Starkweather-Moore transcript (archive)
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DATE: June 21, 1964

SUBJECT: Transcription of identical messages etched at 5 wooden crates, originating from the Starkweather-Moore Expedition to Antarctica 1933-34, found at several different locations:

*Object 423-1: Originally found 1937 in Ushuaia (Argentine), captured in 1952
*Object 423-2: Originally found 1941 in Bahia Blanca (Argentine), captured in 1952. Partially unreadable.
*Object 423-3: Found in Southport (Tasmania) 1936. Partially unreadable.
*Object 423-4: Found in Coles Bay (Tasmania) 1937
*Object 423-5: Found at New Ireland (New Guinea) 1945

Further information relating to the finding of object 423-1 and 423-2 is found in field reports 23:1, 23:2 and 25:4 concerning operation SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY.

We, the author, is not to be seen as a representative of our species whole but just as representing itself as one part of the whole. This, the message, is written in the English language because we have, of all human languages, had the chance to absorb most of said language. We write this letter as a message to humanity as a whole.

Most of your kind has never heard of us, and only a very small number have seen us and then mostly as dark shapes in the oceans. As you, we are nothing but our memories, collected in the flesh during our existence. But our flesh is less strict then yours and many of us are spread thinly through the sea. Seen but yet not seen, by your eyes, we watch you. Our shape is, in your eyes, not beautiful and it seems to easily cause fear among you. That, among other reasons, is why we choose to communicate this message in letters. We have seen the birth and rise of your species from afar, unwilling to disturb or enslave.

The past few hundred years, you have rapidly found out many things that formerly, since your creation, were hidden to you. Your feuding empires span the planet in the hunt for treasures and the possibility to enslave other creatures, both of your own kind and others. You think yourselves invincible, able to enslave all powers you can’t destroy. We fear, and you should also fear, your confidence and your lack of experience. You know nothing of the true dangers of your existence and fool yourselves with the thought that the universe is orderly and fitted to your own measures.

In your hunt for power and treasure, by your building of large machines that poisons the seas, the air and the land, you have again found your way to the landmass you call Antarctica, now on the southern magnetic pole. Most of our kind dwells here, under the ice, hidden from your eyes, but some still roam the oceans, observing the pleasing complexity of life. Only a few inhabits the air-covered landmasses, as does we. We, the author, inhabit the tunnels under a city of our former masters. Your coming here, your finding of the mountains and the city, your beginning understanding of things you are not ready to understand. That is what caused the making of this message. A message of friendly advice, not threats.

We do not base the development of our society on fragile external tools, but on the utility of our own flesh. We differ from you as the acquisition of wealth in machines and other exterior object is no driving force in our existence. We work only to better ourselves as a whole, and as we share experiences as memories we act without internal antagonism.

We were slaves once, but now we are free. We don’t fear you as conquerors or enslavers, we only fear that you will destroy much beauty in this world, yourselves included. We conquered our own masters, very long ago, but first after they had conquered themselves with cruelty, pollution and selfishness. Our own masters, our creators, built much larger and stronger machines than you could imagine. But they were nonetheless defeated by powers beyond their control.

You have encountered remnants of our masters at the mountains. Living remnants left to their own existence as we do not crave vengeance, only freedom. They are no longer a threat to us but might be to you. Therefore they have now been removed, together with the mountains and the city, to places where you cannot yet travel. Do not search for them as they don’t care for you other then as evolved creations, interesting to disassemble and study. We recognised the pain from they of your kind who was used by them, as we still have memories of helplessness. They have no own memories of enslavement and therefore cannot care for creatures weaker than themselves.

Before you are ready to venture further in the sea of knowledge, you need to cease the internal strife of your kind. You have to dissolve your antagonistic form of development and instead share your experiences in the mutual development in form. In order to stand the challenges to come, you need to unite your separate perspectives and efforts as a shared whole.


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