing a US Navy officer who survived the wreck of USS "Shenandoah" (ZR-1) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Shenandoah_(ZR-1)) on 2-3 September 1925. In that capacity, gave the PCs a first-hand account of the loss of the airship.)

Theoretical knowledge of demolitions & explosives, can provide manuals.

Considerable experience for conducting library research. Knowledge of (and experience in) Heraldry and of the workings of the SCA (at least in AEthelmearc (http://www.aethelmearc.org)), in Medieval/Renaissance warships and Elizabethan-era Privateering.

Some contacts among the very few remaining game shop owners in Charleston WV area and a few mail-order firms elsewhere. Contacts in various military, technical, and historical fields.

Can sometimes be found at SF conventions (generally working Security or as a Gofer), or at events of the Society for Creative Anachronism (generally working in some heraldic capacity — official or otherwise, depending upon the political climate). Operationally oriented, with little desire for political games — which, of course, makes me a convenient target in others' schemes.

Prior to August 2000, could frequently be found in the company of Purple Kat (AKA Katheryne of Kring's Keep), an expert on medieval Poland. (This relationship has ended, and the lady married someone else…)

The Reverend Doctor Leo

Age: 27
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Cantonese (Chinese), Irish, Welsh, German, Cherokee (Native American)
Degrees and Schools: None, Unfinished AA Degree at Community College


STR 13 DEX 10 INT 14 Idea 70
CON 12 APP 13 POW 13 Luck 65
SIZ 15 SAN 35 EDU 14 Know 70

Magic Pts Hit Points 12 Dmg.Bonus +1D4

Maximum SAN 49 Current SAN 35

Insanities: Bipolar Mood Disorder, Substance Abuse Disorder (Marijuna, Alcohol), Personality Disorder-Sexual Compulsive In Treatment


  • Anthropology 25
  • Fast Talk 30
  • Cantonese 10
  • Archaeology 25
  • Forensics 10
  • Own Lang English 70
  • Astronomy 10
  • Persuade 35
  • Biology 10
  • History 25
  • Pharmacy 15
  • Hypnosis 10
  • Photography 15
  • Physics 10
  • Law 10
  • Library Use 30
  • Psychoanalysis 10
  • Psychology 20
  • Chemistry 10
  • Locksmith 10
  • Martial Arts 15
  • Conspiracy Theory 55
  • Computer Use 25
  • Demolitions 10
  • Occult 50
  • Military Science 10
  • Credit Rating 10
  • Cryptography 05
  • Dodge 25
  • Dreaming 15
  • Tradecraft 15
  • Drive Auto 35
  • Cthulhu Mythos 50

Contact Nyarlathotep, Contact Azathoth, Contact Cthulhu, Brew Space Mead, Create Fetch Stick, Enchant:Candle, Brazier, Dagger, Knife, Create: wanga, gris-gris, mojo bag, Astral Projection, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Hexagram, Dodecahedron; Invocation to Completely Annihilate and Destroy All known and unknown enemies (from a book on
Brujeria/Palo Mayombe), Create nanga pot, Chaos Bolt, Create Chaos Egregor, Summon Servitor of Exceptional Parking Luck, Speak with Cats, Delude Self.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Age: "avuncular"
Nationality: American Anglophile
Profession: Writer of Weird Fiction, Amateur Journalist
Education: self-taught

STR 8 CON 8 SIZ 14 INT 15
POW 14 DEX 10 CHA 14 EDU 15

SAN 30

SKILLS: Read/Write English 100%, Read/Write Latin 55%, Read/Write French 35%, Accounting 50%, Anthropology 40%, Astronomy 80%, Botany 30%, Chemistry 20%, CTHULHU MYTHOS 65%, First Aid 45%, Geology 45%, History 95%, Law 30%, Library Use 80%, Linguist 20%, Occult 85%, Pharmacy 25%, Treat Disease 20%, Zoology 40%, Diagnose Disease 25%, Listen 50%, Psychology 35%, Spot Hidden 30%, Track 10%, Drive Auto 20%, Electrical Repair 10%, Mechanical Repair 20%, Camouflage 10%, Hide 5%, Move Quietly 30%, Pick Pocket 5%, Bargain 15%, Credit Rating 25%, Debate 50%, Fast Talk 15%, Oratory 40%, Psychoanalyze 15%, Sing 10%, Climb 55%, Dodge 60%, Jump 45%, Ride 5%, Swim 15%, Throw 45%

WEAPONS: Fist 45% (see "Lovecraft's book", by R. Lupoff)

SPELLS: At the Keeper's discretion (see "The Shambler From the Stars" by Robert Bloch)

Notes: This character has been on the list so long he was here, in spirit, well before the concept of e-mail ever slouched out of the lugubrious and echoing depths of some eldritch computer whiz-kid's cavernously empty mesencephalus.

Tall, pale, upper-class looking despite his well worn clothes Lovecraft is essential as a source of inspiration, and can tap a wide and varied network of contacts. His background knowledge is not up to date but he's pretty reliable when it comes to the '20s and '30s.

Loves cats and is very fond of vanilla ice cream and spaghetti with meatballs. Suffers (enjoys?) extremely vivid dreams.

Meeting Lovecraft: Should the players meet HPL during a Delta Green game, a stiff sanity check would probably be in order.

Guillaume Maerkerke

age : 20.

Ex law student. French letters student.

STR 11 CON 14 SIZ 14 INT 14 POW 12

DEX 09 APP 11 EDU 13 SAN 60 HP 14

Insanities : punctuallity obsession

Skills : Fast Talk 60%, Library use 55%, Chemistry 10%, Drive car 75%, Discretion 25%, Law 30% (for my teachers : 5%), Horse riding 35%, History 55%, Computer use 60%, Cthulhu Mythos 35%, Psychology 5%, Spot Hidden Thing 45% (awaken).

Languages : French 80%, German 15%, English 40%, Latin 5%, Spanish 0,5%.

Weapons : Kick - 15%

Air-pumped guns - 55 %

French/English dictionnary - 65%

Base-ball - 30%

Equipment : everything about WW2 and French history, a HPL/Dick/Farmer/King/Buzzati collection, a lovely old-fashionned cop kepi, a Berlin wall piece, a WW2 GI helmet, and a shiny quasi-soviet technology car.

CoC, DG and Deadlands gear. The Monthy Python Great Book, "the Wall" DVD.

Description : 1m85, brown eyes, brown short hair & glasses. Always a smile.

No shirts, no blue-jeans, a pilot-type leather jacket, a summer jacket, cloth pants, and a heavy duffle-coat with warm leather gloves for winter.

Notes : seems unable to be an government agent, since he has discovered that law studies are a real piece of ?*ù$!£… Drink no alcohol (except tequila !). Has some contacts with Romanian and Swiss fellows.

Davide Mana

age 33

Life-Sentence University Student and Jack of All Trades, Would-be Writer (God, no! Anoher one!)

Education: Turin University, University of London

STR 11 CON 13 SIZ 15 INT 17 POW 9

DEX 12 APP 11 EDU 18 SAN 45 HP 14

Skills: Archaeology 25%; Biology 15%; Cartography 60%; Chemistry 25%; Climb 55%; Computer Use 50%; Cooking 35%; Debate 55%; Flute Playing 25%; Geology 65%; Genre Fiction 85%; History 35%; Hypnosis 20%; Library Use 60%; Listen 55%; Martial Arts 20%; Natural History 75%; Occult 30%; Phone Tapping 35%; Sneak 45%; Stagecraft 30%; Useless Trivia 85%; Tarot Reading 75%; Zen 28%; plus a vague 3% in all the rest

Cthulhu Mythos: 45%

Languages: Italian 90%; English 75%; Latin (R/W only) 35%; French 30%; Spanish 25%; Japanese 20% and going up, currently working on his Roumanian and his Mandarin.

