Arkham Group Timeline

July 24th, 1970: Delta Green is officially disbanded by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the group begins its unofficial existence as an illegal conspiracy.

August 13th, 1970: Commander Bishop calls a meeting of all the former members of the Delta Green Steering Committee. At this meeting Bishop proposes using capital captured during WWII to start their own proprietary companies to allow Delta Green to continue fighting the supernatural. All those members loyal to Joseph Camp oppose the idea as it would make Delta Green as bad as Majestic-12, those following Camp leave the meeting and continue fighting the good fight on their own terms. Because of those Steering Committee members that stayed, Arkham Enterprises is founded as the first of the Arkham GROUP’s proprietary corporations.

September 1st, 1970: The Arkham GROUP is founded. Arkham Enterprises is established as AG’s first proprietary company.

1981: Arkham Enterprises buys the Arthur Thompson Zeppelin Corporation, a Dirigible manufacturing firm, in a leverage buyout. Once under the control of the Arkham GROUP , ATZ Corp. begins its rise to become one of the most popular airlines in the United States. By 1993, ATZ Corp has become the 6th largest airline in the United States. What few ever release is that ATZ Corp. is being used to transport arms and personnel across the world for the Arkham GROUP .

1986: The first of the Olympian Clubs is opened in Boston MA. By 1999, there are Olympian Clubs located all over the world in most major cities.

1971-1993: Between fifty and eighty Delta Green operations occur in these years. Little or no information exists on these clandestine, ad hoc ops.

1991: Miskatonic University and Georgetown University sponsor a Joint Expedition to study the Pyramids of Mexico.

March 16th, 1993: Colonel John Chambers of Sigma Section leads a Sigma Team into the Swamps of Louisiana under orders to eliminate a cult worshipping some dark deity. 48 hours after insertion, all contact is lost.

March 17th, 1993: Aramis Marcel meets with Deputy Commander Drake in regards to joining the Arkham GROUP.

March 23rd, 1993: Operation - BAD MOON. Aramis Marcel has a meeting with his secret contact within the Voodoo Community of New Orleans, Madame Dierdrie to find out about the disappearances of New Orleans locals.

March 25th, 1993: Aramis & Dr. John, the grandfather of Madame Dierdrie enter the swamps north of New Orleans looking for answers to the disappearance of New Orleans locals and the supposed disappeance and a military team that was sent into the swamps.

1997: Byron Northland heading a research team create the flying heliofortress known as POINT ZERO. Shortly after its maiden flight, Commander Bishop relocates the Steering Committee of the Arkham GROUP to POINT ZERO to put them out of the reach of assassins from Majestic-12.

September 5th, 1998: Edgar Nuebaur & his friend Gurney fly to Boston to attend the funeral of Adrian Macalaster. Before his journey to New England he is approached be a business man named Charles Weinstein III about the acquisition of a certain book that was in the possession of Mr. Macalaster before his demise. Edgar and company are attacked by a plant creature that melts his car before he is able to destroy it.

September 5th - 6th 1998: Edgar and his associates site see around Boston while waiting for the funeral of the late Mr. Macalaster. Visiting the Sailors Club on the docks of Boston Harbor and the dance club "The Rage" in downtown Boston. While at the dance club, Gurney becomes enthralled by a woman there, Edgar frees him from her "spell" and shortly thereafter falls under her sway himself. With the assistance of Doctor Robert heck of Arkham MA, Edgar and his associates along with Doctor Heck escape the dance club into the night of Boston. That night when they retreat back to their hotel and hold up there for the night.

During that evening, Edgar awakens to find a greenish mist hovering above Gurney. He quickly falls back asleep believing it to be a dream. The following evening upon returning to their hotel from a day of exploring the city, they find the woman that was at the dance club being beaten into a bloody pulp in their room by a knight-like creature that could only be seen in a mirror. Just as the creature is about to deal its death blow, the woman changes into a fine green mist and escapes. Not long after, Edgar and company leave that hotel in search of another more secure location in the city. For no reason that any of them can understand, one of their number steps out into the Boston street into the path of a on coming bus killing himself.

