The Angel of Soledad Hill (archive)
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The Angel of Soledad Hill

From: "John C. Detwiler"

Just like the coal companies earlier in the century and certain corporations today, the Company has maintained whole communities for its employees and their families. Hell, they brought in a whole infrastructure: fast food chains, gas stations, movie theaters and even a church for God's sake. All the better to make sure they had a good grip on what the scientists and labbies were thinking and feeling twenty-four by seven. All the better to make sure that nothing was ever leaked to the outside world about the Company's activities up on Soledad Hill.

So much the better to clean up an incident, should one occur. And of course, one did.

I'm the cleaner. It amused me when I took the job, my mission laid out so starkly before me: contain by any means necessary, all leakage of property, physical, intellectual or otherwise, belonging to or relating to the Company's endeavours. I used to hum a little tune to myself as I went about my duties as Security Chief.

"Assigned here 'cause your company owns the land
All your colleagues live here too
Private guards in golf carts
Keep you safe at home?
When will you crack?"

This morning while I watched on the surveillance cameras as the staff in A Lab cut their tongues out with scalpels and smashed beakers to make room for the swelling parasites squirming up their throats, heard them hissing to each other in inhuman voices over the intercom, saw how they tore the few uninfected workers limb from limb and fucked the bloody pieces…well, I didn't find it quite so amusing.

But I did my job. I did it quickly and I did it efficiently and I did it thinking only those thoughts that pertained to the mission. Just like I was taught in the service.

When I discovered a few moments later that Dr. Stevens had made it out of containment and halfway back to town, I did what I had to do.

With our pass keys my team and I paid a visit to every door in Soledad Township. We tidied up each startled gaze, each turned back. When I passed the threshold of the second to last door on Maple Street, a young boy looked up at me, an apparition in white decontam suit and face mask, with a silenced assault rifle and the high afternoon sun behind me.

"Look momma! A angel!"

I guess I might have looked like a kind of angel.

"And I saw another angel, and he ascended from the east of the sun, who has the seal of the living God,
and he cried in a great voice to the angels, these that were given the task of blazing of the earth and the
sea, as he said, "Do not harm the earth, not the sea, also neither the trees, until we stamp the servants
of our God between their eyes."

So I stamped him between the eyes, and his momma too.

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