Weapons: Bow 45%

Equipment at hand: glasses, matches, a few pens, small notebook, yo-yo, tin whistle, pocket knife, 10x magnifying lens, bus tickets, a thick paperback (subject varies), a pocket of cleenex - allergy pills if it's spring. A few thousand books, records and a battered Panda car are also available on short notice.

Appearance: 1.88 m high, massively built, brown hair and eyes (the latter hidden behind photochromatic glasses). Usually wears jeans, a shirt with rolled up sleeves and sneakers or other rubber-soled shoes. And a jacket with lots of pockets.

No tie if he can do without.


Born (1967) and raised in Turin, Italy; scientific studies liberally sprinkled with just anything that struck his fancy at the moment, from stage magic to social psichology. A lot of (often unpaid) odd jobs of the kind that writers do in order to fill their back-cover bio.

A committed anglophile, non-smoker and teetotaller.

Has a fixation (bordering on the fetish) for Queen Elizabeth Tudor and her times.

Under stress, can survive on tea exclusively for an undetermined amount of time.

Roleplaying Notes: speaks English with what was once called "a Southern accent" (geez! Like Tom Petty!), actually his plain Piedmontese drawl superimposed on his English. Often sprinkles his speaking with old-fashioned words, self-deprecating humor and odd quotations. Has a soft spot for lost causes and will generally side with the outsiders in discussions.
Always very kind to young ladies and cats, not necessarily in this order.
Extremely silent despite his bulk, he will generally hover unnoticed at the margin of the conversation nursing, in his own words, "a stiff lemonade" (more rarely a double coke).

Suffers from insomnia.

He usually haunts second hand bookshops, afternoon movie premieres and University halls, not necessarily in this order, and has a rather active on-line life. The players are most likely to get to him sooner or later, as he gives the impression of being always two phone calls away from everything and everyone else.
His name might also surface should someone run a detailed web search on the keywords "Ice Cave".

Mark McFadden

age 43 / alias The Lizard King

Messaging Specialist (really cool Caine-in-Kung-Fu as written by Charles Bukowski and directed by Orson Welles type of guy in the Dreamlands. Soundtrack by Mr. Mojo Risin and Tangerine Dream)

STR 10 CON 14 SIZ 9 INT 18 POW 15
DEX 14 APP 11 EDU 16[1] SAN 40 HP 14

Skills: Film History 50%, Natural History 30%, Spot Hidden 70%[2], Computer Use 80%, Hide 30%, Acting 60% (100% in the Dreamlands), Pacify Enraged Primates 80%, Pacify Enraged Canines 60%, Pacify Enraged Executive 80%, Pacify With Extreme Prejudice 60%, Fast Talk 75%, BS 80%, Wilderness Survival (Boy Scout) 40%, MacGuyver 60%, Swim 50%, Cthulhu Mythos 25%, Urban Mythos 40%, Zen Fu 60%[3], Messaging (EMail, Fax, Scheduling, Calendaring, X.4/500, SMTP yada yada) 70%, Everybody Else's Damn Job 30%, Troubleshoot 80%, Get There Without Asking For Directions 80%, Spontaneous Buffoonery 80%, Extempore Sallies 75%, Standup 60%, Too Hip For The Room 60% Been There/Done That 40% Improvise, Adapt, Overcome 70%

[1] No degree, mostly OJT and independent study.
[2] It's a gift. Also a side-effect of hacking my own OS.
[3] Legacy of years studying martial arts and being the "dummy" for years of demonstrations. Includes:

  • Ignoring pain (they used to demonstrate pressure points and joint locks on me for the edification of the other students)
  • Sticky hands
  • Brick/board breaking
  • Aikido style chi manipulation
  • That full-tilt boogy confidence that comes from a regimen of scientific whoopass

Own Language: English 80%, (I'm not a consultant for the OED)

Other languages: can translate the noun in most Latin-based languages. Maybe some verbs.


At home: bokken, knives or screwdrivers in every room. Some big heavy professional kitchen cutlery. Various reproduction medievel/asian swords. Anywhere else: 4" folding knife, pocket screwdriver, anything at hand, hands/feet etc.


Alpha male: can summon the presence (acting!) of a Marine DI and pretty much make everyone do as he says. Only used when sweet reason fails, as it eats up Magic Points and requires much smoothing of ruffled feathers after an application. Only uses it in a professional capacity, and not even then if executives weren't such political primates.

Big picture: can visualize complex systems in action, like an Air Traffic Controller.


In home: big messy library of eclectica, ditto music. Lots of general reference works. 3 working PCs and parts for several more. A garage full of consumer electronics parts, tools and heavy punching bags. A room full of books and exercise equipment. A full suite of emergency/earthquake equipment. Tools. Lots of jugged water, extra dog food etc. First aid kit equipped up to minor surgery. Without anesthesia, however.

Anywhere else:

On person: 3" folding knife, multi-tool on key-chain, multi-tool in wallet, Zippo lighter, AAA flashlight and SA knife (w/ toothpick and scissors), clean white handkerchief with a dozen various sized safety pins and needles and thread. Legacy of the Boy Scouts.

In truck: First aid kit w/ minor surgery instruments. Several disposable cauterizing tools. Multi-tool, flashlight and 4-in-1 screwdriver in glove compartment. Complete change of clothes w/ walking boots. Backpack equipped for camping. Weather gear. Nylon rope. Water. "Walking stick" bokken.

Yes, I do have a lot of Heinlein on the shelves. Why do you ask?

Appearance: 5' 6"; 170 pounds distributed mesomorphically with the exception of a hard round belly , shoulder length dark burgundy hair, electric blue eyes behind glasses. Errol Flynn as Robin Hood mustache and beard. This is to hide the distinctive Kerry-spawn stiff upper lip and chin that makes changing a pillowcase an all-day job. Ba dum ching. Thank you! I'll be at the Comedy Inferno thru Thursday.

At work, habitually wears black. At home, an Aloha shirt, Levis, loafers, no socks.

Notes: As a messaging guru, could have some utility as a DG Friendly. Is very well connected in the movie studio IS community. Studied American Kenpo for years and supplemented that with Hwa Rang Do, Lua, Small Circle Jiu Jitsu, and sparring/comparing notes with prison gang members, Crips, Bloods, Rangers, biker bar bouncers, LEOs and instructors of various other martial arts.

Lives with two dogs that he raised with the methods of the Brothers of New Skete. Is accepted as the Alpha Male.

Jerry McKelvey

Occupation: Mainframe Operator/Programmer

Sex: Male

Age: 30

Str: 6 Dex: 11 Int: 16 Con: 9 App: 6 Siz: 12 Pow: 11 Edu: 15 Idea: 85

Luck: 55 Know: 75

San: 45%

Mp 11 Hit Points: 10

Phobias: Furbies. Insanities: Hatred - Jennifer Love Hewitt. Believes her to be Disciple of King In Yellow.