September 9th 1998: The funeral of Adrian Macalaster at the Church and Cemetery of St. Lazarus in Boston. Edgar with the assistance of Doctor Heck investigate to church finding a stairway directly beneath the altar of the church. They find a room containing the records of the church along with a massive metallic seal on the floor bearing the seal of the Order of St. Lazarus. Also, by accident, under the seal they find a cavern with an underground river leading to the Atlantic Ocean. Gurney falls into the cavern and during their attempt to rescue him he is attacked by what appears to be humanoid fish creatures, Gurney is killed when a desk falls on him. The investigators leave Boston bound for Arkham for the reading of Mr. Macalaster’s Last Will and Testament.They make a brief stop at Arkham hospital to care for the wounds they gained from their encounter with the fish-men, that is where they meet Jonathan Zameski; a solider in the US Army that was himself on his way to Arkham for the reading of the Macalaster Will.

September 10th, 1998: During the reading of the Will, Edgar poses as Gurney and find that he was left a letter and the deed to a house in Arkham. Charles Weinstein III is also at this meeting, as it turns out he is the nephew-by-marriage of Macalaster and he recieves nothing from the estate. He is also removed from the Board of Directors of the Macalaster Foundation. Doctor heck attends the reading of the Will as a representation for Miskatonic University, the university is given a sizeable donation from the Macalaster Foundation. Jonathan is left a WWII era jeep that the investigators leave the Macalaster Estate in.

September 11th, 1998: Edgar and his new associates read the letter they were given, in it Adrian Macalaster leaves to them to stop the forces of darkness from bringing together the 13 Crystal Skulls of Mexico, thereby bringing the end of the world. After leaving the Macalaster Estate they travel back into the city of Arkham to find the house that Macalaster left and to retrieve the Book of Dorrathe before Weinstein is able to get his hands on it. While at the house they find the book and are also attacked by a supernatural knight-like creature that nearly kills Edgar in its attempt to gain the book.

September 11th, 1998: Edgar is taken to Arkham hospital to recover from the wounds he received from the giant knight-like creature. While in the hospital he is approached by Weinstein in another attempt to gain the book by purchase or threat. He is also approached by the woman that changed into the mist , who was greatly angered to have her plaything; Gurney, taken away from her. As it turns out she was a vampire and attempted to drain Edgar dry until the pain killers he was on drove her away.

September 15th, 1998: Edgar is released from Arkham Hospital, he and his associates proceed to hide out at a run down hotel on the outskirts of Arkham. While there they make plans on how to handle the quest set before them. While there, Jonathan’s new car is attacked by a plant creature similar to the one that attacked Edgar in Cincinnati. Edgar is able to destroy the creature using some gasoline from a station across the street, destroying Jonathan’s new car in the process. A police officer and his car are also destroyed by the creature, only a box of half smoldering donuts survives the explosion.

September 15th, 1998: Edgar and company return to Arkham hospital to deliver two journalists that were caught in the middle of the battle. While in the Waiting Room of the Hospital, Edgar and his associates are approached by a Commander Julian Bishop of the United States Navy, he begins quietly questioning Edgar on his experiences with the Cthulhu Mythos. Realizing the danger that Edgar and company were in, Julian asks them to leave with them before more "nasties" come looking for them in a place that they couldn’t possibly fight them off in, namely the hospital.

They all get into a black sedan and Bishop drives them to a deserted field on the outskirts of Arkham to and awaiting helicopter. Before they are able to take off, a triangular aircraft approaches them at high speed and begins firing on their chopper with some kind of sonic weapon. Seemingly out of no where another black helicopter appears and drives the triangular aircraft away. 45 minutes later Bishop, Edgar and his associates land on board the flying fortress known as POINT ZERO. Once there, Bishop offers them to chance to hunt down those horrors with the help of his organization. Edgar and company accept his offer and join the ranks of the Arkham GROUP .

September 16th, 1998: Edgar and his Beta Team are sent to New Orleans via "Gate" to track down some leads on an item they need to enter the Dreamlands called the "Scepter of Dreams". While at a Occult shop in the French Quarter, Edgar makes contact with a Voodoo Priestess that helps him make contact with Baron Samedi to gain possession of the scepter. While Edgar is on his dream quest in the deadlands, his associates are attacked by two men in black suits. Most of the Occult shop is destroyed in the battle, but both of their attackers are killed in the fire fight. After their deaths, both bodies burst into flames and disintegrate in front of the team. Upon completing his dream quest, Edgar returns with the Scepter of Dreams and the team has to take a bystander; Nathan Castle, into custody for the duration.

