Heralds of Hypnos (archive)
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In dreams, all things are possible.
But there are boundries
between the waking world
and the realm of slumber.

When these barriers are sundered,
all bright dreams die.

Every black nightmare is given flesh.

The dreamlands are falling apart,
shattered by the invincible Red and Iron Army.

The ENDTIMES are upon us at last,
the final graveyard of humanity.

As we all fall screaming
into the monstrous maw of
the Great Old Ones…

…circles of dark sorcery
worshiping the Elder Gods
seize upon the ancient birthright
of their apocalyptic might.

This is the tale of one such group…

The Heralds of Hypnos: Legends of the Dreaming War.

A Nightmarish Struggle to Preserve the Dreaming.
For the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game.

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