When George Henderson, Ridgewell Island's only postal worker, walked into his work place he realized that the lights didn't work. Neither did his computer or anything else that was electrical in the building. The air felt dry and irritated his throat. No matter how hard he looked he couldn't find anything wrong except for a strange mold that seemed to be growing around the equipment and the lamps. George tried to continue with his routines but the lack of electricity made it all but impossible. The customers were at least understanding, most of them knew George well. He tried to call the main office but realized that his cell phone was dead as well. After burrowing a phone from the Sandy’s General store next door he finally got a hold of his boss who promised that they would send someone to help him. At the end of the day his throat felt terrible, he felt really sick. The lamp post outside hadn't turned on and the general store seemed to have its lights turned off, which was strange since it usually didn't close this early. When George got home he felt even worse, he decided to go to bed early. By morning, he was dead, suffocated by the mold that had taken root in his lungs. The mold was now growing everywhere and more and more of the town's electrical appliances started to break down.


A couple of years ago March Technologies got a hold of load of Mi-go technology that had been captured by the program. March Technologies used it to develop a special biological weapon: a genetically modified mold designed to knock out electrical devices and vehicles. March Technologies sent a sample to the small, isolated Alaskan community of Ridgewell Island and then released it there. Then they cut all communications to and from the island and manipulated the Program to step in to limit the spread of the mold to the island, keep the truth from being released and see how survivable the mold is.

The Briefing

Agents from The Program: 24 hours after George’s death, agents from The Program meet up with their usual handler in a temporary safe house in Anchorage, Alaska. They're informed that something is rapidly knocking out all electronic devices and the power grid on the island. The agents are also informed about the death of George Henderson and that they suspect that his death might be connected with the power loss. They need to find out what is causing the disturbances, collect information and then eliminate it. They also need to do their best to cover it up. The agents will take on the roles of FBI agents making a secret investigation into suspected terrorism on the island. Besides FBI IDs and weapons the agents will receive a small motor boat which they will use to take them to the island. The ferry that usually carries visitors to the island has been redirected.

Agents from The Outlaws: They will have even less information to go on. They will be informed that there has been a mysterious death on the island 30 hours ago and that the island has been quarantined as well as been cut off from outside communications. They are to infiltrate the island by any means necessary and then investigate what is happening and then eliminate the threat.

The Mold

It has been genetically modified to be able to eat metals and plastics. If the mold’s spores lands on cables, microchips or other electrical component it will take root and start dissolving whatever it landed on. The mold matures after 5 hours once it’s landed and starts producing new spores afterwards. The spores can attach itself to humans, clothes and animals and then infect electronics it comes into contact with. It’s mostly harmless to humans, animals and plants unless the victim is sick, old or otherwise weakened. A weakened victim might become infected (speed 1D6 hours, damage 1D6, symptoms: coughing, fever, trouble breathing). It’s hard to kill, but fire can kill it if the temperature is high enough. A strong acid can also kill it. March technologies has made a kill switch for it. They can send out a signal which stops its growth, kills it and then dissolves it.

The island

Inland it’s covered with pine and spruce while the outer areas are covered with shrubland. It has one major community, the town of Ridgewell, were most of the island’s 1218 inhabitants live. Almost all of the buildings are one story buildings constructed during the 50’s and 60’s out of wood. Besides Ridgewell there are a couple of isolated houses spread out on the island. Ridgewell has a small post office, a small liquor store, a tiny library, a boat harbor, a small grocery story and a small volunteer fire station. Most of the buildings are poorly maintained with peeling paint and rotting wood.

When the characters arrive most of the population is keeping their spirits up, but there are undercurrents of confusion and panic. Most buildings have been infected by the mold and lost power. Food isn’t being delivered anymore and the grocery store is running low as people have started to hoard food. Neither phones, cell phones or the internet works (they have been sabotaged by The Program and by the mold).

Clues and persons of interest

The Post office: Is overgrown with the mold. The growth is especially intense around one of the packages. This is the package that March Technologies sent to the island. It contains a remote controlled aerosol spray which is now empty. There are no finger prints or other clues on which can point towards. But appropriate skill rolls can give the agents clues how it functioned and what happened.

Sandy’s General store: The store has also been infected by the mold. The freezers and refrigerators have stopped working and the food is slowly thawing. Many of the shelves are gaping empty as islanders have stocked up on food and water. The store clerk Robert Hodge is doing his best trying to clear the mold away from the electrical equipment. He can inform the agents that George seemed sick when he came over to borrow the store’s phone. A couple of hours afterward George came by everything in the store stopped working. People who have visited the store has helped the mold spread.

George Henderson’s body and home: Was found by his neighbor Stephanie McGill when she wanted to check in on him. She had met him the evening before when he got home and she noticed that he was ill. When she didn’t open the door she had opened his front door using an extra key he had given her so she could take care of his plants when he’s visiting his relatives. She had found him lying dead on his bed, he was already cold. Stephanie was the one that informed the authorities about his death. She hasn’t dared moving him from the bed where he died.


If the islanders find out who the characters are they’re going to demand answers. And if those answers aren’t satisfying they’re going to become angry. Many of the islanders are armed, are fairly good shots and suspicious towards authorities. If the situation becomes desperate or if the agents does something drastic they will use their weapons against the agents and each other.

Paul Bennet, a local fisherman, tries to escape the island via his fishing boat. He can be clearly seen packing things into his car together with his family; his wife Anna and their son Jim. Unless they’re stopped they will drive down to the harbor were they will start loading their fishing boat. Unfortunately for the Bennet family several other men have had the same idea and are trying to hot wire the boat. Both Paul and the men are armed and a firefight might erupt between them.

If the agents are from The Outlaws they might run into agents from The Program. They will be suspicious of the agents but if they’re approached in a diplomatic way a temporary alliance might form.

Agents from The Program can request materials which will be delivered by boat (if the nature of the mold haven’t been revealed) otherwise it happens via airdrop.

How will it end?

Alternative 1: Sooner or later March Technologies will shut the experiment. All traces of the mold will disappear. The mold is ready to be sold as a weapon.

Alternative 2: The Agents manage to purge the mold which forces March Technologies to redesign the mold to make it stronger.


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Bjorn Hansson.

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