The Army of the Yellow Sign

Classification: Delta Green

Attention: All Agents and Friendlies
Re: Intelligence Report on "The Army of the Yellow Sign" militia group

The Army of the Yellow Sign is a militia/cult with it's origins in a secretive society called the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign. They are armed, zealous to their pegano-religious philosophies, and extremely dangerous.


Their modern roots go back to their founding in 1948 by an ex-Army officer named Daniel Tabiezon and the publication of his book, "Secret Messages from Inner Space" (1948) [see below], in which Tabiezon calls for the formation of an independent army to overthrow the government which had, according to him, entered into a pact with a race of "Sky-Devils" from another dimension to control and inhibit mankind's destiny. This independent army, or militia as it's called today, became known as "The Army of the Yellow Sign." He began recruitment in the fifties, but membership remained too low to attract any attention. Outside of building a secluded armed compound in remote Montana and the occasional recruitment rally, their other activities are unknown to this day. Tabeizon died in 1985 with the "Army" at about 300 suspected members. Accurate data is unavailable.

Current intelligence

In 1993, Rex Hagans retired from the NSA at the age of 45. One year later, it is known that he had become leader of the "Army of the Yellow Sign". Under Hagan's leadership, the "Army" has been restructured along the lines of a militia, has grown in membership to a suspected 1000, has become better armed and equipped (it is believed that Hagans had illegal weapons contacts from his NSA days), is suspected of having acquired several front companies (investigation pending), and has established satellite operations in several cities.

Current intelligence on the original "Brotherhood" indicates that organization has continued in it's decadence and has become little more than a social society, with little adherence to it's original philosophical tenants. They view the "Army" as a seperate group, whereas the "Army" still claims connection to the parent organization.

The Army is has been able to pay its taxes since its inception. Its primary funding is listed as private contributions and its current yearly fiscal income is reported as $2 million.

Its members live with their families in the fortified compound in Montana in a communal setting. They generally wear a camoflague uniform. Children attend a private school within the compound in which they are indoctrinated in the teachings of Tabiezon and the religious beliefs of the "Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign". Recruitment is performed from the satellite facilities. Members are generally recruited at gun shows, militia conventions, through survivalist literature and publications, and over the internet.

It is suspected that the group's current activities include covert actions against what they claim to be "Interference by the Sky-Devils" and their religious practices may include human sacrifice.

The Army of the Yellow Sign is potentially very dangerous and should be handled with extreme caution.

Be Seeing You.

Agent Todd.

Secret Messages from Inner Space

The people from Xinayain have shown me that the Sky-Devils are around us, are among us. They pollute humanity with their foul experiments. They deny us our destiny by manipulating our species. The Sky-Devils must be stopped if mankind is to achieve its true potential."

— Daniel Tabiezon, 1948

In this book, published in 1948, ex-Army Lieutenant Daniel Tabiezon details how he was approached by and later joined the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign. The first few chapters deal with an abbridged history and description of the Brotherhood and it's philosophy. The book stops short, however, of revealing any of the Brotherhood's esoteric religious beliefs, rituals, sigils, or signs.

The second part of the book reveals the existence of a race of extra-terrestial beings called the "Sky-Devils" who seek to deny mankind's destiny by manipulating it's development. He explains that the Brotherhood's goal is the elimination of these Sky-Devils, but modern decadence within the Brotherhood has resulted in a sense of complacency.

The third part of the book details how Daniel was telepathically contacted after World War Two by a being from Xinayain, a secret race of beings that live inside the Earth in vast caverns. It was explained to Daniel by this being (or beings) that it was they that originally founded the Brotherhood thousands of years ago and that they were displeased by the modern Brotherhood's decadence and complacence.

The final part of the book is Daniel's plan to form a more pro-active faction within the Brotherhood, the Army of the Yellow Sign. It is his goal that through this army, the Brotherhood can fight the Sky-Devils, overthrow the corrupt U.S.Government which has made secret pacts with the Sky-Devils, and prepare mankind for its ultimate destiny.

This book was published as a cheap paperback in the late 40's and early 50's. Many mistook it as Science Fiction, not realizing that Tabiezon was actually exhorting his world view and calling for recruits. A few did, however, and allowed Tabiezon to form his "army". The book is now out of print except for small runs done by the Army in it's compound in Montana. An abridged version of the book is also available on the Internet at the "Army's" Web site.

(0/1d2 sanity; +3 Mythos; x1 spells; 2 weeks)


Contact Xinayain (Kn'Yan)

Other Benefits

Study of this book awards a skill check to Occult.


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