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Guide to Authors

Before submitting any material to Domain Science Letters, please read carefully this guide.

Submit by e-mail

Please submit your ms by e-mail, not hardcopy.

Length of Submissions

Unsolicited ms should observe a limit of 3000 words and ten attachments. Longer articles are usually comissioned. Ms of less than 600 words, and ms which are written in response to previously published articles, will usually be published as Short Communications.


Please include any graphic files, applets, scripts or PDF documents as attachments. Give attachments the names with which they are referred to in your ms. For example, a .gif referred to as figure 1 in your ms should be named figure_1.gif

Acceptance or rejection

the editor's verdict is final.

Pre-Publication reformatting of submissions

If accepted, your submission will be worked up into an online HTML article by a Domain Science Letters editor. You will be given an opportunity to view this article before it is posted, and you will be expected to reformat it to your satisfaction in cooperation with the editor.

Notes on content

Please read our Notes on content

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