GRU-SV8 Timeline (archive)
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GRU-SV8 Timeline

1918 Oct, 21
Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie: "Chief Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff" begins existence as "Registered Directorate of the Worker's and Peasant's Red Army" established by Leon Trotsky.

Lt. Gregor Studnikov suppresses an outbreak of cannibalism while fighting the Czech Legion and Admiral Kolchak's Cossack army.

Captain Studnikov uncovers and eliminates an Evenki cult dedicated to Kotura, Lord of the Winds.

Engineers excavating the Kremlin uncover Ivan the Terrible's lost library, which includes Theodoras Philetas' Greek translation of the Necronomicon.

1931 April 31
Stalin's experiments with the Necronomicon come to a disasterous end. After becoming aware of this horrific event, Major Studnikov forms SV8 to spy on the Great Leader Stalin.

SV8 discover that the NKVD takes control of the occult research project from the OGPU.

GRU is used to purge the NKVD.

Genrikh Yagoda is stripped of his position as head of the NKVD

NKVD is used to purge the GRU. Genrikh Yagoda is arrested.

SV8 falls victim to the purge, although they keep their secrets to the end. Colonel Studnikov is assassinated. Genrikh Yagoda executed.

1938 December
NKVD head Nikolai Yezhov dismissed from his position.

1939 February
Yezhov commits "suicide" as arranged by Beria.

Lavrenti Beria takes over the occult research project and moves all personnel and facilities out of Moscow.

GRU establishes the first Red Army special forces, or Spetsnatz during the Russo-Finnish Winter War.

1940 May
GRU-SV8 begins operation as an anti-Nazi propaganda department. They quickly discover the disturbing existence of the Ahnenerbe and Sonderkommando-H.

1942 November
Outbreak of cannibalism suppressed during the seige of Leningrad.

General Sergei M. Shtemyenko is made head of SV8.

1943 Fall
SV8 receives it's first indications that the Karotechia exist when Leopold Trepper reports on Operation LIFEGUARD.

1943 October
The Lucy Spy ring in Switzerland begins to gather information about the Karotechia.

1945 January
Ressucitated Casualties, called poyavlyatska, encountered at the Polish city of Lodz.

1945 February
An attempt to assassinate Mashal Zhukov through occult means is thwarted by decisive action on the part of SV8. Ressucitated Casualties encountered at the city of Poznan. The industrial chemical facilities to create the zombies destroyed with the aid of Czech partisans.

A squadron of Sturmovik attack aircraft attacked by "bat winged monsters"

1945 May
SV8 uses Operation SUMMER BREEZE as a cover for activities against Smersh.

General Shtemyenko becomes head of the GRU.

General Shtemyenko creates a new mission for SV8, to investigate the Roswell crash and other UFO incidents.

General Shtemyenko becomes chief of the General Staff

Colonel-General Mikhail Alekseevich Shalin becomes head of the GRU.

General Shtemyenko is removed by Stalin.

1952 November - 1953 February
Operation SIC SEMPER TYRANNUS assassinates Karotechia researcher Dr. Edwin Peis with tacit approval (and betrayal) by the GRU.

1953 March 5
Stalin dies.

Smersh and it's occult researches ruthlessly purged by Zhukov and Krushchev. Beria executed.

General Shtemyenko is assigned as head of the GRU by Marshal Georgi Zhukov.

General Shtemyenko is demoted after Zhukov loses power. He is replaced by General Shalin as head of the GRU.

An archeological dig in Mongolia is raided.

General Shalin replaced as head of the GRU by corrupt ex-KGB General I.A. Serov.

General Shtemyenko becomes chief of Soviet Ground Forces

KGB General Petr Ivashutin is Chief of the GRU.

SV8 investigates the assassination of a Cuban DGI Colonel killed by what appears to be sympathetic magic.

SV8 and the North Vietnamese Army clear a stronghold of degenerate cultists off the Ho Chih Minh Trail.

General Shtemyenko becomes General of the Army, First Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff of Warsaw Pact Forces.

SV8 investigates a series of occult related serial murders in Kiev

1969 May
Colonel Alexandr Fedorovich Zimyanin leads a spetsnaz mission into the Tian Shan mountains in China and into the Taklimakan Desert to spy on Chinese ICBM sites. However, he is trapped on the Plateau of Leng for years and the sole survivor of the mission.

Lila Padol, a GRU spy in England, reports in to her case officer (General Anatoli Ogarkov) that she has switched bodies with an extra-planar entity.
1973 Spring
Majestic deceives the GRU into beliving it's experiments have been a failure and the organization disbanded.

Ekarina Pokrovsky assists an SV8 team to apprehend a group of Buryats kidnapping children for use as sacrifices in pagan rituals.

General Shtemyenko dies. SV8 funding is frozen.

An archeological dig in the Pamir mountains of Central Asia destroyed by SV8 due to extra-dimensional manifestations.

Captain Victor Adamovich Sterlikov encounters fire vampires sent by a Zoroastrian cult in Afganistan.

1982 late
A lover of Leonid Brezhnev's daughter executed after the Premier's death. Several valuable tomes recovered from the deceased man.

1986 January 29
The Dal'negorsk object falls in northeastern Vladivostok.

Konstantin Fedorchuk, keeper of the SV8 archive goes irretrivably insane.

1991 August 18
An early warning station on the Yamal Penisula destroyed by preternatural forces. The cult of Kotura is found to be responisible.

ex-Naval Spetsnaz assassin for hire Yuri Nikoleavich Krylov goes after a contract in the port of Varna. The Turkish gangsters he is supposed to kill are the Brothers of the Skin, who hunt him until SV8 offers him sanctuary.

1994 November
The Gothic Necronomicon is stolen by the Organizatsiya at Moscow Airport.

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