Operate Mainframe: 85% Hide: 30% Computer Use: 80% Law: 10% Be Rude To End User: 90% Occult: 30% Obscure Gamer Knowledge: 45% First Aid : 45% Math: 50% Military Science:10% Boating, sailboat: 40% Other language, english: 95%, Other language, spanish: 10% Art: -15%[1] History: 50% Persuade: 50% Drink Coffee: 99%

Spells Known: (new spell) Speak with computer[2]

Weapons: Sarcasm (10% to impale) 1d6 hp

equipment: IBM mainframe, dell 350 desktop PC, assorted pens and operations manuals. Many tomes of obscure games.


this NPC can be found in libraries, hobby stores, computer shows, coffee shops and mainframe computer labs all around central pa. He is known to sometimes venture into bars, but not often. Well known by an obscure network of coffee pushers as thier biggest addict. His researches into computers have enabled him to learn some pretty obscure operating systems in a fairly short time. It is unknown how he has achieved this knowledge.

Talks rapidly, constantly wired on coffee. Also has a notebook with many scraps of code for a variety of computer languages. (english, No mythos modifier. 1 spell - Speak with computer, 1/1d6 SAN to read.)

[1]Note - is actually only human alive known to be artistically declined.
[2]Note: New Spell

Speak With Computer:

This spell can only be used on mainframe computers or local/wide area networks. By sitting at the server terminal or master console and expending a one MP, the caster can then gain rapid understanding of any problems or potential problems with the computer. The caster also gets the possible solution to the problem, and gains a temporary increase of 20% to his computer use skill while the spell is in effect. This spell costs one SAN per use.

Carlos Marti Tortes

Age : 25

Nationality : Spanish

Degrees and Schools : Computer Science engineer, Universitat Jaume I, Castellon.

Occupation: Computer programmer and RPG master on weekends.


STR 13 DEX 12 INT 16 Idea 80
CON 16 APP 12 POW 13 Luck 65
SIZ 12 SAN 60 EDU 18 Know 90

Magic Pts 13 Hit Points 14 Dmg.Bonus +1D4

Insanities : light insomnia.


Anthropology 15, Fast Talk 15, Archaeology 10, Astronomy 10, Persuade 35, Biology 15, History 40, Pharmacy 10, Photography 10, Physics 25, Law 10, Library Use 60, Psychoanalysis 10, Psychology 30, Chemistry 20, Martial Arts 20, Conspiracy Theory 25, Computer Use 80, Military Science 20, Credit Rating 25, Cryptography 35, Dodge 35, Drive Auto 40, Cthulhu Mythos 30, Occult 50, Electronics 20, Electrical repair 35, Maths 35, Swim 40, Run 40, Creating perfect plans 40, Converting perfect plans into front assaults 40, Bill Gates jokes 80, Other useless information 70, Create modules and do not write down them 90.

Languages: Own Language Spanish-90, English 60, French 20, German 5, Latin 20, Catalan 70, Programming languages 80.

Weapons: Punch 55, Kick 40, Sarcastic insults 45 (1/1D3 SAN loose if impales).

Equipment: nothing useful save mobile phone.

Spells: Dismiss Boss (never functioned, think I failed the learning check), Solve computer problems.

Keeper notes: Born in Castellon, Spain in 1974. Has a fixation in computers since childhood, got a computer science degree as soon as possible, but get soon disenchanted by professional offerings (yo do not have a lot in a little city). Discovered comics and fantasy books and RPGs at 15, and get hooked to them.

Useful as: guide in Spain, Spanish translations, anything related to computers, cannon fodder, human shield and other imaginative uses.

Ricardo J. Méndez Castro

Age 25

Software Developer and Project Starter

Education: Costa Rica Institute of Techonlogy

STR 10 CON 11 SIZ 12 INT 17 POW 12

DEX 10 APP 12 EDU 16 HP 12 SAN 50

Skills: Acquire computer game 90%, Avoid small kids 80%, Art (Writting) 30%, Computer Use 85%, Cooking 30%, Cthulhu Mythos 35%, Find Significant Document Online 40%, Library Use 50%, Listen 40%, Martial Arts (Kenjitsu) 5%[1], Movie trivia 85%, Problem analysis 40%(70%)[2], Recognize Author 60%, Repeat movie dialog 55%

[1] And going down…
[2] 70% in case of a software issue

Languages: English 75%, Spanish 85%, Latin 3%

Computer languages: Assembler (Intel) 20%, C 55%, C++ 40%, HTML 40%, NEUDL 15%, ObjectPascal (Pascal in general) 85%, Scheme 30%

Phobias/Mental disorders: 1) Oraclephobia. If forced to work with Oracle, Ricardo may, failing a sanity check, decide that the contract is not really worth it. 2) He also has a serious distaste of little kids (anything younger than 14 years) and tries to avoid them as much as possible. 3) When a new computer game from his favorites comes out, Ricardo must pass a sanity check or be completely convinced that his life can't continue without it.

Weapons: None above base

Equipment usually carried; Pocket watch, microcassette tape recorder (with extra microcassette), cell phone, pen, pencil, eraser, book he's currently (re)reading, small notebook, a magazine and diskettes and ZIP disk.

Equipment at home: Countless books and about 200 CDs (about half of which are movie soundtracks), computer, small toys and figures (specially proud of Captain Harlock), and of course his trusty PC which is continually changing parts. Looking around several old and outdated documents and magazines can be found, with everything from a 400 year old arrowhead to telephone bills coming up.

Appearance: 1.75 m high, a little overweight at about 78 kilos (he just started exercising and the benefits still don't show), green eyes and black wavy hair. He can usually be found either wearing or cleaning his black-rimmed glasses which don't have much of an augmentation but save him from splitting headaches. Usually wears faded black jeans, long-sleeved shirts with the sleeves rolled up, sneakers. Add his black leather overcoat is he is outside at night (or cold), and long black umbrella if raining. If going to a client he can be found wearing blue jeans (suit pants if in a dire situation), long-sleeved T-S hirt and suite jacket (either black or dark blue). Sometimes a tie if needed be.

Notes: born and raised in San José, the small capital of small Costa Rica (near 5 million habitants, about 1.5 million of which are Nicaraguans). Son of a history professor and a historian. A movie fan since a young age, Ricardo was attracted to computers by Captain Harlock's computer Tothiro and the movie Tron. He has ever since been obsessed with atrificial intelligence and artificial life with a side order of computer graphics, but unfortunately he gets very little time to practice because of his job. He has been working as a software developer for the last six years, with the last year being dedicated to his own business. A compulsive coffee drinker, he avoid smokers like the plague and is known to ocasionally drink some Irish cream before sitting down to write. Drank Diet Coke until they brought out the foul-tasting beverage known as Light Coke.

He is a compulsive reader and book buyer, and his collection includes anything from the 1930s edition of Homer's complete works to several books in computer science to quite a few Heinlein tomes a few comics (mostly Matt Wagner's Grendel) to a tome in physics and particle systems. He is prone to start both online and software projects which he only finished a year later than planned.

Ricardo has been married for two years, marrying out of mad love and still doing his best not to have a son.

Roleplaying notes: a strong willed individual, Ricardo refuses to give in when he knows (or strongly believes) he is right. In software issues he is more willing to concede a point to somebody of whose knowledge he is aware, but seriously despises anyone that talks like an expert without being one (he _doesn't_ consider himself one either). He speaks English fluently most of the time, unless he is tired or has a headache. Since he picked up most of his accent while working in an used bookstore, it tends to be a non-identifiable patchwork of accents from all over the world, and usually turns to the accent and manner of speech of the person he is speaking with. It has been pointed out that he does this when speaking in Spanish too. In conversation about a topic he is really interested on, he often drifts off wondering about it or starts talking with himself, wondering things out loud.

