Germana Grosso and the Spacemen (archive)
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On the 14th of July 1963, Germana Grosso, a kindly middle aged lady living in central Turin, called a local newspaper.

Now, miss Grosso had been quite often in the papers, ever since 1960…

The fact was, Germana Grosso was telepathically linked with an something: she had received her first mental contact in 1957, from a tibetan master calling himself "the master of the winds", that was later to introduce her to a group of alien visitors; she was in the habit of typing all the communications she got, accurately filing them.

Her main alien contact was Ithacar, who was on Mars but was _not_ a martian, who often visited Earth undercover - passing for human even if he was not - to meet "envoys" living among us and periodically reporting to him.
He also had a wife called Loring, that was really interested in human children. Ohritz, another earlier visitor, supposedly hailed from Neptune.

As soon as the word of mouth got hold of the story, the local papers were running stories about "The lady and the martian" in the local news section.

Germana Grosso did not make a big deal of all this.

OK, so she was talking with a spaceman. So what?

She did not know how this happened, nor why it happened to her in particular.

She used some of the things he told her as an inspiration for her paintings (as painting landscapes was her hobby). She had no problem lending the typewritten text of the alien communications to the journalists, that were just too happy to print them during the "silly season", when proper news were few and far between.

The stories were printed and forgotten.

She did not like the publicity, but was probably too kind to slam the door in the journalists' faces.

Thirty-odd years on, some of the description in her writings are rather interesting: there's a passing descriprion of a solar sail, and a hint about nannotechnology ("the smallest of robots, collecting and assembling basic elements"). She also described one of the vehicles used by the aliens in the Earth's athmosphere as some kind of variable-geometry, vertical-take-off supersonic plane. Ithacar also told about dolphins used for deep-sea reconissance, thanks to their "almost human intelligence".

Not all aliens, however, were friendly and animated by good intentions; Ithacar and his team often mentioned the presence on Earth of the "Negatives", sometimes characterized more like an alien political faction than a proper alien race.

However, newspapers and magazines took a lot of interest in her between 1960 and 1962, then interest ebbed, as she was (probably) too mundane a character.

But on sunday 14 of July, 1963, things were a little bit different.

Germana Grosso had just received the following:

A conspiracy, as you call it, a plot is under way, and it represents a serious menace to the life of president Kennedy.

The message then went on saying that some (alien) elements had landed, and were forming a "special sector" to infiltrate the government of the USA.

As her alien confident said,

President Kennedy should take care, as their aim is true.

Apart from informing the news, Germana Grosso called the American Embassy, and finally succeded in sending copy of the message to the White House.

On September 24th she received a neutral printed reply, together with an autographed photograph of JFK. Clearly her warning had gone nowhere.

President Kennedy was killed by a sniper on November 22nd 1963 (in case someone missed that movie…)

End of the first part of our story.

The second part of the story begins on the night of November 23rd 1963.

The alien Ithacar was on line again, this time live and direct from Dallas, Texas.

And he was tracking the killer.

The real killer.

Here's a translation of the typed message:

I found Kennedy's killer. His name is Jacob Fulthon Ills, he is thirtyseven years old, black hair, not too tall. He's hiding in a cellar. Now I'm really close to him, and I perceive his thoughts. In this house there are three persons who are part of the conspiracy and that are hiding him because he is the one that killed Kennedy. I am certain. Fulthon Ills' hands are visibly shaking. His mind is a chaos of bloody thoughts. He killed coldly, with sadistic gusto. He got an enormous reward. Now he is hiding in this cellar. Is he going to stay long? This I can't say. I'm close to him and my invisible hand is on his shoulder: his face is hard as stone, his stare is fixed. He's sitting and keeps smoking. There's no books here, only newspapers covering the murder… Now Fulthon stands up and walks around.talks to himself. He'd like to get out to spend the money they gave him. His mind is focusing on the image of a woman. Within himself he calls to her and thinks only about the moment he will unite with her, smothering that feeling of rebellion and blood-drenched abomination.

The message goes on for about another few paragraphs, without adding much more info, but making clear that Fulton is a common criminal, probably already on file.

It was printed integrally on a local paper (now defunct afternoon paper Stampa Sera, I'd say - but I can't be certain) on the 24th of November 1963.

Nothing followed.

Germana Grosso kept receiving, typing and filing messages from her alien friend well into the seventies and eighties. She kept painting her alien landscapes, too.

The newspapers found something else to write about.

The lady should still be alive, but if she is really one of the two "Germana Grosso" currently living in Turin and listed on the phone directory, I can't say.


  • The Kennedy affair is not the only instance of Miss Grosso's aliens interfering with human activities. In december 1960, Ithacar and his crew even intercepted and appropriated the Russian spacecraft Sputnik 6, that according to official records disintegrated upon re-entering the atmosphere. In may 1965 they abducted the crew of Lunik 5, a supposedly unmanned Russian mission to the moon, saving them from the crash of their vehicle. The two men were treated in the subsurface Moon base of the aliens and offered the opportunity to stay there. In a few other instances Ithacar assumed the responsability for other abductions.
  • Germana Grosso still lives in Turin, and resurfaced recently (mid-90s), thanks to the works of Giuditta Dembech; a former radio journalist currently publishing books about new-age spirituality, miss Dembech covers the "contacts" experienced by Germana Grosso in a volume dedicated to the presence of angels in everyday life.

Ithacar and co. have thence been positively identified as angels? And what of the "Negatives"?

We do not know if this new interpretations of the facts as experienced by miss Grosso represents a change in her perception or simply an opinion of the writer publishing the facts.

As the poet said, it's a new song for old faces.

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