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From "The Shadow Out of Time" by H.P. Lovecraft…

"There was a mind from the planet we know as Venus, which would live incalculable epochs to come, and one from an outer moon of Jupiter six million years in the past. Of earthly minds there were some from the winged, starheaded, half-vegetable race of palaeogean Antarctica; one from the reptile people of fabled Valusia; three from the furry pre-human Hyperborean worshippers of Tsathoggua; one from the wholly abominable Tcho-Tchos; two from the arachnid denizens of earth's last age; five from the hardy coleopterous species immediately following mankind, to which the Great Race was some day to transfer its keenest minds en masse in the face of horrible peril; and several from different branches of humanity.

"I talked with the mind of Yiang-Li, a philosopher from the cruel empire of Tsan-Chan, which is to come in 5,000 A.D.; with that of a general of the greatheaded brown people who held South Africa in 50,000 B.C.; with that of a twelfth-century Florentine monk named Bartolomeo Corsi; with that of a king of Lomar who had ruled that terrible polar land one hundred thousand years before the squat, yellow Inutos came from the west to engulf it.

"I talked with the mind of Nug-Soth, a magician of the dark conquerors of 16,000 A.D.; with that of a Roman named Titus Sempronius Blaesus, who had been a quaestor in Sulla's time; with that of Khephnes, an Egyptian of the 14th Dynasty, who told me the hideous secret of Nyarlathotep, with that of a priest of Atlantis' middle kingdom; with that of a Suffolk gentleman of Cromwell's day, James Woodville; with that of a court astronomer of pre-Inca Peru; with that of the Australian physicist Nevil Kingston-Brown, who will die in 2,518 A.D.; with that of an archimage of vanished Yhe in the Pacific; with that of Theodotides, a Greco-Bactrian official Of 200 B.C.; with that of an aged Frenchman of Louis XIII's time named Pierre-Louis Montagny; with that of Crom-Ya, a Cimmerian chieftain of 15,000 B.C.; and with so many others that my brain cannot hold the shocking secrets and dizzying marvels I learned from them."


From "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" by H.P. Lovecraft…

"I am an entity like that which you yourself become in the freedom of dreamless sleep. I am your brother of light, and have floated with you in the effulgent valleys. It is not permitted me to tell your waking earth-self of your real self, but we are all roamers of vast spaces and travelers in many ages. Next year I may be dwelling in the Egypt which you call ancient, or in the cruel empire of Tsan Chan which is to come three thousand years hence. You and I have drifted to the worlds that reel about the red Arcturus, and dwelt in the bodies of the insect-philosophers that crawl proudly over the fourth moon of Jupiter. How little does the earth self know life and its extent! How little, indeed, ought it to know for its own tranquility!"


Other mentions of Tsan Chan according to the Mythos Concordat are: Clock of Dreams and The Transition of Titus Crow by Brian Lumley, and Night Lives by Ann K. Schwader.


From "The Tao of Physics" by Fritjof Capra

"Logical reasoning was considered by the Taoists as part of the artificial world of man, together with social etiquette and moral standards. They were not interested in this world at all, but concentrated their attention fully on the observation of nature in order to discern the characteristics of the Tao."



Three Thousand Years hence, courtly factions intrigue against each other through space and time. Using the decadent Liao drug and guarded by imperial Tcho-Tcho warrior-priests, Clan sorcerors project their astral forms centuries back in time to influence their ancestors in the past. All this in service of the Tsan Chan which translates as "meditative inquiry."

As each temporal manipulation bears fruit down the myriad pathways of time, the future changes, and dynasties rise and fall. Protected from paradox and the Hounds of Tindalos by the Pnakotic Pentagram, Tsan-Chan sorcerors alter the flow of the timestream with impunity. Temporal meddling has made Tsan Chan history into a mockery, a shambles where cause and effect have little significance. Fate has been unraveled in the time of the Tsan Chan, what was once carved in stone and unalterable has become unwritten. The dynasties of Tsan Chan write their history with brushstrokes in a pool of water.

One thread binds all the dynastic factions: the Genyosha and Kokuryukai. The Dark Ocean and Black Dragon secret societies of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries seem to be vital to the formation of the Tsan-Chan Empire. The societies are influenced from the astral realm, visited by visions and deceptions from the future, and are taught mystical secrets by their benefactors. Their actions will change the unwritten future.

The Order of the Green Dragons worship Cthulhu. Obeying the instructions of the High Priest Not to Be Named, they strike out from their great monastery in Leng, making alliances with Deep Ones and others. The Green Dragons wish to place their High Priest upon the throne of the Tsan Chan, and interbreed humans with Deep Ones in service to almighty Cthulhu. Aside from the Genyosha, the Green Dragons cover their activities in the 21st century under the guise of qigong practitioners in China, most notably the outlawed Falun Dafa, or Falun Gong cult. The Green Dragons have the closest ties to the Tcho-Tcho.

The Order of the Bloated Woman worships Nyarlathotep. Although they have a splinter faction of fierce matriarchs who also adore Shub-Niggurath, the Bloated Woman seeks to place a heir to the sacred bloodline of the Black Pharoah upon the throne of the Tsan Chan. They seek alliance in the past with the Black Brotherhood (European rivals to the Green Dragons) and the Brotherhood of the Beast, who have preserved the lineage of the Black Pharoah Nephren-Ka throughout the millenia.

The Kuen-Yuin, or Deathless, are powerful sorcerers who dwell in the dream city of Yian. Many worship Hastur and YOG-SOTHOTH. Most of these strange brethren seek only to increase their sorcerous powers through study.

The Kuen-Yuin also have a tenuous alliance with the Green Dragons, as they believe that the High Priest Not to Be Named may have a connection with the King in Yellow. Who can say what might happen when the deathless penetrate the mysteries surrounding the Leng Monastics and their alien leadership.

A small faction or Kuen-Yuin endanger the alliance with the Green Dragons by seeking to turn Tsan Chan into an outpost of Carcosa, with the King in Yellow on the imperial throne. A group of Kuen-Yuin also indirectly support the Thousand Faces: Science-Priests who wish to mate humans with YOG-SOTHOTH and create a divine nobility, eventually coronating a son of YOG-SOTHOTH as Tsan Chan Emperor.

The Kuen-Yuin immortals rarely meddle in the past, and usually do so only to fulfill their alliance with the Green Dragons. When they do project their astral forms into the past, they can communicate with their past selves. They also seek alliance with the Brothers of the Yellow Sign, although their purpose in doing so is unknown. The Kuen-Yuin in the 21st century are scheming in the dreamlands, stirring up turmoil and fomenting chaos in preparation for some grand design.

The Xuan Wu (Order of the Dark Serpent) and the Xiaoqing (Order of the White Serpent) are fierce rivals who both worship the serpent god Yig. The Xian Wu seek to place the Ophidian Emperor Chih upon the throne of Tsan Chan while the Xiaoning support the claim of the Ophidian Empress Nu Qua. Serpent Men priests of both orders send their minds into the past and awaken members of their species in preparation for the great day when the lost empires of Stygia and Acheron can be reborn in the future of the Tsan Chan.

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