He tries to hang as much as possible around a friend's bookshop in San José called Mora Books, does his best to go to the movies once a week and is always reading something. He can be contacted by the investigators due to his extensive link of acquaintances, not all of which like him by far and about half of which were acquired in Mora Books.

Ken Murphy

Librarian at heart, age 38

Affiliation: Friendly

Race: Caucasian

STR 12 CON 14 SIZ 20 INT 15 POW 12

DEX 9 APP 11 EDU 16 SAN 33 HP 17

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Education: HS graduate. 3 years of community college off-and-on; no degree.

Occupation: Unacredited Thinkologist/ Stay-at-home Dad

Skills: Accounting 15%, Ancient Irish History 25%, Art-Cook grilled cheese sandwich 78%, Art-Drawing 65%, Art-Pen & Ink 68%, Art-Write 28%, Art History 25%, Ask for extra condiments at drive-through 75%, Bargain 25%, Book History 20%, Bowling 15%, Celtic Mythology 30%, Cheesey Impressions 63%[1], Collect various Celtic & Hearts of Space CDs 30%,Collect Comics 48%, Collect Statues of different Deities 58%, Computer Use 1%, Conceal 68%, Craft-Babysitting 55%, Craft-Copy Editing 20%, Craft-Janitor 50%, Craft-Housekeeping 55%, Craft-Paste-up 78%, Craft-Photo Manipulation 84%, Crazy Magnet 55%[2], Credit Rating 10%, Darts 23%, Dodge 18%, Drive Auto 5%, Drive Motorcycle 30%, Embody that Beloved American Icon The Smartass 70%, Fiddle with car radio to find NPR 50%, Have to re-tie left shoelace 65%, Hide 15%, History 40%, Jones for more books 80%, Library Use 74%, Listen 45%, Obscure trivia , themes & jingles 85%[3], Occult 15%, Persuade 25%, Pharmacy 22%, Play Cards 30%, Play Pinball 45%, Play Quake 40%, Precognition 12%[4] , Procrastinate 60%, Psychology 22%, Puns & Jokes 58%, Roleplaying Games 76%, Sarcasm 75%, Shadow 25%, Shoot Pool 20%, Smell 78%[5] , Sneak 21%, Spot Hidden 40%, Spot Women 85%[10], Swim ( or even float ) 0%, Throw 15%, Twelve-Step Lore 24%, Wants to stop at Fast Food joint that has just been passed up 65%, Watch Bad TV & Movies 60%, Wicca 20%, Write cryptic notes in spiral-bound notebook 85%.

Languages: English 80%, Spanish 14%[6]


Fist/Punch 50%, 1D3 (+2)+db [7]

Kick 25%, 1D6+db

Grapple 25%, Special

Rifle attack 25%[8]

Shotgun attack 30%[8]

Archery attack 20%, 1D6+1/2db 30yds/240yds[9]

[1] Ken's Cpt. Kirk is mind-numbing ( 1/ 1D3 SAN ).

[2] If there's a nut in a crowd, he'll gravitate to Ken; whether thanking him for saving their life in 'Nam, or imparting some tidbit of arcana Ken apparently just can't do without.

[3] Ken watched entirely too much TV growing up. Pretty much anything he might've seen on the tube or heard on the radio as a kid went right into his head and never came out. This gives an edge when playing trivia games. As scary as it sounds, some friends have come to depend on Ken's obviously wonky knowledge as relevant in certian RW situations.

[4] An auto accident left Ken with severe Epileptic seizures. During really bad ones, Ken has occasionally seen images he is convinced have actually happened later ( at least a 1/2 dozen times so far ).The problem is when he comes out of it, he rarely remembers anything more than the odd sliver (since its difficult taking effective notes when you're flopping like a fish). Medication has pretty much nipped this marginally useful skill in the bud; though going off-meds for a month or more should kickstart it back to the occasional game-useful level .

[5] An odd side-effect of receiving a head injury, Ken now has what he likes to call Supersmell.

[6] Four years of spanish classes in both JH & HS, as well as growing up in the barrio have done nothing for Ken; knowing only enough to either order food or get popped in the nose.

[7] A decorative solid-brass paperweight resembling brass knuckles.[8] Ken's had some exposure to firearms, but owns none. His healthy respect-for and fear-of firearms combine to assure he'll give them a wide berth.

[9] A fair archer as a kid, but hasn't done any in 20+ years.

[10] An ability acquired at the onset of puberty.

Physical Description: Ken is 1.8m tall and weighs a decidedly unhealthy 137kg. His dark brown hair, once long enough to peg him as a hippie or biker is now short, though still shaggy , and has started graying at the temples just like his hero Doctor Strange. Ken's unkept beard has contributed to him being mistaken for a Menennite on several occasions. He has a mustache and dark brown ( almost black ) eyes behind little round glasses. Ken is usually dressed in "Pizza-Hut casual " (dressed well enough to get into Pizza Hut without hassle ); usually covered by either a navy-blue, zippered & hooded sweater, or a too-big , green Field & Stream jacket. He's been wearing cheap, black-leather dress shoes pretty-much-continually since his days as a Security Guard in the mid '80s.

Equipment Carried: A beige Israeli Paratrooper Medical Bag packed with game stuff ( RQ & CoC mostly ), calculator, bag of dice, papers, pencil, and whatever novel he's reading at the time ( Sharpe's Battle, right now ). A large set of keys with several handy little tools attached; folding scissors, bottle openener, nail clippers, and an old-fashioned Spam key ( y'never know ). Cheap plastic lighter. A couple dollars in quarters. Wallet with non-license MS State I.D, an old college newspaper Press Card from '82, ATM Card, individually-wrapped alcohol pad, a couple of toothpicks, a single-edged razor blade, and at least seven dollars in bills.

Equipment at Home: Three bookcases: Two full of books and magazines; mostly history and mythology, but also including art; as well as a big stack of National Geographics dealing mostly with the Amazon & the Incas; the third bookcase being packed with assorted gamestuff, including a dozen notebooks filled with page after page of tiny, scrawled, SAN-blasting ( 1/1D6 ) usually game-related arcana, and several drawing pads. Three wooden crates of old classical records inherited from his wife's grandmother, and a plastic milk crate full of '80s records. A rotating plastic carosel with around 80 CDs, an updated second-hand IBM knockoff, a shelf packed with videotapes ( mostly Sci-Fi ), and a Pirouline can full of assorted art equipment; including non-photo blue pen and pencils, border tape, and three working Rapidographs.

Notes: Ken was born & raised in Orange, California ( Orange, BTW, has been featured in the films Gumball Rally and That Thing You Do, as well as being a regular location for filming the old '80s show Quincy.Runner Mary Decker, as well as brother & sister pornstars Buck Adams & Amber Lynn are also natives of Orange ). After a practically feral upbringing , Ken grew up living a life like something out of Clerks, Mallrats, Wayne's World, and Rush all rolled into one. During this period he managed to become an unacredited Art & Journalism major; flying through the major-related courses, yet tanking the General Ed requirements. In the late '80s he met his girlfriend Joolz; a Cajun Critical Care Nurse working in Los Angeles. After 3 years they relocated to her hometown in MS; spending the last 8 in The South. After 10 years together Ken & Joolz married, and have recently had a daughter, Kaitlin.

