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"My big kick comes from taking reality just as it is - accepting all the limitations of the most orthodox science - and then permitting my symbolizing faculty to build outward from the existing facts; rearing a structure of infinite promise and possibility whose topless towers are in no cosmos or dimension penetrable by the contradicting-power of the tyrannous and inexorable intellect."

H.P.Lovecraft, 1930

As you must have guessed by now

Domain Science Letters is a joke, a game, part of the web of gaming sites set up by players of the Delta Green Lovecraftian RPG.


My intellectual background is in real-life Physics. I'm also a great fan of Lovecraft's writing.

This may seem contradictory. But I believe Lovecraft was more than just a horror writer. The Universe he diagrammed was in a profound sense the real Universe …….

Plus a few special effects.

When you know about The Doomsday Theorem, the certainty of human extinction in the near future ceases to be a foolish fiction.

When you have noticed Penrose Tiling, you will know that walls covered by "obscurely symmetrical curves and angles based on the quantity of five" are not absurdities, even if pentagons do not tessalate .

The motive behind this site is to investigate just how intimate the linkage between Lovecraftian fiction and real-life science can be made.

The EndTimes

The material on this site was originally inspired by Will Timmins' EndTimes, set in those Last Days.

It grew into a separate site when the Delta Green Mailing List gave me a swollen head.

Background: The Dark Transmissions

The implied historical background to this site is that experiments to detect Dark Matter accidentally lead to contact with intelligent entities.

These entities - the Yesodic Darks - are the conduit by which some of the crucial knowledge of the Mythos enters the human world, initially in the form of eighteen hard-to-decode masses of (apparently) pure scientific knowledge - the Dark Transmissions I - XVIII - passed to the scientists who made the contact.

However, the connection beween the Yesodic Darks and the old legends of the Necronomicon is simply not made: scientists have no background to allow them to realise this connection.

The subsequent involvement of the Yesodic Darks in the Endtimes is not indicated, and may be left to your discretion. You may if you wish identify some of them with some of the conventional Mythos entities.

Some KEEPERS EYES ONLY thoughts may be found here. If you wish to employ Will Timmins' EndTimes scenarios, you should adhere to these.

So, think of this as a scientific journal being published at the start of the Last Days -

  • before the Transmissions are fully decoded
  • before the true nature of the entities here designated the Yesodic Darks is understood
  • before the Scientists who study them have begun their inevitable transformation into Magicians
  • before the whole corpus of knowledge erupting from this contact is classified and regulated by the governments of a World desparately split between the need to gain knowledge in order to build new weapons and the need to hide knowledge that corrupts and kills by its very nature.


I hope people will use this site as "background" material for near-future DG games.

You may link to any page on this site, and you may print off or otherwise reproduce any content from this site for private non-commercial use, provided you reproduce all copyright statements.

I hope that people will submit papers to this site. If you want to do this, the rules are simple:

1. Nothing that contradicts known real-world science. Go beyond science, by all means.
2. Nothing that contradicts Lovecraft's serious writings
3. Nothing that contradicts Historical Events on the EndTimes site. The safest way round this is not to mention any historical events.
4. No "Yog-Sothothery", please. The Mythos entities should not be mentioned by name. A dictionary of acceptable and misleading pseudonyms will be provided as required.

You may refer to the more cosmic and abstract among the GOO: when I work your stuff up for publication, cool-looking glyphs will be used to substitute for these: for example:

Conventional Mythos name DSL name
AZATHOTH [[concentric patterns]]
YOG-SOTHOTH [[fractal]]
HASTUR [[Yellow Sign]]
Deep Ones Aquatic Humanoids

5. I strongly advise you to read a sufficiency of the currently available News & Views articles before you submit anything.

Remember, start with real science and build outward into the unknown: this is not primarily a site for complete fantasy.

Use In Games

Explanation and closure destroy the effect of Lovecraft's writing.

The purpose of this site is therefore not to provide explanations but rather to increase the radius of the unknown by taking what is known by real science today and moving outward a little.

We strongly suggest this site be used as a background of mistaken, perhaps over-optimistic, half-truths, not as gospel. Certain of the statements here will be plainly wrong. It's meant to be a scientific journal - an arena of competing, uncertain, hypotheses.


You may call me The Glove Cleaner.

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