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Back to the ether? Domain science has shaken Physics, but its deepest foundations remain firm.

The Figiel Dagger: a preliminary report A C16 Persian kard with linear YY:b/t inclusions

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Basics of Domain Particle Physics The theoretical fundamentals of DPP

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The Local Distribution of Yesodic matter The most accessible Domain: what do we know?

Ultra-early origins of Yesodic life Life in our Domain could not start until atoms heavier than helium were synthesised in stars. But in the Yesodic domain life appears to date from the chaos of the very early Universe, even before solid bodies formed.

Exploitation of cross-Domain interactions by Yesodic life Energy-gatherng, temperature control, and navigation are only three such

Massive Dark Planets The mass of the Earth is at least 95% Briahtic. But the very heavy planets known to orbit very close to some stars appear to consist almost entirely of other-Domain matter.


A Multi-state Universe? Transmission IX hints that natural law is mutable

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