Site 14 (archive)
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High in the mountains of Peru, there is a "corporate research facility" owned by New World Industries (NWI), a corporation which has been under considerable scrutiny from Delta Green and other sources since its inception in the 1920s. The research facility is contained within the ruins of an ancient Incan temple.

The facility perimeters extend ten miles outward are bounded by a twenty-foot high electrified chainlink fence. Heavily-armed guards patrol the gates where the single, poorly-maintained road enters the perimeter. If an intruder manages to get past the security at the gate (which is unlikely), they are in for a treat. The ten-mile stretch is divided into five smaller "yards" by yet more fences and gates, each yard patrolled by attack dogs genetically engineered under Project LAELAPS.

The Inca temple lies in a broad valley. The temple (known simply as Site 14) contains computer records rooms and offices of NWI personnell. A large yard extends back from the body of Site 14 about 500 feet. This yard serves as kennels for the LAELAPS dogs. In the heart of the temple is a large lozenge-shaped room, containing a series of elevators. All of these elevators lead to the same place.

Nearly a mile beneath Site 14 is a huge tunnel complex codenamed NEMEA. The labyrinthine tunnels are lit by some type of radiation harmful to the eyes. As a result, all personnell assigned to the tunnels wear protective eyegear. The radiation is harmless to the rest of the body, however, and radiation suits and other safety measures are unnecessary. Hundreds of Greys live and work in the tunnels of NEMEA, as do a slightly smaller number of human workers, employed by both NWI and various Majestic-12 sub-projects. Most of the humans working in the tunnels have been there for years, and many display vision disorders when leaving the facility.

The Greys have told Majestic-12 that these tunnels are one of their many outposts on our planet, hidden from human eyes for millennia. In fact, hundreds of the Fungi from Yuggoth dwell in a huge cave that is off-limits to both government and NWI personnell.

The facility described in this document is intended to update the ruins which are the site of the Chaosium adventure "The Temple of the Moon" to the modern day.

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