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Kurotokage Sourcebook

Overview to keep track of what's going on

General information on Japan

Japanese history and timeline (real and Mythos)


The Taininhodo in the Dreamlands




Procedures and Style
Important Individuals
The Secret within a Secret

Kuromaku and Japan Inc


  • Overview of Japanese deep structure or, Geology of Japan for Beginners. Includes:
    1. Japanese subduction zone (presented as a hands-on info file from the 1958 DG Operation: AHAB)
    2. A 1958 geological report about the trail of the cthonians
    3. A more recent report about geological anomalies in Japan
    4. Brief glossary/tech sidebar
  • Cthonian ecology - or why they like it under Nihon. Includes: # Cthonian timeline and general bio overview (keeper's eyes only)
    1. Why Cthonians love it down there & the Cthonian way of Life (more Op: AHAB, Kurotokage and Taininhodo docs)
    2. The diary of a lone Tokugawa-era yamabushi that somehow connected with a cthonian and witnessed part of the burrower's social life
    3. Field notes from a Meiji-era insect collector witnessing the hatching of a cthonian egg and following the earlier stages of a cthonian's life
    4. A manga script and explanatory letter from a notoriously deranged mangaka (submitted to a publisher but 'lost' after a B&E) full of hentai tentacle sex and hints at cthonian sexuality (hentai as effect of cthonian libido seepage).
  • The Cthonians and the Japanese. All the rest:
    1. How Zhang Daoling trapped a Cthonian under <insert opportune location> (maybe two or three versions of the same tale, with varying Mythos elements, and varying tie-ins with other chapters of the book)
    2. Cthonians & CATFISH (a collection of docs recovered and compiled by Kurotokage operatives or Anti-Mythos Monks through the years)
  • Possible expansions/sidebars/stuff….
    1. Japanese Civil Protection details and DG-style template NPCs (who knows…. a Cthonian yamabushi cultist, a non-conformist geologist keeping up Mogi's research, an oversensitive manga artist etc)
    2. New Cthonian Spells/Abilities - Mating Call, Clan Summoning etc.
    3. Keeper's Help - some new and alternative takes on the old 'stolen cthonian egg' scenario seed.




Scenario arc

  1. Mibe Town and the Deep Ones
  2. Okinawa and Zoth-Ommog
  3. The Bookstore in Tokyo
  4. Hidachi and the Death of Deep Thoat
  5. Meeting Kazuo and The Taira



Maps of Japan (ancient, Edo-era PDF, modern-era PDF or modern-era links

Sidebars and modules

Related Fiction


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