September 23th, 1998: Edgar’s Beta Team is equipped and briefed for Operation DREAMSCAPE. Their mission is to stop Charles Weinstein III from bringing the Crystal Skulls back together in the Cathedral of Dreams in the Dreamlands, thereby bringing about the end of the world. Already weird things have begun occurring in the real world, three airliners have simply vanished and a dense wall of clouds is blocking the sun from shining worldwide.

September 24th, 1998: Operation DREAMSCAPE begins with Edgar’s Beta Team being taken to Tumbleweed New Mexico, supposedly there is a portal to the Dreamlands somewhere near the town. While in Tumbleweed they meet the one remaining resident of Tumbleweed, an old man by the name of Jasper O’Conley. The following day the town is attacked by two Russian HIND helicopter, destroying most of the town in the process. In their escape, Jasper leads the team to the Dream Gate they were looking for and to the last remaining Crystal Skull that Weinstein hasn’t gotten his hands on.

September 25th - 26th, 1998: Edgar and his team journey through the Dreamlands in a race to stop Weinstein from reuniting the Skulls. In the Dreamlands, they journey took them 3 months to complete, while in the real world it was done in the time of a two days. In the end, Operation DREAMSCAPE is considered a success and Weinstein is stopped. But it wasn’t Edgar or his team that stopped Weinstein, it was "N" and "Y" that did for reasons Edgar and the Arkham GROUP still don’t understand.

December 16th, 1998: Edgar is called back into active duty and assigned a new partner, Desmond Llewellan of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. They are to go to Los Angeles to find out why another Beta Team hasn’t reported in. They arrive in LA via "Gate" and find the house that the Agents were in has been turned into a slaughter house. Blood and the remains of human body parts are every where, along with a cryptic note for Commander Bishop. They also find splatters of some kind of purplish liquid all over the place, which they can only assume to be some kind of blood from the attackers of their Agents.

After investigating the house, Edgar and Desmond use their "green cards" to call up a "Gate" to bring them back to POINT ZERO. When the "Gate" appears they step through only to find that they are not in the place they wanted to be. They find themselves in a stone corridor, within a moment of them stepping through the "Gate", they are attacked by two more men in black and they retreat back through the "Gate". This time finding themselves back in POINT ZERO. Commander Bishop order that the "Gate" be shut down until they can figure out just what went wrong.

December 19th - 22nd, 1998: Edgar and Desmond and the rest of their Beta Team; Mr. Blue, Dr. Nicholas Jameson and Victor Kruger of the ATF, are sent to Colorado to investigate the murders several seemingly unconnected individuals. They find out during the course of their investigation that all of the deceased were in some way responsible for the trying and sentencing of a dead convict named Damon Phelps. While in Denver they realize that the only surviving person responsible for sending Phelps to prison was the District Attorney who was away at a mountain retreat for some type of banquet dinner. Edgar and Desmond race into the mountains in an attempt to save the man’s life. On their way to the secluded hotel, a blizzard develops and they are force to walk to the rest of the way to the hotel. Once they arrive, they find the intended victim is still alive and approach him telling him that his life is in danger that they have been sent to protect him. Eventually he dies anyway, and Edgar and Desmond are forced to face off with a killer that can get inside peoples minds and that can jump bodies. After a harrowing battle, Desmond and Edgar are able to kill Damon and they leave the hotel after the storm breaks two days later.

Shortly after returning from the mountains, Edgar and Desmond hook back up with the rest of their team. Not long after it, they are catapulted into a dark future where both Dr. Nicholas Jameson and Victor Kruger of the ATF are killed by an irradiated blob creature with lots of tentacles, eyes, and mouths. Mr. Blue loses the lower half of his leg to the creature. While there, they find a 17 year old boy hiding in the mountains. After befriending him they find out that the time they are currently in is about 100 years after World War III. Somehow Edgar, Desmond, Mr. Blue and the boy; Sammy are able to escape back to their own time through another "Gate".

January 8th - 14th, 1999: Edgar and the rest of his Beta Team, except Desmond go to the Bahamas to get some R&R. While there a hurricane blows through, Desmond finds out that Weinstein is still alive and has put a price on Edgar’s head. Desmond flies down to the Bahamas to rescue them from a Russian Merc that Weinstein sent for Edgar. In rescuing Edgar, some huge creature eats the Russian Mercenary’s sea plane and Edgar and the rest of his team escape into the interior of the island. They hide inside a cave that turns out to be an ancient temple just as the hurricane blows through.

