Behold The Dark

Written and filmed in 1918 by writer/director Ralph W. Routhgate, this film focuses upon a group of friends who experience strange dreams and then are drawn into the lost city of Carcosa. In the film, several items are worth noting. Notable are the gargoyle-like creatures which hover over the dreaming characters, the strange and swirling dancers seen in the dreams and later in Carcosa, and the representation of the Lake of Hali in miniature using dry ice. The film is even darker and moodier than He Without Name. The film ends with murder and suicide, and the one surviving character residing in a madhouse.

Like the earlier film, in two frames a portion of a Yellow Sign is seen, in this case the lower left two-thirds. The film is highly disturbing, haunting dreams for quite some time after viewing. Running time is 57 minutes. Three copies of this film still remain, as the studio burned most of them after the 1919 tragedy at the filming of The Lord of the Yellow Sign.

Two of these copies are kept in the Smithsonian storage archives. The remaining copy is property of Sam M. Brianson, a wealthy executive at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

Language: English
Cthulhu Mythos: +3%
SAN Loss: 1d2/1d4
Spell Multiplier: None.
Spells: None.
Study Time: 3 weeks.

From the Ice Cave.

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