Slumberpunk (archive)
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  • This page collects all my Slumberpunk stories written so far, for my friend Edward Lipsett to find them easily and (hopefully) enjoy them. If you are not Edward Lipsett - which is likely, considering there's only one of Ed's around that I know of - please enjoy these stories all the same, with my blessing and for what they are worth.

For the Curious….

  • "Chasing the Bride", the first Slumberpunk story (the label was proposed jokingly and it stuck) was written, with more daring than sense, as an exercise in bringing together Howard Phillips Lovecraft's so-called Dreamlands setting and the more modern, spy-fictional world of world conpiracy and horror outlined in Pagan Publishing's Delta Green setting.

Marrying, if you will, cloak & dagger with sword & sorcery.
Lovecraft, Deighton & Leiber.

  • The following stories were originally written for and posted to the Delta Green Mailing List, most of them in periodical installments not to embarass the list servers with huge files.

They were generally greeted with positive feedback - which is more a witness to the listmembers' kindness than to the stories actual quality.

  • And yet, maybe there's something good in these stories, after all.

Fair Warning - the following are fictional accounts set in a horror/fantasy universe which is very close to our own.
On one hand, some elements of the following narrative are aimed at a mature readership.
On the other, all facts, organizations and individuals portrayed herein, if not with clear satirical intent, have no relation whatsoever with real facts, organizations and individuals. Any similarity is purely coincidential.

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