Black Brotherhood

The Black Brotherhood are a splinter group of the Western European Cthulhu Cult. Their main complaint is that the Archheirophant of Europe gave concessions to the Leng Monastics and their allies, the immortal Kuen-Yuin, such as access to Irem and support of anti-European activity in China. This was due to fear of the Oriental faction's superior sorcery, and the members of the Black Brotherhood thought a war was preferable to appeasement.

The primary activity of the Brotherhood these days is to cause as much political and economic chaos as possible in order to destroy human sanity and pave the way for the ENDTIMES. This entails a lot of terrorist activity and financial misconduct in the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and the Americas. They do not like their rivals in the Cthulhu Cult at all, and the feeling is mutual. The Black Brotherhood is at war with everyone, and that's the way they like it, with every man killing wild and free of the shackles of morality.

Based on material submitted to the DGML by the Man in Black.

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