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1871 - Edward Bulwer-Lytton's "The Coming Race" published

1918 -1920 - Lt. Studnikov of the Soviet Army encounters Ghouls when suppressing an outbreak of cannibalism in Siberia.

1920, April - Franklin Rathke destroys Crawford Tillinghast's Resonator.

1927 - Captain Studnikov investigates an Evenki cult dedicated to Kotura, "Lord of the Winds".

1928 - The Library of Ivan the Terrible unearthed beneath the Kremlin.

1931 - Major Studnikov discovers that the OGPU is conducting occult research for Stalin. SV-8 is formed.

1937 - Summer - Willeim Eisenbein obtains a small prototype of the Tillinghast Resonator and returns to England.
- GRU SV8 is purged along with the rest of the Red Army. Colonel Studnikov is shot and killed by Smersh.

1938 - Pavel Sudoplatov is ressurected by Smersh Occultists.

1939 - Armenian Electrician Semyon Kirlian develops a technique to photograph the human aura.

1940 - The General Staff reorganizes SV-8 to exploit the Nazi belief in the Occult.

Sometime in 1942 - The Azarya's escape into the future using their Pineal Powers.

1943 - Delta Green arranges for the Donnerschlag's destruction by allied bombers.
- Karotechia saboteurs posing as archeologists in the American Southwest recover the Vril Lens from an Anazasi site.
- October 28 - The Philadelphia Experiment begins with the activation of the MIRAGE III device onboard the USS Eldridge.

1945 - Ressucitated Casualties encountered by the Red Army on the First Belorussian Front at the Polish city of Lodz.

1945 - In a desperate race against Delta Green's Operation SUMMER BREEZE, Smersh recovers Eisenbein's resonator research.

1946 - Pavel Sudoplatov placed in charge of MGB Special Bureau Number 1 (Spetsburo). Eisenbein's research applied to all manner of offensive Electromagnetic weaponry.

1950 - Czechoslovakian Military builds a Hospital in North Korea to use POW's as experimental subjects.

1951 - Vril Research in the Soviet Union develops an early Soliton Wave device, the Psycho Acoustic Projector.

1952 - Soviet scientists warn their western counterparts at Sandia National Laboratories about the offensive potential of Electromagnetic Radiation. They are ignored.

1952-1953 - Delta Green Operation SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS eliminates Dr. Erwin Peis and the Soviet Necromantic Experiments.

1953 - Josef Stalin dies. Lavrenti Beria assasinated by Krushchev and Zhukov. GRU ruthlessly purges Smersh.
- The KGB begins to irradiate the US Embassy in Moscow with microwave frequency radar. The radiations cause a deterioration of health among embassy staff. The irradiations continue for many years.

1953 - MKULTRA experiments authorized by CIA Director Allen Dulles.

1956 - Krushchev makes his "Secret Speech" denouncing Stalin.
- COINTELPRO formalized as part of FBI policy to disrupt subversive organizations, specifically the Communist Party.

1957 - Krushchev selects Novosibirsk as the site for the Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences. This leads to the construction of Akademgorodok (the Academic City).

1959, September 15-27 - Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev tours the United States.

1960 - FBI COINTELPRO begins to conduct activities designed to prevent communist infiltration of legitimate organizations.
- May 1 - A U-2 reconnaisance plane run by the CIA is shot down in the Soviet Union. Pilot Gary Powers is convicted of espionage and held for 21 months.

1961- Yuri Kasavin displays astonishing powers before the eyes of KGB apparatchiks but is gruesomely killed by things from beyond.

1962 - Project PANDORA (including sub-projects TUMS, BAZAR, MUTS) started in response to the discovery that the Soviet Union has been irradiating the American Embassy in Moscow for the last decade.

1964 - CIA Director John McCone (illegally) creates the Domestic Operations Division.
- October 14 - Krushchev forced to resign by the Central Committee.
- Winter - Azarya's reappear scattered across Normandy. They are pursued by Hounds of Tindalos, the KGB, the Stasi, the Mossad, the French Intelligence Services, and Delta Green's Operation SABER VALLEY.

1966 - FBI and CIA begin to coordinate an effort to investigate communist support of anti-war and black militant movements.

1967, August - CIA creates a Special Operations Group to collect domestic intelligence, mostly from university campuses.

1968, July - CIA Deputy Director Helms consolidates all domestic intelligence collection under the banner of Operation CHAOS.

1968 - First Moscow International Conference on Parapsychology.

1969 - US intelligence sources conclude that the Soviet Union is engaged in "psychotronic" research.
- The Andropov Directive orders all Soviet Paranormal research placed under the tightest secrecy.

1970 - Delta Green disbanded by the Pentagon in order to avoid a Senate Inquiry.
- CIA inititates SCANATE (Scan by Coordinate) remote viewing program.

1972 - The Stanford Research Institute (later SRI International) begins remote viewing research in Menlo Park, CA.

1973, January - CIA Director Richard Helms orders the destruction of many documents related to MKULTRA.

1974 - Dr. Avi Tischler of Project PUZZLE postulates the "Loop Paradox" to explain the Men from the Future.

1977 - GONDOLA WISH, an Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) Systems Exploitation Detachment (SED) evaluates potential adversary applications of remote viewing.

1977 - Senate Select Committee on Intelligence holds hearings on MKULTRA (Chaired by DANIEL K. INOUYE, D-Hawaii)

1978, Mid - As a result of the GONDOLA WISH findings, an operational collection project using Remote Viewing was formalized under Army intelligence as GRILL FLAME.

1978 - Dr. Albert Yrjo is approached by Dr. Abner Ringwood to conduct the first Stress Reaction Tests for Majestic. The OUTLOOK Group is reborn.

1979 - SRI's research is incorporated into the GRILL FLAME Project

1982 - Project PUZZLE is absorbed into Majestic. Project TELL is instated by Majestic to exploit resonator technology.

1983 - The GRILL FLAME program is re-designated as the INSCOM CENTER LANE Project (ICLP)

1985, Late - Army funding is cut off due to an unfavorable evaluation from the National Academy of Sciences' National Research Council. The ICLP is redesignated SUN STREAK and transferred to DIA's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Directorate, with the office code DT-S.

1991 - Under the auspices of the DIA, the remote viewing program is shifted to a defense contractor called Science Applications International Corporation [SAIC]. The program is renamed STAR GATE.
- OUTLOOK group moves it's Stress Reaction Testing to Puerto Rico.

1992 - Dr. Yrjo demands and receives MAJIC clearance. Experiements with the SPECTRUM chemicals derived from COOKBOOK research begins.

1993 - Project TELL begins operations with "The Concern" at the Monument facility.

1994 - Delta Green reorganizes after the assassination of MAJ GEN Reginald Fairfield (ret.).

1995 - The FY 1995 Defense Appropriations bill transfers the remote viewing program to CIA. The American Institutes for Research (AIR) evaluates the program for the CIA. As a result of their conclusions, the CIA shut down the program, concluding "that there was no case in which ESP had provided data used to guide intelligence operations."

1999 - The ARTIFACT ZERO Investigation takes place at Billings, Montana.

2012 - Majestic Project WELLS sends U.S. Navy CAPT James Francis Poulsen and his team back in time to destroy the MIRAGE III device aboard the USS Eldridge in 1943.

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