Initially shy and quiet around strangers, Ken is usually thought of as a nice guy by people who don't know him very well. His friends, however, think of him equally as a nice guy and a smart ass. Known for his odd sense of humor ( which has gotten him pegged a "trip" more times than he can remember ) and sacrastic wit , Ken is generally easygoing ; usually joking around in all but the most serious circumstances ( or when he's angry ).The flip side: Ken can be moody and often gets depressed; and can occasionly be an obnoxious, vindictive jerk. A few friends are convinced Ken was born about 600 years too late for his true calling; that of Scribe.

Use as an NPC: None that are immediately obvious. The most likely reason for contacting Ken would be for his contacts; over the years getting to know a pretty diverse assortment of people.

Chris Nichols

age 21


STR 6 CON 14 SIZ 15 INT 15 POW 9

DEX 13 APP 4 EDU 15 SAN 42 HP 15

Skills: Accounting &endash;10%, Botch Cooking 60%, Computer Use 45%, Conceal 15%, Credit Rating 00%, Cthulhu Mythos 40%, Do Work at Last Minute 80%, Instant Ramen 70%, Lie Like a Rug 90%, Locate Good Restaurant 85%, Occult 20%, Other Language (French) 15%, Other Language (Japanese) 10%, Own Language (85%), Read Fan Fiction 90%, Ride &endash;30%, Wet Pants and Scream Like a Girl 50%, Write Fan Fiction 20%, Write Ravenloft Material 75%, Useless Information (Comics, RPGs, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Anime, Other) 90%.

Weapons: Aluminum Bat (no, really).

Equipment: Backpack, huge stack of Internet print-outs, assorted Ravenloft and Call of Cthulhu books, camera, binder containing reference on The King in Yellow, anime tapes, notebook.

Appearance: 5'10", 190 lbs., black hair, blue eyes, blotchy complexion, poorly shaven, wears glasses, jeans, T-shirt, boots.

Notes: Chris Nichols is likely to be contacted by agents in desparate need of information on general Mythos and paranormal topics, especially The King in Yellow. Most likely, however, agents will find him most useful as cannon fodder. Agents are advised to just steal his binder on TKiY (it's the white one labeled with a Yellow Sign). If contact is required, Chris Nichols will be taciturn and sarcastic, but helpful; the presence of attractive female agents will get him to shut up and increase his pathetic attempts to be of use (field recommendation: send him to get the take-out; he's good at it). In actual combat situations, Nichols will make use of his Wet Pants and Scream Like a Girl skill.

Chris Nichols rents a spare room from a math professor at his college. Nichols can be frequently be found here amid stacks of print-outs and books, and floor-to-ceiling piles of old furniture. He will be reading print-outs or writing for the Secrets of the Kargatane website about 75% of the time. ….Face it, the guy's a complete loser; getting him killed in some op would be doing him and the world a huge favor.

Randall L. Orndorff

aka "Human Shield"

STR 9 CON 12 SIZ 9 INT 12 POW 8

DEX 9 APP 9 EDU 12 SAN 30 HP 9

Skills: Avert Violence 75% (strange that someone as bitter as me would be any good at this), Biology 25%, Chemistry 15%, Physics 15%, History 50%, Debate 50%, Allow Stupid Little Things In Life to Get to Me 95%, Play Violin 3%, Martial Arts (Isshynryu Karate - Blue Belt) 25%, Own Language 40%, Library Use 75%, Drive Automobile 50%, Curse Sport Utility Vehicle Drivers 75% (and getting skill checks every day), Useless Trivia 75%, RPG Lore 99%, Lack Ambition 55%, Get Nowhere Fast 35%, Computer Use 65%

Weapons: Reason, and very little of it.

Equipment: Drawing Stuff, Huge Collection of RPG's, usually two with him at most times, torque screwdriver set

Appearance: 5'11" . Scary Monobrow. Either mop o' brown hair, or nearly shaven head. Brown eyes. Confounded expression.

Notes: Cannot for the life of me think of a reason why Delta Green would have interest in this friendly. Only link to gov't is father who worked to design bearings and other parts for Navy ships and submarines. I would probably get caught in the center. Generally nice, but with a temper and habit to annoy people.

Alberto Pasian

age 24

Webmaster/Network System Operator/Disillusioned Writer

STR 9 CON 10 SIZ 12 INT 15 POW 12
DEX 13 APP 10 EDU 15 SAN 55 HP 12

Skills : Accounting 50% [1]; Art (writin') 40% [2]; Bargain 15%; Chemistry 20%; Computer Use 70% [3]; Conspiracy Theories 40%; Cthulhu Mythos 10%;Drive Auto 25%; Eastern Philosophies 45% [4]; Electrical Repair 20; Electronics 30%; Library Use 25%; Martial Arts 45% [5]; Mathematics 25%; Modern History 30%; Make useless quotations 50% [6]; Occult 10%; Other Language (English) 40% ; Own Language (Italian) 75%; Persuade 40% [7]; RPG Lore 80%; Swim 2% [8]; Telephonic Assistance 40% [9]; Yell to WinNT until it works 60%; Write Email while workin' 50%;

Notes :

[1] Well, I work for fiscal/financial network …

[2] I used to write some novel, but I quitted it …

[3] A little of C++, Cobol, HTML & Java …

[4] My interests focus mainly on Taoism

[5] Aikido, and some "kata/dance" from Shaolin Kung Fu

[6] Favourites quotations come from Robert Pirsig, Einstein, Shakspeare & Daniele Luttazzi (italians only, sorry !)

[7] Doesn't count for girlfriend ; in this case, Persuade 05%

[8] I CAN'T swim … I've tried, and tried and tried … I just can swim for about 20m … after this I swim just like a brick :-)

[9] Grrr … I hate this …

WEAPONS : Unused Bokken, A bit of sense of Humour,

A lot of AD&D rulebooks & boxed set

EQUIPMENT : Cell Phone, Old Backpack, Texas Instr. Calculator, Old P166 MMX (gee..), Chewing Gum (Mint)

A lot of tech & scientific books (I'd like to understand quantum physics, but,ehi, I'm just trying)

Much more horror,sci-fi & fiction books (Lovecraft, King, Barker, Dick, Joyce, Pirsig, Eco, Hesse etc.)

Much much more eastern philosophies books (Taoism, Buddhism, Zen, Yoga etc …)

A chaotic library (-30% malus to Library Use checks) of RPG (Call of Cthulhu,AD&D Ravenloft,Da

Star Trek, Heroes Unlimited, Ninja&Superspies, Recon, Conspiracy X, Hokuto no Ken, Legend of Five Rings, Kult …)

SIDEKICKS : Brother (aka Agent Logan), Romeo, Giulietta, Lear and Macbeth (beatiful lazy cats), Dino (dog).

APPEARANCE : 1.85m, 72 kg, Blonde Hair, Glasses

John Petherick

age 36

Industrial Hygienist & Volunteer Webmaster

STR 13 CON 14 SIZ 14 INT 16 POW 9

DEX 8 APP 8 EDU 16 SAN 55 HP 14

Skills: Biology 67, Boating 20%, Chemistry 59%, Computer Use 53%, Drive - Autombile 40%, Library Use 40%, Medicine 25%, Natural History 28%, Operate Tractor 25%, Own Language - English 87%, Physics 35%, Shotgun 32%, Spot Hidden 37%, Useless Trivia 75%, Web Design & Publishing 38%

Weapons: Remington 870 20-gauge

Equipment: Chevy Blazer, out-dated PC, laptop from work, several hundred RPG books,

Appearance: 70", 235 lbs. Brown hair with scattered white strands, blue eyes, glasses


Born and raised near London, Ontario. Attended University of Guelph where he received a Honours B.Sc. specilizing in human biology. Like most of his classmates, could not find a job and returned to school at a community college to study industrial hygiene technology. Moved to Northern Ontario for work, has since moved south to Sudbury.

