The Dreaming War (archive)
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A vast and mysterious conflict is erupting in the night. As people sleep, the very existence of their dreams is being threatened. Every land in the Dreaming is invaded, one after the other by the ever-increasing forces of the enigmatic Red and Iron Army. No scholar, seer or soothsayer knows of the source of their power or can name their origin.

The only power that seems to able to slow their advance are the Arch Dreamers. Powerful Dreamers gifted with the ability to affect reality in both the waking world and the Dreamlands. Many of these Arch Dreamers are servants of the Elder God Hypnos, but since the beginning of the invasion, Hypnos has vanished, leaving his disciples without guidance.

Now the Heralds of Hypnos, those Arch Dreamers whose duty it is to proclaim the will of the Dreaming God, have begun an epic quest to discover the whereabouts of their lost deity. All the while, a terrible struggle to survive rages across the realms of slumber…

The tale of the invasion is told by collected documents from the Great Library of Celeano. Although how these historical writings managed to get there, especially since they describe events that have not yet occured, is a mystery.

In the waking world, Dreamers discover that more enemies pursue them. The servants of the nameless have determined that now is the time to slaughter all enemies of Carcosa for the greater glory of the madness that is Hastur.

The Invasion begins

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