What's a Shotgun Scenario? (archive)
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Date: Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:07 pm
From: The Man in Black

On 3/13/07, Rob Redford <rob.redford@…> wrote:

What's a Shotgun Scenario?

You remember when your little sister grew an extra head and you took the butt end of your daddy's shotgun to her until she stopped wailing in alien tongues?

That was a shotgun scenario.

Remember when you thought that fat headless zombie-thing wouldn't stop growing or mutating or whatever and you kept peppering the gigantic maggots erupting from it's bloated belly with buckshot?

That was a shotgun scenario.

Remember when you suddenly lost control of your body and the buzzing in your brain was so loud you almost didn't stop whatever was controlling you from blowing your own damn fool head off with that Remington 870 you picked up off the headless state trooper's body?


It all started in 1995. One Year after the Fairfield Incident. Things were crazy, paranoid times full of cell structures and biohazards. A hundred damned things popping up needing to be put down every week. Contaminated towns disappearing off the map, Mob informants withering and shrivelling right inside FBI "interview" rooms like fast forwarded Egyptian mummies. Occult graffitti showing up in bad neighborhoods and good neighborhoods.

I saw the Yellow Sign scrawled 60 feet up the wall across the back alley of a meat packing plant. At least three bodies worth of human meat in the dumpster. How'd they even get the blood that high up?

Every night, a different story, a new scenario… scattershot beads of distilled hellfire scorching new and acute trails of twisted agony through the raw remnants of human sanity. They come at you all at once. Not like the well-aimed surgical precision of a sniper, but like a maniac's spree killing, slaughtering human victims like diseased cattle.

Remember that evening on the pier? Two ships coming in loaded with inhuman monsters? Cargo containers shaking like unstable bombs… the full moon glaring down with cold light in the frozen night? Steel rending with a metallic scream?

That was a shotgun scenario…

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