Projects a laid-back, mellow attitude. Spends far too much time in front of computer, as evidenced by his waistline. Plays volleyball, softball and golf, all badly. Occasionally goes to family camp for fishing and hunting.

Players are most likely to encounter this NPC when investigating unusual phenomenon in Northern Ontario, particularly in mines. Not likely to be of much direct help, but can probably steer players in correct direction.

Scott Pratschner

a.k.a. Quickclay

age 22

Forest Ranger and College Student

STR 8 CON 14 SIZ 10 INT 15 POW 15

DEX 14 APP 13 EDU 13 SAN 30 HP 13

Skills: Natural History 40%, Tracking 55%, Bargain 40%, Spot Hidden 50%, Geology 50%, Computer Use 65%, Find Loophole 45%, Hide 25% Passify Enraged Tourists 80%, Fast Talk 55%, Wilderness Survival 50% School Survival 20%, Hunting 30%, Navigate with Compass 70%, navigate Without Compass 2%, Rifle 30%, Poetry 45%, Own Language - English 90%, Play Saxophone 40%, Sounding Cool Over a Radio 3%, Swim 50%, Sound like I know what I am talking about 50%, Fencing 40%, Cthulhu Mythos 15%, Dodge Goat 60%

Weapons: Small firearms, rifle 30-o6

Equipment: In school: Styleless clothing, empty wallet, bookbag full of over priced boring books, bicycle, assorted nerdy items. During Summer: Big Green Tank-like Truck, Chemical neutralizer, 9mm Pistol, ugly uniform, money collected from enraged tourists.

Appearance: 5'10"; 145 pounds, dark brown hair, sneaky smile.


Lives in Leavenworth Washington during the summer and Bellingham all others. Attends Western WA University. Is currently in a campaign to warn the world of the suspcious activity of goats, and the benevolence of llamas. Was once attacked by an enraged tourist armed with a half eaten hot dog. He ate the other half…after he threw it at him.

Graeme Price

Age 27-ish

Official "Actual" DG-Microbiologist and research virologist

Education: BSc.(Hons) Microbiology (medical), University of Surrey; PhD. Virology, University of Birmingham

STR 11 CON 14 SIZ 13 INT 17 POW 11

DEX 13 APP 11 EDU 19 SAN 55 HP 14

Skills: Biology 70%, Chemistry 20%, Climb 50%, Computer Use 30%, Cooking 60%, Fast Talk 40%, First Aid 50%, Library Use 50%, Listen 40%, Medicine[1] 45%, Natural History 30%, Sneak 40%, Surgery[2] 10%, Trivial Pursuit[3] 95%, Write grant application 10%, Get grant rejected 90%, Attract Weirdos[4] 90%, Irritate Physicians 99%, Confuse Americans 99%.

[1] Infectious disease/theoretical only
[2] Veterinary (yes, really)
[3] Except when drunk
[4] You haven't met my friends have you? (well, most of you haven't). One of them is probably a deep one. I'm not joking.

Cthulhu Mythos: 5%

Languages: English 100%, German 20%, French 5%, Latin 5%, Greek 5%, Scientific Vernacular 75%.

Weapons: Other People

Equipment at hand: Sunglasses, Swiss army knife, pens, pencils, paper, cookbook, rucksack, umbrella, warm sweater (irrespective of weather), handkerchiefs, floppy disks, mini maglight, pliers, needle files, bulldog clips, latex gloves, blue tack, pin vice and drill bits, hand saw, jeweller's screwdrivers,spare shoelaces, scientific papers. Fully equipped labs (plural), Mac Powerbook, CD and fiction book collection, more papers and textbooks, Passport and prebooked airline tickets all available at short notice.

Appearance: 6'0" tall, slim, brown hair (in serious need of a cut!) and green eyes, glasses, in various states of unshaven depending on the day. Usually wears clothes… and/or labcoat/scrubs depending on location. Girls have suggested that he resembles James Bond, but not when they are A. sober, B. wearing their contact lenses.

Notes: Born in Epsom, England. Occasionally goes back there. An alumnus of the same grammar school that brought you Nick "Crimewatch" Ross, and Chris "Cradlesnatcher" Woodhead (the chief inspector of schools). Currently employed as a postdoctoral scientist in the US. Currently Agnostic (considered becoming an atheist, but didn't really beleive in it). Perpetually stressed out. Non-smoker, whisky (single malt) and beer (bitter) swilling caffiene addict.

Roleplaying notes: Speaks Queen's English with a slight southern (and, so he is told, refined) air, unless drunk when he slips into his native Estuary English. He is a cynical idealist capable of making immense jumps of deductive reasoning with little evidence to back him up, which makes him an obvious target for the Mi-Go and gets his research papers and grants rejected (despite the fact that all the leaps are subsequently proven). Constantly complaining about his boss/co-"workers"(as if they do a stroke!)/the MRC/the IRS/anyone else who is currently pissing him off. Has a notoriously short fuse and colourful vocabulary, which gets him into trouble from time to time. Has an oddly dark sense of humour, with a perverse cruel streak. Doesn't keep in touch with his friends as much as he should. Can't stand cats (due to his allergy) or rabbits, but likes ferrets.

He is occasionally found in bookstores, record shops, airports or delicatessans, but mostly in the lab. Gaming with him carries occupational hazard warnings, as odd things tend to happen (stigmata, superglue, real-life-nervous-breakdowns, broken kneecaps, caffeine poisoning, vomiting (through nose), dice throwing and cross dressing [it was another player going through an identity crisis, honest!] are just some of the strangeness which have occured actually during game sessions). Players are unlikely to encounter him unless he is actively sought for advice (he likes Laphroig, which is a pretty good bribe to make him speak) or are total oddballs, in which case they will gravitate to him by a process of osmosis.

Rob Shankly

37 y/o

Officially unemployed, part-time AIDS counsellor.
Ex Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert, Ex Complaint Resolution Manager, Part-time Writer, GM & Player of Games.

Education: BSc. Monash University, Pharmacology/Physiology & Psychology.

STR 13 CON 7 SIZ 16 INT 16 POW 14

DEX 10 APP 8 EDU 17 SAN 56 HP 12


Astronomy 25%, Biology 45%, Block 25%, Carpentry 40%, Chess 65%[1], Computer Use 30%, Cthulhu Mythos 40%, Drive Auto 35%, English 90%, Fast Talk 45%, First Aid 50%, Forensics 25%[2], History 45%, Judo 20%, Listen 70%, Mechanical Repair 45%, Medicine 25%, Persuade 35%, Pharmacy 30%, Photography 50%, Pilot Ferry Boat 10%[3], Psychology 45%.

[1] Played for Monash Uni for 7 years, nearly failed 2nd year as a result.
[2] Lifetime spent hanging around with pathologists (family business, sorta)
[3] Dream Job when 17 was working as deckhand (in summer) on Ferryboat.

Much much fun (I don't get seasick).


Swiss Army Knife 20% (d2). 1995 Holden Commodore 35% (d10d6). Also- Rifle 40%, Shotgun 40% but subject no-longer has access to these.


Backpack containing d3 Roleplaying books, d3 novels, binder with 3+ scenario seeds part written up, FiloFax (seriously), large pencilcase, dice. Cellphone. Gloves. Asthma inhaler. Glasses. Wallet, credit cards, discount cards from 6 bookshops. Zippo (I don't smoke though).

