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You are not Chancellor; you are not Praetorian.

You are Number 23.

The Man in Black welcomes you.

deceive DG ANOMALIES : An Intelligence Collective for Delta-Green tru7h
inveigle SETI 2401 : Listen to the alien stars light
obfuscate THE GAME OF KINGS : The Art of the Surreal silence
beLIEve Heralds of Hypnos : Legends of the Dreaming War freedom

The only tru7h is that there is no tru7th. seven is darker.

Novus Ordo Seclorum : Annuit Coeptus : E Pluribus Unum

[9 9 2 0 .2 2 9 9 8 9 2 1 2 .3 3 4]

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