New Orleans airport canister, 1997 (archive)
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Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 19:50:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Andrew D. Gable"

Here's a news report I pulled off the Parascope website (, from their conspiracy section. Remind anyone of the beginning of a certain X-Files episode?


May 27, 1997

The Army Chemical Biological Defense Command will inspect a foot-long pressurized stainless steel canister seized on May 22 by security personnel at New Orleans International Airport.

An unidentified man attempted to pass the "mystery canister" through the X-ray machine on his way to the airport concourse, according to a Reuter report. Security officers asked the man to open the container, but he refused, saying that "it would release a noxious odor." When officers questioned him, the man fled the scene, according to airport spokeswoman Michelle Duffourc.

The Army's Technical Escort Detachment at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, dispatched a three-man team to transport the canister to Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland for analysis. Police have not released a description of the man who tried to sneak the canister into the airport concourse.

STORY NOTES: In my campaign, I made the cylinder a container of shoggoth DNA being delivered to MJ-12's genetic base in Montana. The messenger was a Karotechia agent who had been stationed at Point 103.

I think this story is very interesting as a scenario idea. They took the cylinder to Aberdeen Proving Grounds — remember there were "bigfoot" sightings there and there were also rumours of illegal genetic research being conducted here back in '74 (IIRC).

Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 20:12:39 EDT
From: Shane Ivey

being delivered to MJ-12's genetic base in Montana. The messenger was a Karotechia agent who had been stationed at Point 103.

Yesterday I saw a Learning Channel UFO special in which they discussed Nazi scientists who brought super-high tech secrets over to the Allies and the Soviet Union after WWII, and this got me thinking: what if there's more to the Karotechia than we've already read about? It might be an interesting angle to explore the "resuscitation" of Karotechia scientist who had some kind of dealings with the Greys and sold his knowledge to the highest bidder… perhaps DG rooted out his secrets and squelched them, but now there's a risk that he'll be resuscitated by the K. so that they can try to get in on the game that MJ-12 is already playing. Hmmmmm….

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