Billy Baugh

REAL NAME: William “Billy” Baughn
OCCUPATION: D.C. Police Detective
EDUCATION: U.S. Marine Corps
SPECIALTIES: NCIC access, Untraceable weapons, Forfeiture of assets, Seized drugs

STR: 15
CON: 14
DEX: 12
INT: 11
POW: 11
CHA: 9

HP: 15
WP: 11
SAN: 55
BP: 44


Thrown out of the finest boarding schools in the Northeast, military school was his parent’s last option. Already branded for having a silver spoon hanging out of his mouth, Billy did not make many friends. He took well to several of the courses he was forced to stomach there and found that the physical training was his favorite. Sometimes called Billy “Club”, and never to his face, he was left to fight his way out of most situations. Never one to be cerebral about anything, Billy tried to be the “grey man”. Not the worst student-soldier, and most definitely not the best, he did what he could to hide in that grey area. He could not. Billy learned quickly that he needed to fight to survive. Fractured wrists, broken knuckles and sprained fingers led Billy to painkillers. The drugs did help. And Billy got a taste for them.

Late summer 1980: William “Billy” Baughn was sent to Liberia as part of a detachment to help protect the U.S. Embassy. A kid in a candy store. Liberia was currently be run, or run over by, any one of a series of African warlords. Drugs flowed like water there. Dirty, runny, Cholera infested water, but water none the same. Sneaking off post, Baughn would drop several hundred dollars in pills alone but make back twice that through the base. Security was so lax at the time that he would often not even show up for duty. Stories, back stories, and alibis all covering his tracks. Most of his compatriots would not even have to be bought off. A drop here or a baggie there and no one was the wiser. Here he began to learn how to not to build a better mousetrap, but how to build a better mouse.

Fast forward twenty-ish years.

After a discharge from the military under somewhat unusual circumstances, Baughn travelled to Washington, D.C. Here, he was able to finally use his last name for something: a slot at the D.C. Police Academy. Just sliding in under the 40 year old maximum age, using his last name finally did paid off. That and a case of Chivas Regal to the Appointee’s Board didn’t help either. Billy did become the grey man: not exceeding, nor falling behind, he was dead in the middle of the pack. And he learned he was pretty good at police work. Oddly. Billy began to make the connection that being a cop and being a criminal weren’t really too far apart. One of the two just doesn’t get caught… as often. Delta Green likes him. They like him a lot.

Alertness 60%, Bureaucracy 40%, Criminology 40%, Drive 50%, Firearms 40%, First Aid 30%, HUMINT 50%, Law 30%, Melee Weapons 50%, Navigate 40%, Persuade 40%, Search 40%, Unarmed Combat 60%, Forensics 50%

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