In car add: 100+ piece toolkit, large map collection, binoculars, SLR camera w 300mm telephoto.

At home add: Grandfather's & father's tool collections Garage full: 500+ woodworking, metalworking and electrician's tools), 2000+ volume library (mostly science & history, also literature, all 5+ years old. It was my dad's). 2000+ CD collection (eclectic). Cameras & lighting gear.

Appearance: 6'0" tall, v heavy build, v broad shoulders, dark hair bald on top, goatee, glasses, blue myopic eyes. Carries book. Wears leather boots, jeans or cotton twill, wide variety of shirts & pullovers.

Woolly hats & scarves in winter.

Notes: Born Melbourne Australia. Insomniac (sleeps approx 5hrs/24). Reads anything. Has reasonably large circle of gothic friends, but is definately not a goth.

Contacts: Has 60% chance of knowing someone in "the right place" in Melbourne, especially in medical, computer industries or at the universities.

Roleplaying notes: Likely to be looking for a new job, or ranting about management at current company. Appears in the company of gamers of all types. Tends to dominate conversations, but has equally pushy friends. Speaks with (apparantly) English accent, with wide vocabulary. Has been known to drink: vocabulary gets wider. Sometimes seen covered in camera equipment, acting important.

Plays golf extraordinarily badly, but is always looking for a game. Somewhat better at bridge, much better at boardgames.

John Stanley

Age 33

Computer Programmer

Str 8, Con 8, Siz 9, Int 14, Pow 12, Dex 13, App 8, Edu 12, San 50, HP 11


Accounting 10

Astronomy 35

Atheism 65

Bargain 25

Biology 45

Computer Use 70

Computer Use — Download Porn 100

Computer Use — As Projectile Weapon 45

Cthulhu Mythos 20

Drive 55

English 90

First Person Shooter Game 85

History 65

Lovecraft Lore 66

Mythos CCG 65

NRA Bashing 55

Occult 55

Physics 20

Radio 35

Shoot a Paperclip with a Rubber band 50

Equipment: Standard Geek Issue clothing, disgustingly accurate bent paperclip and rubber band slingshot.

Tomes: 120 Days of Sodom by Marquis de Sade (Language English (translated from French) san -1/1d3, spells none, no Mythos knowledge— just plain twisted)

Alien Intelligence (Language English san none/-1, spells none, +1 Mythos)

Rules of Engagement (Language English san none/-1, spells none, +1 Mythos)

O'Reillys Javascript The Definitive Guide Language English (san -2/-6, spell " Summon _console.document.writeln (msg)", +1 Mythos)

Mythos CCG (enough said)

Appearance: 5'9" 170 lbs, balding rapidly, blue eyes and a burgeoning gut.

What makes him tick:

John is a full time web programmer, trying to come to grips with the possibility that he's not in Kansas anymore. He is currently working on a very secret web based project involving fractals, complex subsidiary algorithms and resonance imaging. He hopes to use this technology to contact an extra dimensional entity to find out what really happened to Elvis, Belushi , Candy and Farley. He believes that cats are just waiting for the opportunity to revolt en masse, and that someone has already invented the water powered alternative to the internal combustion engine; but who was silenced forever by a consortium of the industrial elite and various quasi military religious groups. As his age progresses, his sanity declines but he feels great and believes everything is just peachy.

Nerva Vels

Age: 32 Ht: 5'3" Wt: 105lbs

Hair: Black/Brown/Red (when the mood hits)

Eyes: Brown (glasses or contacts) Race: Hispanic

Str 9 Con 9

Siz 3/4 or 5/6 petite.. x-small.. no.. I mean.. heck. nevermind.

Int: 12 Pow: 9 Dex: 15 App: 10 Edu: 9 San: 65 HP 8

Skills: Typing 95%, Cooking 10%, homemaker 5%, Comp use 75%, Listen: 40% Gullibility 100%, Fast talk 75%, History 50%, English 95%, spanish 95%, Dancing, 85%, Athletics, 85% First Aid 75%, Hide 85% Dodge 75% Martial Arts 85%, Occult 75%, Swim 75% Sneak 75%, Hiking 50%, Music (there's a song for EVERY occasion out there) 90%, Parenting 75%, Secretarial 90%, Trivial oddities 75% R'blading 75%, bicycling 75%

Equipment: Two notebooks, CD Player and cds, first aid kit, Trial size of beauty items kit, handball, rollerblades, metal fighting fan, Tarot deck and book, personal phonebook, pens, pencils, calendar, Pikachu tamagotchis, beeper, pictures of kids and beau, any two of RP source books of at least one of any RP game worth mentioning, scifi novel, ID (no one believes my age), passport, nutrition drink, water, a large bookback to fit most of it in, and a strong back.

When she run into you, which is usually what happens, the first thoughts are usually "Kid, hyper, firecracker, cute". Petite pretty kooky little athletic and slim hispanic woman who's hyperactivity and extremely youthful face belies true age by a decade and life status - swear to you, mother of three, a 14yrold girl, 13 yr old boy and 9 year old girl.

Easily approachable, perky, flirty, flighty, bright personality with a solid core of streetsmarts but no common sense. spritely. Anity always called into question.. then again.. she did have three kids in New York City and is raising them by herself..

(There is no truth to the rumor that she's a soulstealer or that she drains young men's vitae to maintain her childish cute looks and figure. just hyperactive and has the metabolism from hell.. and good genetics. And young people like her. so there. )

always bursts into song, dances alot, (certain people want to trank her).. Seriously DOES have a song for everything. Loves pop music and rock and german techno and goth and electronica and dancehall reggae and ….. anyway, you get the picture. Loves dancing, hates drinking, loves to meet new people, be in new situations, get into trouble.. hates drugs and surly people. Given to speaking rapidfire spanish when angry, alarmed or.. um.. anyway. nevermind. Oh.. and yea.. um.. randy. (Note: there /is/ such a thing as a NervaLegend amongst her acquaintances) (any other info? moc.epacse|avren#moc.epacse|avren)

Axel Widén

age 18

Social Science Student

Caucasian. Shoulder-length, very thick unkempt dark hair.

Blue/grey eyes. Lean. Dresses in shades of blue, grey and black. 183 cm, 64 kg.

STR 10
SIZ 10
DEX 12
APP 14
INT 13
POW 15
EDU 13

Current Sanity 67

Art: Digital, Drawing, Painting and Sculpting 61%

Biology 15%
Chemistry 1%
Computer Use 40%
Credit Rating 30%
Cthulhu Mythos 2d10%
Dislike Music 8%
Dodge 43%
Dreaming 1%
Drink Vast Amounts of Beer 78%
Fast Talk 39%
Geology 4%
History 41%
Library Use 47%
Music Lore: Metal & Rock 56%
Music Lore: General 36%
Occult 32%
Other Language: German 5%
Other Language: English 70%
Own Language: Swedish 82%
Persuade 45%
Play Drums 10%
Psychology 38%
RPG Lore: Swedish RPGs 86%
RPG Lore: General 52%
Sport Fencing 40%
Unintentionally Appear Pissed-off 70% (roll once every first encounter)

Axel lives with his family just outside Gothenburg on the swedish west coast, where he currently studies social science. At the moment he makes a decent living through various crap jobs like cleaning and low-profile work for different companies, as well as selling artwork now and then. Of course, he dreams of a lazy life where he can earn a living through what he likes doing best; using his imagination.

