Operation Shotgun (archive)
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Shotgun Scenarios are ultra-condensed descriptions of possible adventures, plot-hooks, themes, or sub plots. They can be combined and synthesized; folded, mutilated or spindled; and abused from all corners. Hopefully, they will serve as an Idea Mine of Inspiration for impoverished Keepers. By firing a violent spray of ideas all at once, it might be possible to hit that shadowy skittering creature that you just can't quite get a bead on.

Have fun with these Keepers… Be seeing you.

Small Town, USA is secretly and ruthlessly quarantined by anonymous figures in MOPP gear. (like George Romero's "Creeps")

A Cell member is deliberately addicted to designer drugs. (watch for rapid mutation)

A series of rare book thefts is committed. (By who? Karotechia? Fate? Book of the Month Club?)

A DG agent goes nuts and must be eliminated.

Terrorists/Militia members aid the Cell against cultists or MJ-12.

A reporter or other nosy character sheds unwanted publicity on the Cell.

Due to that last disasterous fiasco, the Cell must recruit new personnel. The new recruit could need a great deal of convincing.

"You are SO fired!" Cell-A decides that your Cell is expendable.

Some clever bastard steals a Majestic-12 UFO. (imagine the chase scene and climactic dogfight)

A group of sorcerers is summoning monsters and subsequently butchering them for techno-alchemy reagents. (I ran this for a mixed group in In-Nomine. Angels, Demons, they're all just ingredients!)

DG must transport a cargo of paranormal evidence and objects to a safer location.

Investigate a recently destroyed/abandoned Majestic facility. (what destroyed it?)

An alien or genetically engineered supersoldier escapes the clutches of Majestic and goes on a RAMPAGE. (didn't I read this in a Daredevil comic?)

A fugitive from Fate/MJ-12/Karotechia must be AIDED and ABETTED.

Your upwardly connected contact with DG disappears, go find 'em.

Incidents of mass insanity resulting from MJ-12 or wherever must be prevented.

Like in a game of Creatures and Cultists, two or more rival cults go to war with each other.

Everyone wants to get rid of a cursed object (maybe a red glowing ruby?) The character's Cell ends up with it, and a supernatural game of HOT-POTATO ensues. (Karotechia: "We don't want it!" Fate: "get that THING away from me!" Stefen Alzis: "Not interested, don't ever call me.")

The cell next to the Character's is utterly destroyed, are they next? Has someone higher up in the cell structure compromised DG? Is this what happened to Special K?

Majestic (or someone) engages in a mass cloning project. Clones are unstable and begin to commit acts of random violence, wild and free, reveling in joy and destruction.

A character important to the party is revealed to be a clone or bioroid.

Routers : The cell must replace or install part of the Secure Server system.

Smack Down : Someone starts killing the friendlies on the Secure Server list.

To Catch a Thief : Who is raiding our Green Boxes? Follow their trail. Is it a trap? A rogue agent?

The Candidate : The cell is instructed to assassinate an important political figure. Weak kneed Keepers may wish to reduce this to a mere "background check" as part of a Red Herring Test. This scenario allows the Keeper to present an inside view of politics to apathetic players.

Fragging : The cell is instructed to kill a high ranking military officer. Weak kneed Keepers may wish to reduce this to a mere "background check" as part of a Red Herring Test. This scenario allows the Keeper to present an inside view of military life to civilian players.

The Profiler : A project to psychologically profile mythos cultists and their foes goes awry.

Three Agents and Adina : The entire session is comprised of the interrogation of a single suspect. (Best for live action role playing)

And Then There Was One : Clones in the populace are driven by some instinct to kill each other, perhaps so that the survivor can claim the entire soul, like in some spurious rerun of Highlander.

Watching the Watchers : The cell is assigned to spy on another cell or stakeout a possible recruit. They may be informed the reasons for the assignment or not. This can also be used as a Red Herring, with the people being watched drawing attention to themselves and possibly risking their lives doing so.

Armed Robbery : the cell is assigned to steal something very valuable from private ownership.

Watch the Skies : A UFO crash must be investigated (and covered up).

We Are Not Alone : The cell runs into a "typical" group of investigators.

Hiding the Evidence: After much horrible carnage, Delta Green kills Ahtu, the golden tree avatar of Nyarlathotep, in Africa during OP KURTZ. The hideous god-corpse remains…and remains…and remains… Stephan Alzis or someone similar shows up and offers to "hide the evidence." He/they require large amounts of industrial chemical and laboratory equipment to do so. The components are shipped to Africa by the then official DG. The god-corpse is rendered into its essential saltes and taken away to be forgotton.

Today, watching CNN and through other channels, the Cell discovers that environmental spills, mysterious fires and odd disappearances are plaguing NWI related facilities at a dozen chemical plants in Africa. Now those encrypted files received from GEN Fairfield impose the chilling and final logic onto the Agents that they have been dreaded since the beginning.

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