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Kurotokage will be moving into public domain in the near future, and will only exist in web-based form.

In May 2003, I hired Mark F. Cenczyk, an author who has worked for White Wolf and Steve Jackson Games, to write the Kurotokage book. A contract was signed and an advance paid.

While Mr. Cenczyk has not violated the terms of the contract, which has now expired, he submitted absolutely no material whatsoever. When contacted during the contract term, he replied "I'm working on it," but as of the expiration date of the contract nothing had ever been submitted.

I invited him to return the advance because pretty clearly he has violated the spirit of the contract, and he didn't bother to reply. In an effort to prevent him from receiving additional work from the gaming community, I have posted the contract here (460KB PDF) along with this explanation. I think the terms of the contract speak for themselves: not submitting any material under the terms specified here indicates, to me at least, that Mr. Cenczyk had no interest from the start in working on this project, and merely took the advance.

Fine. He has not broken the law.

As far as I am concerned, however, he has broken any claim to ethical conduct, and I sincerely hope that other publishers and people in the industry will read this contract and refuse to work with him in the future.

Mr. Cenczyk, if you read this and are upset, I invite you to demonstrate where I have made a false statement.

Edward Lipsett

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