While in the temple, they begin hearing strange noises coming from the tree line outside and something begins hurling coral spears at them. They hide further back in the cave where they find a "Gate" room hidden behind some rubble. One of the investigators has a moment or enlightenment (or madness) and cuts his hand and bleeds on the "Gate" on the stone floor; he immediately disappears and shortly there after the rest of the team follows him. Once through the "Gate" they find themselves in a city of those half man half fish creatures and unable to not obey they commands of their captors. They are experimented on and not long after they escape with the help of a Sigma Team that was sent to rescue them. Mr. Blue promptly has a nervous breakdown and has to be committed to a Mental Hospital after leaving the Bahamas.

January 16th, 1999: Desmond receives a telegram from England requesting his return home. Edgar and the rest of the Team follow him to England at a distance. While Desmond is away dealing with personal issues, Edgar and his Beta Team have another run in with the Men in Black. This time they are abducting people, mostly teenagers, in London and experimenting on them. Edgar and his team are able to put a stop to their plan with the help of Jonathan Breefley, a member of Delta Force that was stationed at the American Embassy in London.

April, 1999: The Arkham GROUP initiates Operation DAYBREAK. Beta Team leader, Edgar Neubaur and his team journey to Egypt on the trail of Charles Weinstein III to stop him from finding and reviving the ancient pharaoh, Menkuhor the Nightbringer. Operation DAYBREAK ends with Weinstein dying at the hands of Menkuhor and Edgar beheading the pharaoh after receiving near fatal wounds that end with him in a coma. Sammy is killed while in Cairo by what witnesses referred to as a man in a grey suit.

August, 1999: Edgar Neubaur awakens from a three month coma to find himself as a patient in the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland. Shortly after awaking, Edgar releases that he has had major plastic surgery done on his face totally altering his appearance and the hospital staff believes him to be Lt. Commander Vincent Truscani, a pilot in the United State Navy. Within a few hours of him waking up, Deputy Commander Thadius Daysfield of Gamma Section meets with him and explains that the changes were needed to protect his life and to keep him out of the hands of the Federal Authorities. He is told that a look alike is out there murdering people with the relic sword that was stolen from him while he was in London England. Edgar is assigned to work with Ethan Quill to investigate the disappearances of several well known archaeologists.

Dr. Deborah Fallcome of Georgetown University is found murdered at GU by the Georgetown Police Dept. Dr. Hugh Grant of Georgetown University is found murdered at GU in the Office of the Dept. of Archaeology. Both doctors of Archaeology. Edgar and Ethan Quill find the remains of both Archaeologists at Georgetown University.

September, 1999: Desmond, Edgar, Doctor Heck and Ethan Quill travel to Mexico City in an attempt to stop the abduction of Dr. Juanita Sanchez, a Doctor of Archaeology at University of Mexico. They find the remains of one of her assistants and leave the university before the authorities can question them. While in Mexico City they are attacked by Weinstein, this time as a vampire. Doctor Heck under the mind control of Weinstein attacks the rest of the Team and has to be subdued. They are saved by what they can only believe to be another vampire because they never got to see their rescuer. After leaving the hotel they were in, they went to the local hospital to tend to Doc Heck’s wounds.

September 11th - 13th, 1999: Edgar and his Beta Team travel to Belize to investigate the dig that is under way at the Incan Pyramid that is there. On there why there, they receive assistance by the CIA in the form of a Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Beckett, the Deputy Commander of Sigma Section. Once they arrive at the dig site, they found 3 Russian HIND attack helicopters guarding the area along with 2 smaller attack helicopters. The team is captured while attempting to sneak into the site at night by none other than Weinstein. They are taken to a man named Jean Baptist and he gives them the chance to join him, of course they refuse his offer and Baptist orders Weinstein to have the killed as he leaves the dig for some unknown reason.

