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Archivist's note This is just two emails, ca. late 2001. The first is by the curator of the Ice Cave, but the source is not necessarily the Ice Cave.

I've been keeping an eye, on/of, on the TV. Looks like some fucker (I use this term with the utmost respect) in the USA Govt. said that maybe going a little nuclear in Afghanistan might be a good idea.

The thought is scary in itself, but what's developing on my screen is even scarier and, believe it or not, it is DG relevant.

In brief, the situation is - the above mentioned fucker (sorry, kids, but I'm not gonna call anything else someone summoning the Bomb in the current situation) gave us his pearl of wisdom this afternoon (local time). The idea being - we turn a wide chunk of their rock and sand country into a sheet of radioactive glass, they'll be oh-so scared they won't go on with their terrorist crap.

I guess the guy's got a paper proving he's a professional.

Now, about five hours later I have a cartload of TV personalities doing a round table of sorts about the pros and cons of a nuclear attack as "deterrent" against international terrorist action. Almost from the start we got the guy going, "C'mon…. fear of nuclear ordnance's a vestige of those silly B movies they did in the '50s." The guy went on explaining that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not that tragic after all, and what the hell, just consider the number of lives that were saved by forcing those fanatical Japs to drop their katanas and embrace reason, Coca-Cola and the American Way of Living.

The debate (pretty unilateral) is going on as I write, and the only
disagreeing voice I heard came from another journalist asking for some
"intellectual dignity" (nice turn of phrase). They told him he was obviously living outside of reality. The whole broadcast has a sinister undercurrent - they are working to make people feel at ease with the idea of nuclear bombing. They're using statistics (number of lives spared, cost benefices), and plain crap such as "today's atom armaments are not as destructive as the ones used in WW2 - they are safe and won't harm the civilians". Well, bugger me, that's what they call smart bombs, right? They kill only enlisted men.

So, while I touch my testicles in the traditional, world-wide, ages-old, recognized sign of protection from evil (cfr. "Terque quaterque testiculis tactis, nunc at sanguine pilis detractis, omnia pericula fugata sunt", in the Necronomicon, chapter five, just under the Sign of Voorish), I come to the DG angle.

The media cover-up is a thing of the past. Now it's easier and politically more rewarding to acquaint the public at large with the concept, adding the right vectors so that no matter how bad it is, there will be positive sides to it. The bad press is just that - derogatory propaganda. Go back to sleep, everything's safe.

So, now my question is - how fast is the connection between Them and Media? In my country, it took five our to round up a bunch of cracked-out yes-men willing to go and say that atom bombing a third worlds country's the swell way to put a stop to terrorism. The thing is very professionally done, from the national television, with all the whistles and bells.

Is something similar happening in the rest of the world?
How fast is the connection?
How complete is the coverage?
What could MJ force on the public at large as big, good and healthy?

Hope this one makes it to the list.

Davide Mana
knows atom bombs cause
worse things that giant ants
Torino, Italy

Uh, now you have frightened me.

I read a really eerie article posted on the "Upstream" mailing list ten days ago, predicting this.

I dismissed it until you popped up with this observation. Then I went back
and reread it.

Now I quote a few paragraphs without comment.

Note the date

You can read the whole thing at


The End Game

September 14, 2001


Thus, the inner party is now pondering whether the outer party in America is enraged enough to abandon their notions of civilized warfare and contemplate wholesale genocide. Simply kill off the population bases that produce terrorists and be done with it.

The inner party clearly believes that the example of turning one Moslem country into a burning glass ball will frighten the Moslem populations left standing sufficiently to ensure docile acceptance of inner party rule.

Of course, the genocide option would work a profound transformation upon the attitudes of China, Russia, India, and Iran toward the empire. The genocide option is an inner party delusion, but it could happen.

Lesser options involve a clear risk of fundamentalist control of oil prices,
and a consequent risk of worldwide depression and a splitting of the U.S.
into separate racial republics as the expense of the racial spoils system
becomes unbearable, and the dependent racial blocks erupt in violence in
response to a cut back in their perceived benefits.

Powerful forces have now been unleashed, and one false step could lead, over a period of years, to disaster for the empire and total public exposure of the inner party and its power.


Make what you can of it, but note, the prediction of the nuclear option
being pushed to defeat Islam was made ten days ago.

The original writer of this article is plainly highly intelligent. I do
not know if he is a loony or has some sort of real insight. Maybe the Evil
Old White Men theory is not entirely rubbish after all.

The Glove Cleaner

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