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The true Nature of the Yesodic Darks

The Yesodic Darks are the entities who attempted to invade the human world once before, at Dunwich.

Inssofar as human psychology can comprehend their minds, the Darks "worship" Yog-Sothoth, who they understand as a "living" entity compounded out of the interactions between the quantised matter and radiation fields that make up the Universe - or, with precisely equal validity, as a God.

The sub-quantum laws of Physics are Yog-Sothoth's metabolism.

His "intentions" and "actions" are not shown by the aeonically slow adjustments in the parameters of cross-Domain interaction which have now opened up Briah to invasion, but actually are those changes.

As String and n-Brane theory are extended to cover multiple Domains, a few human scientists will grasp a hint of the truth about Yog-Sothoth : but none will ever achieve the full knowledge without examining the Transmissions.

The Stars Come Right

The slow shifting of conditions of cross-Domain interaction are "opening the gate" to the Yesodic Darks. At the same time, Cthulhu is waking, and other Mythos entities are turning their attention toward the Earth.

This is not a coincidence: all these changes have the same source, in these subtle shifts in the texture of space-time. The last such pulse washed across the Solar System in 1926-1928: stronger waves are coming.

The Dunwich Horror

Using their mastery of cross-Domain interaction, the Darks prepared a living entity whose metabolism was a sub-cellular symbiosis of Briahtic and Yesodic components. Their intention was for the Dunwich Horror to "multiply and work" - to give them the mastery of the Briahtic earth, and perhaps ultimately to open up the resources of the entire Briahtic Domain.

The Horror failed when the cross-Domain forces holding it in balance were disrupted. The Briahtic elements, a tiny fraction of the entity's whole mass, were not viable alone, and sublimed away into gas.

The Darks sought other means of invading Briah.

The Dark Transmissions

The intention of the Dark Transmissions was to obtain the cooperation of human beings and persuade them to build mechanisms which would allow the Yesodic Darks to manipulate Briahtic matter, and once more invade the Earth.

The Darks have no understanding of human psychology, and conceive of no boundary between an entity's biological metabolism and the technology it uses: still less do they discern any difference between human science and "magic". For them, this latest seduction is only a variation on the method that so nearly worked with Wizard Whatley.

The Darks may imagine that machines are capable of replicating themselves in the same way that living things are. Superhuman intelligence is not a guarantee against error.

A suggested timeline

Within the context of the EndTimes, we suggest that the Dark Transmissions be placed around 2005, and Domain Science Letters start publication around 2006.

Theoretical knowledge derived from the Transmissions is responsible for many of the technological advances of the EndTimes: but it is not the only or even the most important extra-human source of such information. The people who study the Transmissions remain ignorant of the wider Mythos. At least to begin with, they know nothing of the Greys, the Mi-Go, or the newly revived Elder Race.

Nontheless, as the Transmissions are elucidated, those who study them become more powerful and dangerous. A deep chasm opens between the Translators - who believe that experimental Physics is now obsolete - and more conventional scientists.

The psychology of the Translators comes more and more to resemble that of Priests or Magicians: and many of them gain dangerous "magical" powers (ultimately founded, it is assumed, on the cooperative actions of the Darks) and undergo a "conversion" to the "worship" of Yog-Sothoth - a conversion which they insist is not religious in nature, but which seems to inevitably follow the acquisition of certain types of Mathematical knowledge from the Transmissions.

By 2010, the Translators have become so dangerous that they need to be suppressed in a costly and dangerous military/police action.

Domain Science Letters ceases publication: and the Darks, presumably, retire. But Yesodic/Briahtic interactions, and the other technologies derived from the Transmissions - shorn as far as possible of their dangerous elements - are to be heavily exploited by the human race in the final conflicts.

Alternative Scenarios

You may wish to leave the Yesodic Darks as enigmatic sources of knowledge. You may even make them benificent in intention, though you should not account for this in too anthropomorphic a way.

You may even make them fellow-sufferers with mankind, enduring their own EndTimes in Yesod. Imagine a final Transmission saying simply: HELP US

A Note On Other Mythos Entities

We assume many Mythos entities have other-Domain components: such components may be more or less equated with what Lovecraft calls "non-terrene matter".

However, Yesod is not the only other Domain, and other Domains are not the only thing human beings have failed to understand. No detailed explanation of these other entities is suggested in this document.

A Note on the Accuracy of the articles in Domain Science Letters

The intent of writing this site was to indulge in pseudo-scientific speculation.

If those speculations don't fit with your plot, let them be wrong

The Keeper must understand that, from a gaming point of view, Domain Science Letters is full of mistaken ideas. Most of those who write for it are ordinary scientists, and they are ignorant of covert Mythos activities (for example, the Elder Race, Mi-Go, and the Greys are totally unknown).

The work in Domain Science Letters represents a scientific attempt to encompass the Mythos.

We hope it will be interesting: it's certain to be wrong;

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