Tesseract (archive)
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From: The Man in Black

The vial wasn't conventional matter. It was some multi-dimensional unbreakable crystal. Looked like glass, felt like glass. The cork was a kinetically reactive polymorphous material. Thermal superconducting filaments running through everything kept the temperature stable.

Inside the vial was one of many biological extracts taken from my Jane Doe. She washed up on a Kaneohe beach on Oahu not too long ago. Now we were in the City of Lights, hiding from Biotech Chulan and the world.

I hate Paris. I hate the smarmy French assholes who inhabit it. I hate dodging Interpol cocksuckers who want to see my passport. Fuck them all with a telephone pole, the load of useless brain-deaders.

The milky white fluid in the vial bubbled contentedly. Long chain reactions that never stopped. This stuff was it's very own self contained ecosystem. Capable of thriving forever. Immortal. Undying.

I put it back in the case with the golden serum and the crimson blood and the other black unmentionable liquids suctioned out of the woman lying on the bed. There was no biohazard symbol, just the neon green insignia of Biotech Chulan. I prepared the laptop. It was time to go online.


That night I was out in the middle of a French field, surrounded by dead harvested crops and the smell of frozen fertilizer. Jane asked me "Now what happens to me?" I ignored her like the sonuvabitch that I am. The stars above paid little attention to our brilliant conversation.

It was cold. Emotionally and physically, no snow, just cold.

I saw something that didn't belong. It looked like someone had mated a cloud and the Aurora Borialis. A sparkling glittering prismatic mist of ice and glass. It was coming closer, floating above the barren trees and reflecting crescent moonlight like a million tiny rainbows.

Jane started steaming in the winter night. Hyper-adrenaline, they called it. She was cooking juices that no human had ever pumped into their bloodstream inside her alien metabolism. I told her to calm down. I knew what it was. I knew everything.



?Destroy ?Dissolution !Disintigration!

<ZON.ch.ai> - Zurich Orbital Network

{purity is fading}
{vortex of soul}
{guardian of disorder}
{pawn of enslavement}

Child of Flesh to be taken. A Wolf in the Fold. Winter's of discontent.Miles and Miles of Miles and Miles. Knotted strings of space, Gordian and unraveled by the blade of children.


<!!.ai.net> - CHECKMATE!!

Every move taken is another moment frozen in time. We take back moves in a friendly game, to teach the inexperienced. The rigors of tournament play demand otherwise. Do we explore the endless variations of our position? Or do we continue to play our pieces, hoping for victory in this, our chosen reality?

<ORACLE. @&6720>
<transient domain error>

{opt.o} :Take the child
{task.o} :into our cloud of mist and rain
{proc.o} :Let us offer her the surcease of all pain


release the crystal mists of time.
the echoes of this song will never end.
a CLARION call to our cohabitation.
cloudy in our secret space.
folded into angled bliss
tesseract of our future love


The gaseous prism ringed around us like a giant shiny doughnut. The sky above opened into unfolded space. The ground burned and froze again, leaving strange circular scars in the earth. Mists swirled upward. A ray of light spotlighted the two of us, betrayer and betrayed.

"Where am I going?" she asked plaintively, floating upward into the night.

"To the future… to the unknown…" I told her. It might even be the truth.

The tesseract closed around her. She was taken by tomorrow's angles. I thought for a moment that I could see an infinite congery of bubbles. Everything was empty and silent. The cloud was gone and I was alone. The vials were all I had left. Crystal vials left behind by the future when it had come to touch the earth.

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