Edgar and Desmond are able to escape with the help of some of the Russian Mercenaries that Weinstein believed to be loyal to Baptist. Commander Bishop takes a helicopter from POINT ZERO and flies down to Belize in an attempt to help save the Beta Team from certain death. While escaping the dig site, Edgar, Desmond, the rest of the Beta Team and their Russian rescuers steal one of the HIND helicopters, they use its missile launchers to destroy the dig site with Weinstein still in the temple wrestling with some ancient vampire that he had just awoken. While Bishop gets into the middle of a dog fight with the two smaller attack copters, his helicopter is shot down but not before he is able to take out the other two with the help of Edgar and friends.

September 13th, 1999: Bishop and company escape to Panama where they leave their ruined HIND behind and bribe the authorities to allow them out of the country just as a Coup of going down. They travel back to England to hide out at a MI-6 safe house.

September 18th, 1999: Special Agent Saint James of the Los Angeles Brach Office of the FBI throws himself out of the window of his 8th floor office in an apparent suicide.

September 19th, 1999: Juliana Saint James murders her three children and then commits suicide for no apparent reason, other than the death of her husband the day before.

September 24th, 1999: Investigators Bradley McBride and Emily Brown of Beta Team "BlueSix" are sent to Los Angeles to investigate the mysterious suicide of FBI Agent Saint James, after he threw himself out of this 8th floor Branch Office window. Both Bradley and Emily check in with the Olympian Club to the Arkham GROUP know they arrived. Their cover story is that they are Special Agents working for the FBI investigating the death of Special Agent Saint James.

September 25th, 1999: Bradley and Emily continue their investigation of the death of Agent Saint James. Their investigation of his home turns up no real clues, on their way out, they are attacked by one of the Police Officers guarding the crime scene. Emily is shot through the leg and Bradley is forced to rush her to the nearest hospital in Riverside.

September 26th, 1999: Investigators Collin McLir and Katherine Schincski arrive at Los Angeles International Airport, their mission is to assist Bradley in his investigation of the Saint James Case. Bradley and the rest of "BlueSix" go to the home of the Police Officer that fired on himself and Emily, once there they find the mans wife dead in the upstairs bathroom bathtub. They find the police officers body in the basement also dead. Immediately Bradley contacts POINT ZERO for a clean up crew to be sent to cover up the charnel house. The clean up crew comes in the house via a "gate" and proceeds to put the house to the torch., then leaves through another "gate". Bradley and "BlueSix" leave heading back to the Olympian Club located on Vennes Beach. When heading back they find that they are being tailed by who they believe to be the Maid of the Police Officer’s family.

Once in the Olympian Club, they notify the Manager that there might be a situation. By this point it is too late, the Maid’s body in found in the women’s restroom, dead, by Katherine. She promptly has the restroom sealed off. Somewhere along the way, the Manager of the Olympian Club attacks Katherine behind the bar, shooting her in the leg, then attacks Collin when he attempts to assist her. After a struggle, the Manager escapes from the Olympian Club in the chaos of the crowd attempting to leave the club.

Later on that evening, after much investigation it is determined that this could only be the work of the dead psychic murderer, Damon Phelps, in an attempt to exact his own form of revenge against the Arkham GROUP for the death of his last host body.

October 7th - 8th, 1999: Bradley McBride and "BlueSix" are assigned the mission of protecting a man that said he was defecting from the mysterious Illuminati, and that he was willing to share secret information regarding some planned operation of theirs. While on an Amtrak train bound from Houston Texas to Charleston South Carolina, the defector and "BlueSix" are attacked by a supernatural creature that seemed to be feeding off of the life force of Katherine. The defector is killed by the Skull and chain creature and then dispelled when Bradley destroys it with a blast from his AE-50 pistol.

While nearing Chicago, Bradley and Collin decide that it would be best if the Arkham GROUP sent a helicopter to get them off of the train before they reached Chicago and would be forced to answer questions they were not prepared to answer to the authorities. While on the roof of the train, Collin notices a black helicopter coming in from the deck to the south of them, he calls into AG to confirm that their ride was inbound. At this point Collin figures out that this black helicopter isn’t their ride, he also can hear the sound of a mini gun charging itself to fire. Collin and Louis drop to the top of the train as the helicopter beginning firing on the train car they are in.

Below, Bradley and Katherine are making their way to the end of the train. Neither of them even notice the black helicopter coming in on them. By the time they look up, the black helicopter has already begun firing on the train. Both Bradley and Katherine are riddled full of bullets. Collin and Louis, seeing what happened to their comrades drop back into the train car through the hole in the roof made by the mini gun fire.