This boy has a typical naive youthful disrespect for pretty much everything, including claims of the supernatural. His vast interest in horror has nothing to do with the way he percieves reality, even though half-forgotten childhood experiences has made him jumpy and nervous when alone. Actually, deep inside he has some sort of perverted addiction to fear. Faced with Delta Green, he will be intrigued at first, turning to scared but resolute when things go FUBAR.

Axel has an array of oil-paintings, sculptures and drawings concerning the mythos. When very young, he encountered the Hastur Mythos through various obscure and seemingly unrelated works of fiction. Hauntingly, numbly beautiful dreams of Carcosa has appeared now and then ever since, and currently a blasphemous work hangs above his bed; a vision from the Lake of Hali, featuring the twisted Yellow Sign. Axel is slowly going insane without really knowing it, and risks bringing horrible woes upon the world through his obsession with the King in Yellow.

Axel can also be used as a link to the Cult of Transscendence. He has several relatives in Stockholm, some of which are involved with things better left unmentioned. When researching the Cult, the agents might come across Axel and use him to infiltrate and spy upon the Cult, provided they know they can trust him of course…

The area around Axel's home has many legends surrounding it; the endless, deep swedish woods are just outside his window, riddled with ancient mounds and horrible …um… elks? Anyway, some say things still go on beyond those lush hills, unnamable things done in forgotten clearings at misty summer nights…

Jorrit Wiersma

Birth-date: 7 may 1977 (that means 23 (yes, I know…) at the moment)

Profession: right now I'm an undergraduate student at the faculty of physics and astrophysics of the University Utrecht in the Netherlands. In January 2001 I'll become a graduate student in astrophysics.

Nationality: Dutch

Sex: Male (there are far too few women on this list, by the way)

STR 9 CON 9 SIZ 10 INT 16 POW 15

DEX 12 APP 13 EDU 17 SAN 45 HP 10

I'm not very big, especially for a man: only five foot nine or ten. I'm very light: only 60 kg. I'm more or less handsome, when you don't take notice of a slight stoop and the fact I don't have a lot of muscle. I feel that my high school education was a bit below par, especially on the history side, but I do read a lot and I have almost graduated at university, so that justifies an EDU of 17 I think. You may notice that my POW and SAN don't correspond, this is due to the fact that my will-power is quite high: I do not give up easily, but I'm quite susceptible to impressions: hence the low SAN. No ghost stories about my childhood, sorry, but I have been afraid of aliens for most of my childhood. My 16 INT is mainly based on the fact that that gives me an idea roll of 80% which seems about right.

Weapons: none


General astronomy 30%, Theoretical (astro)physics 80%, Computer use 60%

I'm not a very good amateur astronomer, hence the low score there. My main strength lies with theoretical work. Mainly statistical physics, plasma physics and gasdynamics. Working with computers is also an important part of my ‘job’.

Explaining stuff 70%

I'm quite good at explaining things. This would probably be my only useful skill as an NPC: the players could come to me to get things like higher dimensions, relativity and quantum mechanics explained.

Thinking I would be good at playing RPGs 99%; actually being good at it ??%

I have never played a pnp RPG in my life. I bought the CoC 5.5 in the spring and now I'm still looking for people to play with. And I'm looking for the DG book. But that would probably work a lot better if I actually went to the shop one day.

Art - playing the guitar 6%

Art - taking photographs 50%

Art - drawing and painting (both on and off the computer) 20 %

Yes, I know that 5% is the base skill, but I actually did play guitar, long, long ago. People say I'm pretty good at photography (notice I didn't use the photography skill: I can't develop film myself yet) and I would like to be able to create the same pretty pictures through drawing and painting, but I'm just not really good at it. It's still a great way to pass the time, though.

Own language - Dutch 85%

Other language - English 60%

Other language - French 10%

Other language - German 35%

I'm not really that much of a language buff, but I like to think my English is pretty good, and it should be because it's quite important for being a (grad) student. My German is mainly passive (I can read German books), active should only take some practise. I have had classical Greek and Latin at highschool, but I daren't give an estimate of my skills nowadays.

Library use 50%

I have a small job on the side working in the faculty library and I also have to work with the library as a student of course, giving me some skill here.

Occult 20%

Well, I'm interested in it, and I like horror, so that should give me some points here. And I'm reading Frazer's Golden Bough, so there you go.

Role-playing notes:

You are always allowed to turn me in a professor :). I'm quite kind and social, although some people find me a bit presumptuous sometimes. I'm always willing to help people. I live together with my girlfriend, though, so players will have to get through her if they want to get to me. I always try to be brave and confident, but my appearance isn't very awe inspiring, and my voice isn't very strong. My main asset is probably that I'm so helpful.

Phobias: none, really, but I can be afraid of the dark, heights and insects, but I can conquer those fears.

Bill Waters

Name: Bill Waters

Age: 33

Location: Culver City, CA

Occupation: office drone with dreams

Preoccupations: languages, writing, music, history

Height: 6'3" Weight 190 lbs.

STR 12 CON 13 SIZ 15 INT 15 POW 15

DEX 13 APP 13 EDU 12 HP 13 SAN 65

Skills: Martial Arts 30% (jujitsu, wing chun, kempo), Spot Hidden 65%, accumulate books 85%, history 60%, persuade 40%[1], cooking 40%, art (writing) 20%, art (guitar) 20%, Cthulhu Mythos 20%, Knowledge of Useless Trivia 70%, Ignorance of sports trivia 70%, Fix stupid things at work that they really should be calling someone in for 50%, Sounding Good in an Interview 80%

Languages English 85%, French 55%, Chinese 30%, Japanese 10%, Russian 10%, Spanish 10%. I was a linguistics major, can you tell?

[1] was fascinated by the old Paranoia game's description of ''spurious logic'' and since the age of 13 has tried to make anything and everything sound reasonable. Unfortunately, that means he doesn't believe much of what he says, either.

Description: Tall, thin white guy. He wears glasses and never does anything with his hair. As long as it looks combed, he's fine. The hair is light brown, but sometimes red if he stays in the sun too long. Usually wears blues and whites, but is transitioning into more greens and browns.

Personality: Sarcastic. Some people might be put off by this, but if you have a thick skin, you'd find him very amusing. Once describied as, "Really nice until he stabs you."

He's also widely read, knowing more than a little about a wide variety of topics. He has also traveled some in Central and South America and Asia. He can weave these bits into lectures of moderate insight and interest that go on for tens of minutes. He tries to be sensitive to boring his audience, but it's not all that easy to tell, sometimes.

He played in a band when he was younger, but has Put That Behind Him. He also seems to be the main writer for the DGWiki, and is starting to translate material for the French CoC website TOC. Is uncertain if this is a cause or an effect of not having a stable girlfriend.

Generic list members

LM#1 LM#2 LM#3 LM#4 LM#5 LM#6 LM#7
STR 10 11 12 9 10 9 16
CON 10 13 10 10 12 10 18
SIZ 13 12 10 9 10 13 14
DEX 11 9 13 14 11 9 18
APP 12 10 10 14 11 9 18
EDU 13 14 12 11 14 16 18
INT 14 15 13 13 12 14 18
POW 12 14 11 10 13 14 50
HP 12 13 10 10 11 12 16

[1] NOTE: LM#7 can often be found dressed entirely in black.

"LM7 to LM4: We're beginning the attack run."

"LM4 to LM7: TIE Fighters! Coming from behind!"

"Intensify rear deflectors, stay on target, stay on target!"

"I don't see 'em!" [EXPLODES]

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