By this point, their ride arrives and is able to drive off the black helicopter. Both Bradley and Katherine are rushed to the nearest hospital in critical condition. Collin and Louis (Louis was more or less abducted by the team) proceed to the Olympian Club in Chicago with the briefcase that the defector had on him.

At the hospital, both Bradley and Katherine are rushed to the ER, with the hospital staff fully expecting both of them to die. While in the ER, through some miracle or dark miracle, both Bradley and Katherine are healed by some unknown power and the ER staff freaks out calling for the police. Both Bradley and Katherine escape from the hospital and make their way back to the Arkham Enterprises corporate office tower in Chicago. After hours of interrogation, Collin and two AG interrogators are able to determine that this is truly Bradley and Katherine. There is a meeting with Deputy Commander Alexandra Cassey of Alpha Section. It is decided from a map in the briefcase that the next destination of "BlueSix" will be Cairo Egypt to investigate the Tomb and Temple complex that "BlueFive" found earlier that year.

October 10th, 1999: Katherine Schincski, a member of Beta Team BlueSix dies in a climbing accident while entering an Egyptian dig site.

October 13th - 14th, 1999: BlueSix begins investigating an ancient tomb and temple complex located 1,000 feet under the Karnak Temple Complex. Beta Team Leader, Collin McLir is shot by one of this own team members for unknown reasons; and attacked by a vampire.

October 15th, 1999: BlueSix assisted by a strike force made of of Illuminati Mercenaries trek deep into the Egyptian desert to the south in an attempt to destroy the vampires that have taken thousands of Egyptians and Foreign citizens hostage in an ancient underground city. Collin kills the vampire that turned him; returning him to mortality. Commander Bishop with the remaining members of BlueFive assist BlueSix in escaping the underground city, fleeing into the desert in a stolen transport truck. That night Commander Bishop aranges for a submarine to meet them off the Egyptian coast to transport them away from Egypt back to the New England coast.

October 22th, 1999: BlueSix arrives on the coast of New England in MA. As the team is disembarking, one of its newest members; Josey Jones the Egyptologist disappears and is not seen again.

October 22rd, 1999: Bradley, Collin and Louis go to Bradley's home to find an address book in the hopes of finding someone to help them with their mission. Collin and Louis are kidnapped while Bradley is searching the upstairs floor. A friend of his, Carmen appears at his door telling him what she saw. And another woman, a southern lady approaches them telling them that she saw his friends attacked with what looked like a stun gun and that they were carted away in a black van. Bradley contacts his colleague Emily Brown, a former Operative of the Arkham GROUP for assistance. The southern woman attempts to follow Bradley and Carmen and ends up hospitalized after Bradley shoots out her motorcycle from under her.

After meeting with Emily, Bradley finds out the woman he attacked was a friend of hers. So he and Carmen trek back to the hospital to find her, only to find that see is not there. He receives a call from Laura telling him that she is waiting for him at the bar that he met Emily at. Once everyone got back together, Bradley laid down the cards for everyone present; telling them that the rapture was coming in 210 days and that only they could stop it.

Not long after this, they are attacked by three zombies that attempt to kill them. They flee to a Catholic Church down a few block and hide within it. The dead creatures break their way into the Church and continue attacking BlueSix. The last of the creatures is unexpectedly killed by a man named Maximilian Stoller. The tells the team if they wish to live to follow him.

October 23th, 1999: Maximilian Stoller offers BlueSix a deal, he is willing to help them if they will help him rescue his twin daughters from the Illuminati's grasp. Bradley and Carmen agree to help him in return for his assistance.

October 25rd, 1999: BlueSix, lead by Bradley McBride travel into northern New York on orders from Commander Bishop to use the old Refectory HQ to re-supply. Once into the underground complex, they are attacked by the AI: Black Bishop that is defending the facility. After fighting their way down to the computer core, Bradley is able to deactivate the computer with a special laser disc that Commander Bishop gave him. Bradley and his companion are gravely injured in the battle; Bradley losing his left arm to a mini gun, and his friend Carmen losing the ability to use her right arm.

October 26th, 1999: Bradley and Carmen, badly injured leave the Refectory in search of medical assistance that only Maximilian Stoller can get them quickly.

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